Current Alberta Weather Conditions Summary

Brought to you by the Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS)

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Weather Conditions Observed on: n/a
24h min: n/a
24h max: n/a
Max this year: n/a
Last spring frost: n/a
First fall frost: n/a
Current 2m: n/a 
Current 10m: n/a 
Hourly avg 2m: n/a 
Hourly avg 10m: n/a 
10m peak: n/a
Observed Normal
Today: n/a  
Yesterday: n/a  
Past 7 days: n/a n/a
Past 14 days: n/a n/a
Past 21 days: n/a n/a
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Accumulated precip within selected time period: n/a
Calculated Heat Units as of: n/a
From May 15, '18 Normal
Growing Degree Days (0°C) n/a n/a
Growing Degree Days (2°C) n/a n/a
Growing Degree Days (5°C) n/a n/a
Corn Heat Units n/a n/a
Potato Days n/a  
Forecast issued on: n/a

Note: Raw data provided by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and Environment and Parks. It is quality controlled during most business days. Data is subject to change under further review and when possible, missing or erroneous data points are filled. Weather forecasts are provided by Environment Canada. Usage of this forecast data is governed by the terms of use found in this document. Please direct questions and comments to Ralph Wright @ (780) 427-3556.