Forest Week School Activities - Special Weeks

Celebrating trees and forests is a great excuse to get outdoors and walk among them. Enjoy the environment that trees create and get to know some of the local trees in your school's yard and the neighbourhood.

Activity Ideas for Schools

Here are some ideas that might inspire action in your school:

1.Make paper:
2.Learn about Tree Cookies.
3.Check out The Book of Stuff to Do Outside.
4.Focus on Forests:
5.Discover the Forest Regions of Canada.
6.Find inspiration in the Celebrate Arbor Day Guidebook (American).
Classroom Resources

Between The Stands -- Forestry Education Kit (Grades 4-6 and higher).

Please visit or contact Alberta Environment and Parks - Education Resources to obtain the following:

Native Trees of Alberta Poster

A double-sided poster identifying common tree species and their distribution throughout Alberta.

Alberta Tree Posters

Lodgepole Pine Poster

One-sided posters on the following species:
  • Aspen Poplar
  • Eastern Cottonwood
  • Lodgepole Pine
  • White Birch
  • White Spruce

Guide to the Common Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta

Full-page descriptions and colour photos of a variety of common species are included in this field guide. Easy identification is ensured with the dichotomous key and glossary.


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