Workforce Development - Forest Business

 Forestry has been a cornerstone of the provincial economy since the settlers used local trees to build shelters. To ensure the vitality of the forest sector into the future, industry stakeholders and the Alberta government have worked together to develop a workforce strategy.
The intent of the strategy is to meet Alberta's labour force challenges and the unique labour force issues of the forest sector. Other Forest Sector Workforce Development Initiatives

The following links provide information on various forest sector workforce development activities going on in the province. The department is a strong and active supporter of these initiatives:

CAREERS: The Next Generation
CAREERS is an industry-driven private/public partnership dedicated to the career development of Alberta's youth. CAREERS is a catalyst bringing together industry, educators, government, communities, and students to meet the inter-dependent needs of youth employability and skilled labour shortages.

Forest Products' Sector Council
This Council is a working partnership between forest products sector employers, unions, Aboriginal peoples and education and training institutions with the mandate to develop strategic responses and interventions, which address current and emerging human resources and labour market issues in the forest products sector.

WorkWild is a campaign that reaches out to youth who are about to make one of the most important choices in their lives -- their career. They educate youth on the diversity of employment choices in forestry and open some eyes to the amazing benefits of working in this sustainable industry.

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This information published to the web on February 18, 2016.