Alberta's Strategy - Mountain Pine Beetle in Alberta

Beetle Fact

The mountain pine beetle is 4 to 7.5 mm in length.
  • Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins
  • Most destructive pest of mature lodgepole pine forests in North America

The Alberta government has implemented both a long-term and short-term strategy to manage the mountain pine beetle infestation and protect the health of our forests. Our goal is to reduce the opportunity for mountain pine beetles to spread further into our pine forests, particularly throughout the watersheds of the eastern slopes and further into the boreal forest.

Through the Healthy Pine Strategy, prescribed fire and strategic harvesting, Alberta is encouraging a more natural diversity of tree ages that will be more resilient to threats from destructive insects, disease and wildfire.

The Alberta Government is applying the best science available and working proactively with stakeholders to manage the spread of mountain pine beetle infestations in the province.

Our partners and stakeholders include affected communities and their residents, forest industry, research scientists and the governments of British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan and Canada.
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This information published to the web on February 29, 2016.
Last Reviewed/Revised on March 1, 2018.