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ALUS - Alternative Land Use Services Projects - Rod Shaigec, mayor of Parkland County, discusses the success of ALUS projects in his constitutency (Call of the Land, Jul 27)
Regional Variety Trials - Janette McDonald discusses ARECA's role in regional variety trials and upcoming field days (Call of the Land, Jul 27)
Salvaging Hail Damaged Crops - Andrea Hanson cautions producers on how they salvage hail-damaged crops (Call of the Land, Jul 27)
Advanced Agronomic Practices Crop Tour - Sheri Strydhorst discusses Friday's crop tour at the Coaldale site (Call of the Land, Jul 26)
Disease Plot Hop - Jamie Puchinger has details of Farming Smarter's July 28 plot hop at Lethbridge (Call of the Land, Jul 26)
Farm Families Honoured in Fairview - Eight farming and ranching families are being honoured in Fairview this week, with Century Farm and Ranch Awards (Call of the Land, Jul 26)
Understanding Terms like Insolvency and Receivership - Jeana Les talks about the language of insolvency as it relates to the oil and gas industry (Call of the Land, Jul 26)
Agriculture Ministers Wrap Up Meetings in Calgary (Jul 25)
Alberta Attends Natural Products Expo in California (Jul 25)
Crop Conditions (Jul 25)
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Jul 25 - 30, 2016 - Visual Arts Show - Medicine Hat
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Jul 26, 2016 - Making the Grade - A Hands-on Grading Day for Farmers - Vermilion
Jul 26, 2016 - Peace Country Beef and Forrage Association Pasture Walk Series - Peace Country- Fourth Creek Hall
Jul 26, 2016 - Salinity Causes and Cures - Strathmore
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