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Alberta Companies Participate in SIAL Canada - Report on a recent trade show held in Toronto. (Agri-News, 2017-08-17)
Albertan Wins Research Award - Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein has been awarded the 2017 Canadian Beef Industry Award. (Agri-News, 2017-08-17)
Coping with Dwindling Summer Pastures - There are a number of things producers can do if dryness is affecting their pastures. (Agri-News, 2017-08-17)
Electrification Costs on Surface Leases - Jeana Schuurman highlights the issue and where landowners can go for more information (Call of the Land, 2017-08-17)
Insect Update - Scott Meers discusses diamondback moth and upcoming insect surveys (Call of the Land, 2017-08-17)
Landowner Refunds for Electrification Costs Paid on Oil and Gas Leases - Look at refunds for the electrification costs of oil and gas leases that were mistakenly billed to farmers. (Agri-News, 2017-08-17)
National Farm Safety Conference Comes to Alberta - For the first time in 10 years, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is hosting its annual farm safety conference in Alberta (Call of the Land, 2017-08-17)
Canola Market Outlook (2017-08-16)
Cow-Forage Gentec Tour (2017-08-16)
Harmonizing Environmental Farm Plans (2017-08-16)
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