Crops: Culture & Management


Cultural Practices

2006 Irrigated Crop Production Update Conference Proceedings
2014 Agronomy Update Conference
ARSAN's Bio-intensive Farm and Eco-village
Agronomic Management of Winter Pea and Winter Lentil in Alberta
Agronomic Management of Winter Wheat in Alberta
Alberta Crop Report
Application of Polymer-Coated Urea (ESN) in Potato Production in Southern Alberta
Arsan's Biointensive Farm & Eco Village
Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Crop Producers in Alberta
Canola Rotations in Alberta and Yield Performance
Cereal Staging Guide
Crops Publications
Dryland Agronomic Management of Soft White Spring Wheat and Canada Prairie Spring Wheat in Alberta
Evaluation of Coco Coir as Compared to Sawdust for Tomato Crop Production
Faba Bean Seeding Management in Alberta
Fall Rye Production
Fertilizer Requirements of Irrigated Grain and Oilseed Crops
Field Crop Development Centre - Publications
Forage Species
Guide to Commercial Greenhouse Sweet Bell Pepper Production in Alberta
Guide to Establishing a Nursery in Alberta
Historical Trends in Soil Available Phosphorus Across Alberta
How to Select and Hire an Agronomist or Crop Advisor
Installation of Greenhouse Crop Monitoring System
Integrated Weed Management Principles: Reducing the Risk of Crop Failure
Issues in Precision Farming: Yield Maps
Lacombe Field Day - July 25, 2013 - Promoting Farm Health
Lacombe Field Day - Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Pest and Disease Management in Commercial Greenhouses
Phosphorus Fertilizer Application in Crop Production
Post-emergent Swine Manure Injection on Cereal Crops
Potassium Fertilizer Application In Crop Production
Production of Sweet Bell Peppers
Pulse Crops: Drivers and Barriers
Reading the Cucumber Plant
Root Development of Vegetable Crops
Sulphur Fertilizer Application in Crop Production
Sustainable Crop Rotations for Alberta's Brown Soil Zone
Tips on Poinsettia Production
What Is Precision Farming?
What's New in Publications - Spring 2014
Winter Wheat in the Parkland Area of Alberta
Woodlot Regeneration

Harvesting & Storage



Accurate Metering of Seed and Fertilizer
AgTech Innovator - Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2003
Air Seeder Testing
Air Seeding - The North American Situation
Alternative Date Seeding of Spring Canola
An Investigation of Air Seeder Component Characteristics
Barley Production in Alberta: Seeding
Barley Production in Alberta: Selecting Varieties
Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Crop Producers in Alberta - Tillage and Seeding Practices
Bourgault Air Seeder - Chickpea Seeding
Case IH Air Seeder - Chickpea Seeding
Cereal Seeding Depth
Demonstration of Solid Seeded Corn Silage
Discussion Paper on Seedbed Finishing
Does Soil Packing Matter?
Don't Gamble with Fertilizer Rates!
Effect of Seeding Date Crop Yields as Reported by Farmers: Alberta Management Insights
Effect of Seeding Date on Canola Yields as Reported by Farmers
Effect of Seeding Date on Oat Yields as Reported by Farmers
Effect of Seeding Date on Wheat Yields as Reported by Farmers
Effectiveness of Double Shoot Openers for Applying Anhydrous Ammonia While Seeding Wheat, Barley and Canola
Effectiveness of Double Shoot Openers for Applying Anhydrous Ammonia and Urea while Seeding Wheat and Canola Field Tests
Energy Requirements for Air Seeders
Five Side Banding Openers Compared
Flexi-coil Air Seeder - Chickpea Seeding
Grain Drills
Investigation into Placement of Anhydrous Ammonia and Urea with Seed
Investigation into Row Spacing with Direct Seeded Barley, Canola and Wheat
Investigation into Row Width and Spacing with Direct Seeded Barley, Canola and Wheat - 2000 and 2001 Results
Investigation into the Effectiveness of Residue Managers and Wheels with Direct Seeded Field Crops - 2004
Metering of Lupins Through a Pneumatic Seeder
Mid Row Band or Side Band?
Morris Air Seeder - Chickpea Seeding
Norton Inoculator And Seed Treater
Potato Planters
Precision Seeders
Research Report on the Conservation 2000 Seeder Trials
Seed Row Spacing and Seeding Rates in Direct Seeding
Seed for Cereal Crops
Seeding Time for Cereal Crops
Sod Seeding Techniques
Soil and Moisture Conservation Equipment Harrows and Packers
Susceptibility of Chickpea Varieties to Impact Damage
Testing Of Double Shoot Openers
Use of a Conventional Drill to Seed Beans and Peas
Using 1,000 Kernel Weight for Calculating Seeding Rates and Harvest Losses
Varieties of Pulse Crops for Alberta