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Inspect your dugout - Dan Benson says it is important to regularly inspect the dugout, especially before winter sets in (Call of the Land, 2018-10-18)
Livestock Crossings Tour - The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance is hosting a Livestock Crossings Tour tomorrow at Beaverlodge (Call of the Land, 2018-10-18)
Using high moisture grain in cattle rations - Barry Yaremcio says if cattle are needing grain supplementation this winter, using high moisture barley is an option (Call of the Land, 2018-10-18)
Apply for the Alberta Milk Scholarship - Alberta Milk is offering one $1,000 scholarship to a student in any year of study at an officially recognized post-secondary institution (Agri-News, 2018-10-17)
Cleanfarms campaign in southern Alberta - Cleanfarms' obsolete pesticide and livestock medication collection program will be available in southern Alberta next week (Call of the Land, 2018-10-17)
Coping with stress - Dr. Nick Mitchell offers some suggestions for managing stress this fall (Call of the Land, 2018-10-17)
Cull cow markets - Jason Wood looks at the cull cow markets and slaughter numbers to early October (Call of the Land, 2018-10-17)
Enroll in the Dairy Cost Study - The Dairy Cost Study offers business analysis for participating Alberta dairy farmers. The benefits that producers receive when they sign up (Agri-News, 2018-10-17)
Harvesting and using high moisture grain in cattle rations - What producers need to know when using high moisture barley if cattle are in need of grain supplementation this winter (Agri-News, 2018-10-17)
AgriProfit$ benchmarks (2018-10-16)
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Oct 18, 2018 - Environmental Farm Plan CAP Programs Info Session & Dugout Workshop 2-in1 Workshop - Grimshaw, AB
Oct 19, 2018 - Livestock Crossings Tour - Beaverlodge
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