Distributor/ Wholesaler Listings

Foodservice & Hospitality

Bridge Brand Calgary, AB Phone:  403-235-8555 
1802 Centre Ave. NE
Calgary, AB    T2E 0A6
Phone:  403-235-8555    Fax:  403-272-5911    Toll Free:  1-800-332-1118   www.bridgebrand.ca 
Type:  Foodservice & Hospitality
Products Available:   General Merchandise,  Fish,  Produce,  Dairy,  Meat,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods
BC & SK 1-800-661-7090, Customer Service/Order Desk: 403-569-8000. USDA specs must be met & plant inspections passed. 10,000 SKUs. Carry or can get everything needed for food service. Contacts: Calgary,Red Deer, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Headquarters - Grand Rapids MI
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Colabor Inc. Boucherville, QC Phone:  450-449-4911 
1620 boulevard de Montarville
Boucherville, QC    J4B 8P4
Phone:  450-449-4911    Fax:  450-449-3536    service@colabor.com    www.colabor.com 
Type:  Foodservice & Hospitality
Products Available:   Grocery,  Frozen Foods
Foodservices: hotels, cafeterias, restaurants. Retail Businesses: convenience, grocery, independent markets. Works with wholesalers who distribute - no direct customers
Main Service Area:  Eastern Canada

SYSCO I & S Foodservices Distributors Acheson, AB Phone:  780-451-3550 
26210 Township Rd 531A
Acheson, AB    T7X 5A4
Phone:  780-451-3550    Fax:  780-451-0742    www.sysco.com 
Type:  Foodservice & Hospitality
Products Available:   Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Fish,  Produce,  Meat
Ed Giorgi, Merchandising Manager. Foodservice: hotels, fine & casual dining, quick serve, government, caterers, resorts, schools, hospitals. Wholesale: various retail/produce departments. Service large & small operators & retail accounts with national brands. Service area: 250 mile radius of Edmonton. Contact:www.isfoodservices.com
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Associated Grocers Calgary, AB Phone:  403-236-6300 
Contact:  Rick  Geirnaert  
Head Office, 7100 - 44 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 2V7
Phone:  403-236-6300    Fax:  800-461-8876    Toll Free:  1-800-242-3182   www.associated-grocers.com 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Bakery,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Produce,  Meat
Corporate Brands:  Western Family, Western Classics, Generic
BC, AB & SK, prospects in ON. Do not do their own buying. Have 900 customers that purchase products through their warehouse & Associated Grocers purchases those products from Overwaitea Foods. Must spend approx $1500/wk to have an account. Delivery only along established routes. Supplies independent grocery stores & some Buy-Low Foods.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Commisso's Grocery Distributors Ltd. Welland, ON Phone:  905-735-2545 
Contact:  Ron  Lostracco  
835 Ont. St.
Welland, ON    L3B 5V6
Phone:  905-735-2545    Fax:  905-788-1041    rlostracco@commisso.com    www.commisso.com 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Grocery
Main Service Area:  Eastern Canada

Federated Co-operatives Limited Saskatoon, SK Phone:  306-244-3311 
Contact:  Randy  Seifert  
401 - 22 St. E, Box 1050
Saskatoon, SK    S7K 0H2
Phone:  306-244-3311    Fax:  306-244-3403    www.fcl.ca 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Bakery,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Organic/Natural Foods,  Deli,  Produce,  Dairy,  Meat
Corporate Brands:  Co-op, Co-op Gold, Harmonie, Country Morning Gold
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Macdonalds Consolidated Calgary, AB Phone:  403-730-3584 
Contact:  David  Jones  
1020-64th Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB    T2E 5V8
Phone:  403-730-3584    Fax:  403-730-3919    Toll Free:  1-800-933-7515   www.macdonaldsconsolidated.com 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Beverage,  General Merchandise,  Organic/Natural Foods,  Deli,  Fish,  Produce,  Meat,  Dairy,  Floral,  Fast Food/HMR,  Bakery,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods
Division of Canada Safeway Limited. Distribution Centres: Vancouver,Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg. Over 40 stores with the Family Foods Banner Corporate Brands: Edwards, Empress, Lucerne, Sunny Dawn, Safeway Select, Butchers Cut. Mailing address: Box 864, Stn M, Calgary AB T2P 2J6
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Pratt's Wholesale Winnipeg, MB Phone:  204-949-2815 
Contact:  Bob  Staub  
101 Hutchings St.
Winnipeg, MB    R2X 2V4
Phone:  204-949-2815    Fax:  204-949-2828    www.pratts.ca 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Grocery
Corporate Brands:  Swanson's, Michellina's, Schneiders, Stouffers
Grocery/Foodservice & Hospitality. Swanson's, Michellina's (Schneiders), Stouffers (Nestle), Kellog's, General Mills, Quaker. Robin Hood - organic products. SK, MB & Northwest ON. Buying committee in Winnipeg and Regina. Other branches in Dauphin MB & Regina SK. Approx 5000 customers served by Winnipeg branch.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Pratt's Wholesale Limited Winnipeg, MB Phone:  204-949-2800 
Contact:  John W.  Kadynuik  
101 Hutchings St.
Winnipeg, MB    R2X 2V4
Phone:  204-949-2800    Fax:  204-949-2828    prattswp@mts.net    www.pratts.ca 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  General Merchandise,  Deli,  Produce,  Dairy,  Meat
Operate in ON, SK and MB. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Shoppers Wholesale Food Ltd. Prince George, BC Phone:  250-562-6655 
Contact:  Dean  Cole  
1959 Nicholson St.
Prince George, BC    V2N 2Z9
Phone:  250-562-6655    Fax:  250-562-3762   
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Produce,  Dairy,  Meat
North Central BC. Grocery Store, Warehouse Club, Convenience Store, Foodservice & Hospitality. Gary Castle - buyer for frozen foods & confectionery. Eric Shiels - buyer for grocery. Buyers & marketing personnel meet every Friday to discuss new products.
Main Service Area:  Other

Pro Organics Burnaby, BC Phone:  604-253-6549 
Contact:  Steve  Boyle  
4535 Still Creek Ave.
Burnaby, BC    V5C 5W1
Phone:  604-253-6549    Fax:  604-253-0439    Toll Free:  1-800-461-1122   prosales@proorganics.com    www.proorganics.com 
Type:  Natural/Organic
Products Available:   Organic/Natural Foods
Steve Boyle, President: John Benedetti, VP Sales. Sonny (Buyer), Gunta Vitins (VP Marketing). Fresh organic fruits & vegetables, bulk grains, seeds, nuts, dairy, grocery. Grocery, Warehouse Club, Specialty Store, Natural/Organic, Foodservice & Hospitality. 40,000 sq ft warehouse, shipping coast-to coast daily from Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal. Processor must be organic certified. (Sales fax: 604-253-0439) (Purchasing Fax 604-296-2139)
Main Service Area:  Canada

The Organic Box Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-469-1900 
Contact:  Danny & Miranda  Turner  
5712 - 59 St.
Edmonton, AB    T6B 3L4
Phone:  780-469-1900    Fax:  780-469-1971    kellie@theorganicbox.ca    www.theorganicbox.ca 
Type:  Natural/Organic
Products Available:   Organic/Natural Foods,  Produce
An Edmonton-based, locally owned and operated food hub which works closely with over one hundred local producers in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. We bring thousands of consumers and businesses together with their farmers. Our 17,000 square foot facility boasts 5,000 square feet of cooler and freezer space plus commercial packaging machinery that is available to small-scale farmers and producers for their storage and packaging needs.

Apps International Brampton, ON Phone:  905-451-2720 
Contact:  Stephen  Mollard  
275 Orenda Rd.
Brampton, ON    L6T 3R7
Phone:  905-451-2720    Fax:  905-451-2778    Toll Free:  1-800-465-2513   smollard@appsexpress.com    www.appsexpress.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Organic/Natural Foods,  Produce
transportation services company with terminals in Brampton ON and Vancouver BC.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Carol-Wabush Distributing Company Limited Labrador City, NF Phone:  709-944-3691 
Contact:  Bill  Cormick  
50 Avalon Dr., Box 370
Labrador City, NF    A2V 2K8
Phone:  709-944-3691    Fax:  709-944-7932    cwd@cwd.ca    www.cwd.ca 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Grocery,  General Merchandise
Serving Labrador West since 1961
Main Service Area:  Other

Co-op Atlantic Moncton, NB Phone:  506-858-6000 
123 Halifax St., Box 750
Moncton, NB    E1C 8N5
Phone:  506-858-6000    Fax:  506-858-6460    daydav@co-opsonline.com    www.co-opsonline.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Grocery,  General Merchandise,  Produce,  Meat
Wholesale Operations - Livestock & Poultry Feed Plants. Criteria - anyone who wants to assume a part of the financial responsibility of the co-op may participate
Main Service Area:  Canada

Core-Mark International, Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-3848 
Cdn Division Headquarters, 3, 4141 - 110 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 3B4
Phone:  403-720-3848    www.core-mark.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Beverage,  General Merchandise,  Deli,  Fast Food/HMR
National network of distribution centers located stategically throughout North America. Logistics & Supply Chain management, 24 hr on-time delivery, web enabled, leading industry fill rates.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Em Bakery Equipment B.C Ltd. Burnaby, BC Phone:  604-294-3500 
Contact:  Mark  Unaco  
2209 Springer Avenue
Burnaby, BC    V5B 3N1
Phone:  604-294-3500    admin@emequip.com    www.emequip.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Bakery
Western Canada?s largest distributor of Bakery Equipment and Bakery smallwares.Our focus spans a number of platforms including craft baking,supermarket formats, small to medium factory production and vocational institutions.We have a service network covering North America with same day and next day spare parts support and one to two business day service support.Headquarters in Burnaby, B.C. distribution office in Burnaby B.C. and Baltimore,Maryland,Sales and Service area?North America
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Horizon Distributors Burnaby, BC Phone:  604-524-6610 
5889 Trapp Avenue
Burnaby, BC    V3N 0B2
Phone:  604-524-6610    Fax:  877-219-1364    Toll Free:  1-800-663-1838   general@horizondistributors.com    www.horizondistributors.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Organic/Natural Foods
Over 3300 domestic & imported natural & organic products in bulk & packaged sizes. Grocery store, specialty store, foodservice & hospitality, other. New Products Committee approves new products - forward sample with ingredients lists, point-of-sale material, pricing & distribution/shipping information, and completed new product form (available from website).
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Sass Foods Inc. Toronto, ON Phone:  416-360-6611 
1 Yorkdale Rd., Suite 415
Toronto, ON    M6A 3A1
Phone:  416-360-6611    Fax:  416-360-6640    info@sassfoods.com    www.sassfoods.com 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Grocery,  Produce
Produce includes Dried Fruits. Imports food products into US & Canada.
Main Service Area:  Other

Sun Opta Grocery West Richmond, BC Phone:  604-276-2411 
153, 12757 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC    V6V 3C8
Phone:  604-276-2411    Fax:  604-276-8573    Toll Free:  800-663-0049   tina.brigola@sunopta.com    www.sunopta.com/Distribution/natural_organic.aspx 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Organic/Natural Foods
Corporate Brands:  Nature's Path, HempNut, Prairie Harvest
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Tree Of Life Canada Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-279-8998 
2600 - 61 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4V2
Phone:  403-279-8998    Toll Free:  800-665-1298   www.treeoflife.ca 
Type:  Other
Products Available:   Grocery,  Beverage,  Organic/Natural Foods,  Deli,  Dairy,  Meat
Outlet: Grocery, Warehouse Club, Convenience, Specialty, Natural/Organic, Foodservice & Hospitality
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Forever Healthy Toronto, ON Phone:  416-962-4400 
Contact:  Wayne  Gendel  
1 Yorkville Ave. Suite 1
Toronto, ON    M4W 1L1
Phone:  416-962-4400    Toll Free:  1-866-962-4400   info@foreverhealthy.net    www.foreverhealthy.net 
Type:  Specialty
Products Available:   Grocery,  Organic/Natural Foods
Organic/Natural Foods, Whole Food Supplements, Health Equipment, Specialty Foods. Ongoing product support. Education/training sessions & lectures. Supplements & products must have scientific studies and/or lab reports backing claims.
Main Service Area:  Eastern Canada
Warehouse Club

Christmas Natural Foods (Wholesalers) Ltd. Burnaby, BC Phone:  604-420-6100 
Contact:  Brenda    
8345 Winston St.
Burnaby, BC    V5A 2H3
Phone:  604-420-6100    Fax:  604-420-6161    Toll Free:  800-663-6559   sales@christmasnatural.com    www.christmasnaturalfoods.com/contacts.html 
Type:  Warehouse Club
Products Available:   Grocery,  Beverage,  Organic/Natural Foods
Covering all major markets in Canada. Promotional opportunities for your brand. 2 full-service wharehouses. Considers new products for distribution through its national customer base. Guaranteed freshness of perishable products for 60 days from invoice date. Supplements expiry date +9 months - other products +90 days. Canadian Health Food Association Member.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Galloway's Foods Richmond, BC Phone:  604-270-6363 
7860 Alderbridge Way
Richmond, BC    V6X 2A5
Phone:  604-270-6363    Fax:  604-270-0452    info@gallowaysfoods.com    www.gallowaysfoods.com 
Type:  Warehouse Club
Products Available:   Grocery,  Organic/Natural Foods
Bulk products/huge herb selection/10,000 sq ft warehouse/cash & carry wholesale warehouse/seasonal specials. Specialize in importation of fine foods from all over the world which enables us to carry a unique line of specialty items. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Wallace & Carey Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-275-7360 
Contact:  Fred  Bunney  
5445 - 8 St. NE
Calgary, AB    T2K 5R9
Phone:  403-275-7360    Fax:  403-275-3921    Toll Free:  1-800-661-1504   www.wacl.com 
Type:  Warehouse Club
Products Available:   Bakery,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Beverage,  General Merchandise
Monthly order guide/Eaches Program/1 delivery per week/Combined Distribution Centres Program (exclusive to 7-Eleven convenience stores). Calgary - Head Office
Main Service Area:  Canada