Logistics & Transportation Listings

4 A's Express Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-994-6432 
Contact:  Rahim  Jivraj  
21821 Fort Road NE
Edmonton, AB    T5Y 6G7
Phone:  780-994-6432    Fax:  780-478-3882    admin@4asexpress.ca    www.4asexpress.ca 
Transport food products throughout Alberta. Local for long haul using multi-temp reefer trucks. Also provide dedicated logistics and temperature controlled storage.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

ABF Freight Rocky View, AB Phone:  403-243-2174 
Contact:  Trent  Lachapelle, Branch Manager  
235077B Wrangler Dr.
Rocky View, AB    T1X 0K3
Phone:  403-243-2174    info@abf.com    www.abfs.com/tools/rsearch/default.asp 
US based company that can haul non-termperature controlled food products. Involved primately in LTL shipments.
Main Service Area:  North America

Albion Fisheries Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-235-4531 
Contact:  Rick  Cutillo  
Bay 5, 3320 - 14 Ave. NE
Calgary, AB    T2A 6J4
Phone:  403-235-4531    Fax:  403-235-4594    alb-cgy@albion.bc.ca    albion.bc.ca/contact-us.htm 
Company maintains a fleet of over 35 trucks to provide fresh/frozen deliveries to customers and are designed specific to customer requirements.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

B&R Eckel's Transport Ltd. Bonnyville, AB Phone:  780-826-3889 
Contact:  Bob  Tomm, Logistics Coordinator  
PO Box 6249
Bonnyville, AB    T9N 2G8
Phone:  780-826-3889    headoffice@breckels.com    www.breckels.com 
Reefer trucks. LTL's from offices across Central and Northern Alberta.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Bernard Transport Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-477-9268 
Contact:  Herb  Bernard  
12536A - 71 St.
Edmonton, AB    T8H 2J6
Phone:  780-477-9268   
32 years experience in the trucking business. Long-distance hauling - food products.

Bison Transport Ltd. Sherwood Park, AB Phone:  780-416-7736 
Contact:  Brad    
80 Liberty Rd, Edm Terminal
Sherwood Park, AB    T8H 2J6
Phone:  780-416-7736    Toll Free:  1-800-462-4766   online@bisontransport.com    www.bisontransport.com 
North America-wide transportation company. offers full service logistics (dry van, heated van, refrigerated services) warehousing and distribution. Bison Transport is a high-service, dependable and value-creating supply chain partner.
Main Service Area:  North America

Canada Cartage System Mississauga, ON Phone:  905-564-2115 
Contact:  Jim Latimer; Ryan Chenier; Gord Alton    
1115 Cardiff Blvd.
Mississauga, ON    L5S 1L8
Phone:  905-564-2115    info@canadacartage.com    www.canadacartage.com/ 
Canada Cartage System is Canada?s largest and most experienced specialized provider of fully-outsourced trucking fleets and complementary last-mile logistics solutions.
Main Service Area:  North America

CanXpress Distribution Red Deer, AB Phone:  403-342-0777 
Contact:  Carissa  Reid  
4040 - 77 St.
Red Deer, AB    T4P 3P7
Phone:  403-342-0777    Fax:  403-346-9740    carissa@canxpress.com    www.transxpress.com 
CanXpress Distribution provides superior daily LTL fresh and frozen distribution within Alberta, and second-day service to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland market places utilizing our existing temperature controlled equipment and facilities. Cross-docking and general freight LTL available.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Centennial Foods Calgary, AB Phone:  403-299-0525 
Contact:  Brad    
132, 2880 - 45 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2B 3M1
Phone:  403-299-0525    Fax:  403-248-0876    info@centennialfoodservice.com    www.centennialfoodservice.com 
Privately owned food company specializing in 'center of the plate' food service sales and distribution across Canada.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Central Logistic Solutions Olds, AB Phone:  403-556-7718 
Contact:  Dana  Overwater  
Bay B, 4250 - 47 Ave.
Olds, AB    T4H 1T9
Phone:  403-556-7718    Fax:  403-556-7754    Toll Free:  1-877-208-2929   info@clsolds.com    www.clsolds.com 
Serve all of Canada through their network of carrier partners using reefer trucks and LTL's or full loads.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Choice Reefer Systems Ltd. Stirling, ON Phone:  800-267-2820 
Contact:  Dianne  Wilson  
Stirling, ON    K0K 3E0
Phone:  800-267-2820    dianne@crstrucking.com    www.crstrucking.com 
CRS hauls exclusively for the food industry and has a consolidation program that offers direct delivery to the consignee.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Crystal Springs Cheese Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-332-1165 
Contact:  Harvey  Beyer  
Lethbridge, AB
Phone:  403-332-1165    harvey@crystalspringscheese.com    www.crystalspringscheese.com 
Refrigerated transport and commercial cold storage
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Day and Ross Inc. Hartland, NB Phone:  866-329-7677 
Contact:  Rick  Prest, Director of Sales W. Canada  
398 Main Street
Hartland, NB    E7P 1C6
Phone:  866-329-7677    rwprest@dayandrossinc.ca    www.dayrossgroup.com 
Day and Ross provides transportation of frozen, fresh/or chilled foods and also dry ambient foods to distribute in Canada, USA and Mexico. They have the McCain's contract for French Fries, distributed mostly outbound. Day and Ross will also carry general freight. Refrigerated vans are available - food safe trucks.
Main Service Area:  North America

DSN Chemical Transportation Mississauga, ON Phone:  905-607-6775 
Contact:  Douglas  Kimmerly  
4050B Sladeview Crescent, Suite 200
Mississauga, ON    L5L 5Y5
Phone:  905-607-6775    Toll Free:  1-800-388-3487   www.chemicaltransportation.com 
DSN Chemical Transportation provides logistics services to the chemical industry including road for packaged goods and also bulk tanker logistrics. Contact DSN, your chemical transportation experts.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Edson Truckline Logistics Edson, AB Phone:  780-712-4110 
Contact:  Rick  Collins  
GD Stn Main
Edson, AB    T7E 1T1
Phone:  780-712-4110    Toll Free:  1-877-712-4110  
Company maintains a fleet of reefer trucks and services northern Alberta with a few points in the south.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

FPLRC - FP Logistics Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-399-9165 
Contact:  Derrick  Ronayne, Logistics Manager  
9909 - 80 St.
Edmonton, AB    T8L 3H9
Phone:  780-399-9165    derrick@fplrc.com   
Frozen and fresh consolidations weekly to Calgary, Vancouver and Easter Canada. Food products logistics management for finished goods (fresh, frozen and dry), food ingredients and equipment to and from anywhere in Canada and Continental US. Supply chain analysis and freight bill auditing.
Main Service Area:  North America

Galimax Trading Inc. Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-315-1093 
Contact:  Rudy  Knitel  
409 - 12A St. S
Lethbridge, AB    T1J 2T2
Phone:  403-315-1093    Fax:  403-317-1553    rudy@galimaxtrading.com    www.galimaxtrading.com 
Galimax carries fresh or chilled products and a small amount of frozen. They pick up produce from 12 producers and Vital Green; as well as goat cheese and yoghurt. Galimax may accept producer drop-offs. They deliver to high-end restaurants and hotels. Store cheese and fruit purees at home, no storage facilities. Main trading areas SE BC and southern Alberta. Will transport meat if asked and are working with egg producers to improve the product to market aspect.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Gary Heer Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-287-2222 
Contact:  Gary  Heer  
1903, 4637 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB    T2G 5C1
Phone:  403-287-2222    Fax:  403-287-3330    Toll Free:  1-800-669-6393   ghtransport@shaw.ca    www.ghtransport.com 
Provide food transportation, long haul, reefer and heated trucks across Canada.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Grimshaw Trucking Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-414-2880 
Contact:  Jane  Douziech  
11510 - 151 St. (Box 960 - T5J 2L8)
Edmonton, AB    T5M 3N6
Phone:  780-414-2880    Fax:  780-455-7818    Toll Free:  1-888-414-2850   GRM-CustServ@gtlp.ca    www.grimshaw-trucking.com 
Servicing points north of Highway 16. Equipped with reefer trucks.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

H & R Transport (head office) Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-328-2345 
Contact:  Al, Mark, David  Foder  
3601 - 2 Ave. N
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 5K7
Phone:  403-328-2345    Fax:  403-328-2877    www.hrtrans.com 
Largest refrigerated tri-axle fleet in North America. Offices in Calgary 4540 - 54 Ave SE (403.720.8344), Edmonton 16610 - 129 Ave (888.453.2813) and points across Canada.
Main Service Area:  North America

H & W Produce Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-478-8780 
Contact:  Allan  MacKay  
14083 Victoria Trail
Edmonton, AB    T5Y 2B6
Phone:  780-478-8780    orders@spendlessforfresh.ca    www.handwproduce.com/ 
A wholesale delivery, servicing restaurants and grocery stores throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. They haul mostly vegetables which are purchased directly from the growers. Kensington 780-451-3700; Southside 780-436-7970; West Edmonton 780-486-7700; Wholesale Clareview 780-478-8950
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Hi Way 9 Express Ltd. Drumheller, AB Phone:  403-823-4242 
Contact:  Heather J.  Colberg  
711 Elgin Close
Drumheller, AB    T0J 0Y0
Phone:  403-823-4242    Fax:  403-823-7424    Toll Free:  1-800-622-5800   rates@hi-way9.com    www.hi-way9.com 
4 Divisions: Overnight LTL service to over 450 communities in Alberta and Same-day service between key points. Customized freight solutions including Distribution, Cartage and Warehousing. Flat deck specialists for your LTL & Truckload requirements throughout Western Canada. Featuring our Double Stack Logistics fleet for damage free delivery of your dry goods throughout Western Canada
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Hy-Line Express Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-454-6085 
Contact:  Jason    
14425 - 123 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5L 2Y1
Phone:  780-454-6085    Fax:  780-454-2362    jasonb@hy-lineexpress.com    www.hy-lineexpress.com 
Main Service Area:  Alberta

J K Trucking Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-320-7057 
Contact:  John  Koliaska  
Box 493
Lethbridge, AB    T1J 3Z1
Phone:  403-320-7057    john@jktrucking.ca    www.jktrucking.ca/ 
Hauling grain from producer to elevator, elevator to elevator and producer to feedlot. Reefer trucks to USA
Main Service Area:  North America

Jadd Freight Services Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-567-1633 
Contact:  Joe  Addai  
44 Cloverdale Place NE
Calgary, AB    T3K 4E9
Phone:  403-567-1633    Fax:  866-522-5878    Toll Free:  1-877-467-1633   joe@jaddfreightservices.com    www.jaddfreightservices.com 
Freight brokers arranging transporation of food products by all accepted means. For medium-to-large transportation programs, Jadd Freight Services can design a transportation management solution that offers enhanced business performance with competitive freight rates that reduce your businesses expenses.
Main Service Area:  Canada

K & P Drever Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-236-7415 
Contact:  Darrin  Schiffner  
5535 - 56 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 3X6
Phone:  403-236-7415    Fax:  403-203-3317    www.kpdrever.com 
we have provided just about every type of transportation needs to our varied customers. Some of these include gravel, loam, excavation, flatdeck, lowboy, dropdeck, oilfield, pipeline, overdimensional, van, reefer, tanker and many other varied tractor services. We have a fleet of 12 company owned Peterbilts, 18 trailers and 4-6 lease operators depending on seasonal demands. We have also added a hotshot and small delivery service with a ton diesel pickup and a 30? gooseneck trailer.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

K-DAC Enterprises Inc. Braden, ON Phone:  519-634-8223 
Contact:  Scott  Leis  
3025 Sandhills Road
Braden, ON    N3A 3B8
Phone:  519-634-8223    Fax:  519-634-5696    Toll Free:  1-888-532-2669   dispatch@k-dac.com    www.k-dac.com 
Today, K-DAC Enterprises Inc. is comprised of three divisions: EXPEDITE, Climate Control and Transportation & Logistics. All three divisions operate out of the same facility located in the village of Baden, Ontario, Canada which is 10 minutes west of Kitchener, Ontario and 1 hour west of Toronto, Ontario. K-DAC's strong reputation for on time service and ethical business practice has made K-DAC the #1 choice for many shippers and forwarders across Canada and the USA.
Main Service Area:  North America

Lac La Biche Transport Ltd. Lac la Biche, AB Phone:  780-623-4711 
Contact:  Gerald  Wowk  
Box 36 (66569 RR143)
Lac la Biche, AB    T0A 2C0
Phone:  780-623-4711    Fax:  780-623-2009    laclabichetransport.com/ 
We provide truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) service to and from most points across North Eastern Alberta, including Lac La Biche, Plamondon, Conklin, Christina Lake, Anzac, and Cheecham, using our own fleet and a network of associated carriers to points beyond our daily transportation areas.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Lacrete Transport (79) Ltd. La Crete, AB Phone:  780-928-3989 
Contact:  Jake  Fehr  
Box 248
La Crete, AB    T0H 2H0
Phone:  780-928-3989    Fax:  780-928-3680    Toll Free:  1-800-928-3680   latrans@telusplanet.net    www.latrans.ca/ 
Company offers overnight service to most northern Alberta communities. Locations: La Crete, High Level, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Slave Lake
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Leduc Truck Services Ltd. Leduc, AB Phone:  780-986-8484 
Contact:  Bill  Cannon  
6117 - 46A St.
Leduc, AB    T9E 7A6
Phone:  780-986-8484   
Haul general freight, no reefer trucks. Haul west of Hwy 2 along Hwys 13 and 39 and have space for additional freight.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Legal Freight Services Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-452-7221 
Contact:  Barry  Estrin  
14840 - 134 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T5L 4T4
Phone:  780-452-7221    admin@legalfreight.com    www.legalfreight.com 
Current fleet of over 48 tractors and over 54 trailers. L.F.S offers through its dynamic structure a Tractor Service Division, which provides power units to other transport companies. Another main service LFS offers, is it's Refrigerated LTL ( Less than Truckload) and Refrigerated TL (Truckload) divisions which provide scheduled service between Edmonton and Calgary and elsewhere.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Luke's Cartage Ltd. Red Deer, AB Phone:  403-342-0777 
Contact:  Brett  Macintosh  
4040 - 77 St.
Red Deer, AB    T4P 3P7
Phone:  403-342-0777    Fax:  403-346-9740    blair@lukescartage.com    www.lukescartage.com 
Luke's Cartage, Ltd. provides trailer load refrigerated freight services in western Canada and the Northwest United States. It operates various fleet of equipment, including refrigerated 3 ton body jobs, highway tractors, refrigerated highway trailers, food service delivery trailers and pups, and tandem converters. Founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Red Deer, Canada. Offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. As of July 11, 2006, Luke's Cartage, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Transx, Ltd.
Main Service Area:  North America

Manitoulin Transport Acheson, AB Phone:  800-232-7384 
402-53114 Range Rd. 262
Acheson, AB    T7X 5A1
Phone:  800-232-7384    Fax:  780-452-3386    Toll Free:  1-800-265-1485   customerservice@manitoulintransport.com    www.manitoulintransport.com 
Manitoulin Transport is an industry leading provider of expedited North American transportation and logistics solutions. We offer customers one of the widest distribution reaches encompassing a network of more than 60 Canadian terminals and 250+ U.S. Service Centres. Through our extensive network comes one of the company?s key strengths ? providing reliable on-time delivery to any destination in North America.
Main Service Area:  North America

MAF Canada Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-903-2747 
Contact:  Ahmed    
15 San Fernando Cres NE
Calgary, AB    T1Y 7E6
Phone:  403-903-2747    Fax:  403-293-1254    info@mafcanada.com    www.mafcanada.com 
Alberta based company in the most centralized City of Canada i.e. Calgary, which has a growing economy in the millennium ahead. Established as an International Freight, Logistics, Transportation & Customs Broker company. As a freight & logistics company & related services providers it is growing very strongly in the market. Has grown into a comprehensive international freight forwarding company serving almost every type of freight forwarding & custom clearing needs.
Main Service Area:  North America

MJ Smart Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-899-9690 
Contact:  Mike  Smart  
153 Copperstone Grv. SE
Calgary, AB    T2Z 4X8
Phone:  403-899-9690    Fax:  403-452-2106    mjsmarttransport@shaw.ca   
Calgary-based cartage company serving primarily Calgary and surrounding area. Air Ride, Cartage, Containers, Dry Bulk, Dry Van, Flatbed, Flat Deck, Local, LTL, Equipment moving, Truckload, Pipe Hauling, Shunting, Heated Warehousing, Cross Docking, Hotshot, Power Only, Short Haul, Safety Solutions. 9 tractors
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Mode Transportation Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, USA Phone:  904-273-9073 
Contact:  John  Spaulding  
10033 Sawgrass Drive West, Suite 220
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, USA    32082
Phone:  904-273-9073    Fax:  904-273-7426    john.spaulding@modetransportation.com    www.modetransportation.com 
Transport non-bulk products from Alberta into the United States via door-to-door rail intermodal. We own 23,000 53' high capacity rail containers.
Main Service Area:  North America

Mustang Freightways Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-452-3366 
Contact:  Shawn  McLean  
13008 - 163 St. NW (Voyageur Industrial Park
Edmonton, AB    T5V 1L6
Phone:  780-452-3366    Fax:  780-482-4091    Toll Free:  1-888-333-3990   edmonton@mustangfreight.com    www.mustangfreight.com/contact.html 
Company serves Alberta, British Columbia and Washington. They haul dry food product only.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Nippon Express Canada Ltd. (member of CIFFA) Mississauga, ON Phone:  403-221-1850 
Contact:  Jim  Hamilton  
6250 Edwards Blvd.
Mississauga, ON    L5T 2X3
Phone:  403-221-1850    Cell:  403-831-3540    Toll Free:  1-855-864-7766   jim_hamilton@nittsu.com    www.niponexpress.com 
We are a Japanese international freight forwarder with offices across Canada and around the world. Developed customers within Alberta supporting our markets and industry: import and export expertise; personal management and support here in Alberta in the agri related areas; Trucking, Air, Ocean and Brokerage departments.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Ocean Trailers Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-7100 
Contact:  Mike  Keay  
7288 - 84 Street SE
Calgary, AB    T1X 0K2
Phone:  403-720-7100    Fax:  403-720-5794    Toll Free:  1-877-720-7171   mikek@oceantrailer.com    www.oceantrailer.com/contact/contact_calgary.htm 
Ocean Trailer is Western Canada's Trailer Specialist. With five locations, Coquitlam, Delta, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg to serve you, we are able to meet all of your trailer needs. We buy, sell, lease, rent, service and supply parts for commercial trailers.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

P & D Logistics Ltd. Strathmore, AB Phone:  403-934-9274 
Contact:  Dan  Dammann  
Box 29 Site 17 RR2
Strathmore, AB    T1P 1K5
Phone:  403-934-9274    Fax:  877-398-7974    pdtruck@gmail.com   
P&D Logistics Ltd. is an asset-based company with over 25 years of experience providing temperature-controlled less-than-truckload and truckload service from Alberta to all points in the United States.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Pedersen Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-236-1100 
Contact:  Brad  Simpson  
40 Technology Way
Calgary, AB    T3S 0B2
Phone:  403-236-1100    Fax:  403-236-1120    Toll Free:  1-877-965-2583   info@pedersentransport.com    www.pedersentransport.com 
Pedersen Transport has a great future. The management team is engaged and focused on our vision of being Alberta?s most valued carrier. With our strategically located terminals and modern equipment, we are in a good position to provide top notch service to our clients. And finally and most importantly, we know our business. Big enough to handle anything, personal enough to know you by name. We pick up and deliver in Alberta and around the continent. LTL -central and southern AB. Food/ree
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Provost Freight Lines Provost, AB Phone:  780-753-6764 
Contact:  Ryan  Batty  
Box 681, 5323 - 50 Ave.
Provost, AB    T0B 3S0
Phone:  780-753-6764    Fax:  403-235-4594    Toll Free:  1-800-639-6768  
Company is small and has no reefer trucks. Dry goods only.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Quik-X Transport Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-476-7116 
Contact:  Wendy  Mckenzie  
10918 - 186 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5S 0A5
Phone:  780-476-7116    Fax:  780-476-7873    Toll Free:  1-888-452-9700   wmckenzie@quikx.com    www.quikx.com 
Travel across Canada daily but in Alberta, transport meat from Cargill; also sugar, seeds and other dry products between Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Quik-X Transport Calgary, AB Phone:  403-299-6644 
Contact:  Linda  McLachlan  
5959 - 90 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4Z6
Phone:  403-299-6644    Fax:  403-299-5878    Toll Free:  1-800-771-4309   Calgary@quikx.com    www.quikx.com 
Provides service to most of North America and offers expedited LTL service. Also has ofices in Edmonton.
Main Service Area:  North America

RCS Cartage Ltd. Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-328-3280 
3228 - 2 Ave. North
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 0C6
Phone:  403-328-3280    Fax:  403-328-0505    Toll Free:  1-888-322-3280   info@rcscartage.ca    www.rcscartage.ca/ 
Provides next-day delivery service to most points south of Calgary and east-west to the borders. They offer LTL, reefer service and heated trucks for food transportation.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Red Maple Enterprises Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-2128 
Contact:  Surindev  Randev  
23 Citadel Meadow Grove NW
Calgary, AB    T3G 4K6
Phone:  403-720-2128    Fax:  403-720-2182    www.redmapleent.ca 
Provide LTL motor freight service to customers whose products move best through common carriers. Van and temperature controlled units.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Ridsdale Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-571-7447 
Suite A, 4747 - 54 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 2M1
Phone:  403-571-7447    Fax:  403-571-7445    Toll Free:  1-877-785-7164   customerservice@ridsdale.ca    www.ridsdale.ca/ 
Operating with 400 pieces of equipment we provide service to you on our scheduled LTL and truckload lanes as well as a dedicated, expedited pickup and delivery service designed to meet your non-scheduled transportation requirements. Warehouse storage, container service and contracted transportation are among our specialized services offered to meet our customers' needs.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Rosenau Transport Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-431-2877 
Contact:  Carl  Rosenau  
2950 Parsons Road NW
Edmonton, AB    T6N 1B1
Phone:  780-431-2877    Fax:  780-431-0599    Toll Free:  1-800-371-6895   info@rosenau.org    www.rosenau.org/ 
Provides LTL, full load, bulk. Heated vans
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Ryder Canada Mississauga, ON Phone:  905-826-8777 
2233 Argentia Road, Suite 300
Mississauga, ON    L5N 2X7
Phone:  905-826-8777    Fax:  905-826-0079    canada.ryder.com/contactus_loc_ab.shtml 
Offices in Edmonton (11433-154 St. Edmonton, 780-451-1894) and Calgary (4250 46 Avenue SE 403-259-4047). Provide transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Sher E Punjab Transport Ltd. Rocky View, AB Phone:  403-265-8181 
Contact:  Davinder  Sehrai  
107 Prairie Place
Rocky View, AB    T1X 0K2
Phone:  403-265-8181    Fax:  403-313-7091    dsehrai@sherepunjabtransport.com    www.sherepunjabtransport.com 
Transport local or long haul in Alberta only. They offer food transportation, reefer and heated trucks and LTL.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Shure Transport Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-371-2023 
Contact:  Tim  Pollock  
43, 123 Queensland Dr. SE (terminal 7725 - 48 St. SE)
Calgary, AB    T2J 5J4
Phone:  403-371-2023    Fax:  403-271-8057    logistics@shuretransport.com    www.shuretransport.com 
Company offers dry van, LTL food transport, Alberta border to border.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

SLH Transport Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-2686 
Contact:  Larry  Schlamp  
5500 Dufferin Blvd. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 5B7
Phone:  403-720-2686    Fax:  403-236-3568    Toll Free:  1-800-661-2146   customerservice@slh.ca    www.slh.ca 
Edmonton (14525 - 112 Ave. 780-451-7543) Provide truckload, intermodal and LTL service throuoghout North America.
Main Service Area:  North America

Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-216-0850 
6060 - 90 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 5B7
Phone:  403-216-0850    Fax:  403-216-0318    www.spectrumscm.ca 
We are a customer-focused company that has been constantly finding competitive logistic advantages for several years now. Great customer service has been the foundation of Spectrum Supply Chain Solution?s success. This company has developed in all aspects of logistics especially in the areas of warehouses, clients, carriers and partners. ( 144th Street - Edmonton, Alberta, Tel: 780-452-9880)
Main Service Area:  Canada

Sunfresh Farms Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-413-4802 
Contact:  Phil  Dixon  
10471 - 176 St.
Edmonton, AB    T5S 2E4
Phone:  780-413-4802    www.sunfreshfarms.ca/news/ 
Transport their product to Calgary and Edmonton. Produce only. Growers bring product to the plant and it is shipped from there.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Superior Transportation Logistic Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-510-4577 
14 Anaheim Place NE
Calgary, AB    T1Y 7B3
Phone:  403-510-4577    Fax:  403-568-2426    dispatch@superiortransportation.ca    www.superiortransportation.ca 
Provide LTL food transportation with heated or reefer trucks, local or long haul in BC, AB and Manitoba.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Sysco - Calgary Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-1331 
Contact:  Craig  Giles  
4639 - 72 Ave SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4H7
Phone:  403-720-1331    Fax:  403-720-1594    giles.craig@cgy.sysco.ca    www.sysco.com/Calgary 
Have a Buy Local Task Force. Transport all products across Canada and US.
Main Service Area:  North America

Sysco - Edmonton Acheson, AB Phone:  780-643-7450 
26210 Township Rd 531A
Acheson, AB    T7X 5A4
Phone:  780-643-7450    Fax:  780-451-0742    www.sysco.ca/Edmonton 
Have a Buy Local Task Force. Transport all products across Canada.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Timex Logistics Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-387-7727 
280229 Inverlake Road
Calgary, AB    T2M 4L5
Phone:  403-387-7727    Fax:  403-387-7720    timexlogistics2008@yahoo.com   
Company offers dry van, reefer and heated food services across Canada.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Trans X Rockyview, AB Phone:  403-236-9300 
Contact:  Jeff  Jenkins  
285115 - 61 Ave. SE
Rockyview, AB    T2P 2G6
Phone:  403-236-9300    Fax:  403-236-5881    Toll Free:  1-800-896-2243   jeff_jenkins@transx.com    www.transx.com 
Specialize in perishable products and have terminals in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer with delivery to many smaller towns. Transport for Olymel and some retail delivery.
Main Service Area:  North America

Trans-FRT McNamara Calgary, AB Phone:  403-253-6580 
Contact:  Mark  Zylstra  
7504 - 30 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 1M8
Phone:  403-253-6580    Fax:  780-454-7543    Toll Free:  1-800-265-7875   info@transfrt.com    www.transfrt.com/home.php 
Since 1985 Trans-Frt. McNamara has excelled in delivering transportation, freight brokerage, logistics and distribution services throughout North America. Our mission is Service, Quality and Reliability. From locations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and California, our modern fleet of more than 100 trucks and 220 trailers pickup and deliver LTL or Truckload service anywhere in North America.
Main Service Area:  North America

Triple Hitch Transport Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-447-2255 
Contact:  Harold  Bartko  
16410 - 130 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5V 1J8
Phone:  780-447-2255    Fax:  780-447-5643   
Reefer trucks, LTL and services the Edmonton and north areas.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Versa Cold Logistics Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-477-4000 
Contact:  Les  Campbell  
12536 - 62 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5W 0Y5
Phone:  780-477-4000    Fax:  780-474-4204    Toll Free:  1-800-563-2653   les.campbel@versacold.com    www.versacold.com 
We offer full temperature-controlled point-to-point transportation services, across the city, or across the country. Warehousing: We operate more than 38 distribution centres across Canada, with a combined storage capacity of 118 million cubic feet. http://www.versacold.com/our-facilities-prairie-region (Alberta locations)
Main Service Area:  North America

Whitecourt Transport Ltd. Whitecourt, AB Phone:  780-778-2226 
Contact:  Jeff  Rosnau  
Box 598, 3710 - 33 St.
Whitecourt, AB    T7S 1N6
Phone:  780-778-2226    Fax:  780-778-2502    jrosnau@whitecourttransport.com    www.whitecourttransport.com 
LTL freight between Edmonton/Whitecourt. Truckload hauling throught western Canada. http://www.whitecourttransport.com/Services/tabid/54/Default.aspx
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

XTL Transport Inc. Airdrie, AB Phone:  403-948-4520 
Contact:  Darcy  MacArthur, Ext. 9041  
109, 2966 Main St. SE
Airdrie, AB    T4A 2J5
Phone:  403-948-4520    Fax:  403-948-7143    Toll Free:  1-800-665-9318   darcy.macarthur@xtl.com    www.xtl.com/xtlweb.nsf/index?OpenForm 
The XTL Sales Team is committed to making your shipping experience a positive one.Working hand in hand with Dispatch and Customer Service, XTL's Sales Team will do their best to ensure an on-time delivery. This commitment to our customers has been noted by our service to customers that are Industry Leaders in Paper Products, Consumer Commodities, Grocery Suppliers, Retail Suppliers, and Pharmaceutical Companies.

XTL Transport, Inc. Etobicoke, ON Phone:  416-742-0610 
Contact:  Luc  Francoeur  
75 Rexdale Blvd.
Etobicoke, ON    M9W 1P1
Phone:  416-742-0610    Toll Free:  1-800-361-5576   www.xtl.com 
Truckload carrier with warehousing and distribution across canada and to the US. Specialist in temperature controlled transport. Plus, our logistics division can handle any logistics challenge. Contact us today.
Main Service Area:  North America