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Natural/Organic [Top of Page]
Pro Organics Burnaby, BC   Phone:  604-253-6549 
Contact:  Steve  Boyle  
4535 Still Creek Ave.
Burnaby, BC    V5C 5W1
Phone:  604-253-6549    Fax:  604-253-0439    Toll Free:  1-800-461-1122   [email] 
Type:  Natural/Organic
Specialization:   Organic/Natural Foods
Comments:  Steve Boyle, President: John Benedetti, VP Sales. Sonny (Buyer), Gunta Vitins (VP Marketing). Fresh organic fruits & vegetables, bulk grains, seeds, nuts, dairy, grocery. Grocery, Warehouse Club, Specialty Store, Natural/Organic, Foodservice & Hospitality. 40,000 sq ft warehouse, shipping coast-to coast daily from Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal. Processor must be organic certified. (Sales fax: 604-253-0439) (Purchasing Fax 604-296-2139)
Main Service Area:  Canada
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Other [Top of Page]
Apps International Brampton, ON   Phone:  905-451-2720 
Contact:  Stephen  Mollard  
275 Orenda Rd.
Brampton, ON    L6T 3R7
Phone:  905-451-2720    Fax:  905-451-2778    Toll Free:  1-800-465-2513   [email] 
Type:  Other
Specialization:   Organic/Natural Foods
Comments:  transportation services company with terminals in Brampton ON and Vancouver BC.
Main Service Area:  Canada
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Co-op Atlantic Moncton, NB   Phone:  506-858-6000 
123 Halifax St., Box 750
Moncton, NB    E1C 8N5
Phone:  506-858-6000    Fax:  506-858-6460    [email] 
Type:  Other
Specialization:   Grocery,  General Merchandise,  Produce,  Meat
Comments:  Wholesale Operations - Livestock & Poultry Feed Plants. Criteria - anyone who wants to assume a part of the financial responsibility of the co-op may participate
Main Service Area:  Canada
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Warehouse Club [Top of Page]
Christmas Natural Foods (Wholesalers) Ltd. Burnaby, BC   Phone:  604-420-6100 
Contact:  Brenda    
8345 Winston St.
Burnaby, BC    V5A 2H3
Phone:  604-420-6100    Fax:  604-420-6161    Toll Free:  800-663-6559   [email] 
Type:  Warehouse Club
Specialization:   Grocery,  Beverage,  Organic/Natural Foods
Comments:  Covering all major markets in Canada. Promotional opportunities for your brand. 2 full-service wharehouses. Considers new products for distribution through its national customer base. Guaranteed freshness of perishable products for 60 days from invoice date. Supplements expiry date +9 months - other products +90 days. Canadian Health Food Association Member.
Main Service Area:  Canada
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Wallace & Carey Inc. Calgary, AB   Phone:  403-275-7360 
Contact:  Fred  Bunney  
5445 - 8 St. NE
Calgary, AB    T2K 5R9
Phone:  403-275-7360    Fax:  403-275-3921    Toll Free:  1-800-661-1504 
Type:  Warehouse Club
Specialization:   Bakery,  Grocery,  Frozen Foods,  Beverage,  General Merchandise
Comments:  Monthly order guide/Eaches Program/1 delivery per week/Combined Distribution Centres Program (exclusive to 7-Eleven convenience stores). Calgary - Head Office
Main Service Area:  Canada
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