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Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta http://www.auma.ca/live/digitalAssets/25/25953_WICT_booklet_10232008.pdf
This toolkit was designed to assist municipalities in Alberta wanting to reduce racism and discrimination and build welcoming and inclusive communities. The toolkit identifies good practices that promote inclusion and equity and reduce racism and discrimination. It also provides examples of strategies, approaches, action plans and policies that have been developed by other municipalities within and outside of Canada. The toolkit can help municipal governments to develop and implement actions to promote inclusion and equity and reduce racism and discrimination in their communities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Innisfail Welcoming Communities Pilot Project Innisfail, Alberta
Model Alberta http://centralalberta.ab.ca/investing-here/investor-resources/welcoming-communities/the-innisfail-model
Innisfail, Alberta (population 7,691) has experienced significant increases in the numbers of newcomers each year. Immigrants are attracted by employment opportunities at the meat processing plant. The region also employs between 100 and 200 temporary foreign workers for six-month periods in its agricultural industry. In addition, Olds College hosts 40 Mexican students each year in the college's agriculture program. Issues of integration and welcoming have become increasingly pressing for the town of Innisfail. Therefore, Innisfail initiated 'Welcoming Communities project'. The project provides free access for newcomers to computers, webcams, the library, recreational facilities and translation services. The project also offers services specific to life in Innisfail and Olds College organizes a 'Winter Preparedness Session' for newcomers who have not experienced the Alberta winter.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Welcome to Innisfail -A Toolbox of Ideas for smaller centres
Toolkit Alberta http://centralalberta.ab.ca/assets/documents/CAEP_Toolbox_Sm.pdf
The Innisfail Model can be used as a best practice by municipalities to attract and retain newcomers.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Immigrating to Alberta
Website Alberta http://www.albertacanada.com/immigration.aspx
The website contains information about Alberta and immigrating, living and working in the province. The website also contains interactive maps and online tools. The online tool on working in Alberta helps newcomers find jobs and helps Alberta employers find the labour they need to manage their businesses. It includes important information for employers. Site visitor can get detailed information on events, seasons and services through video, animation, images and texts from the website.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Immigrate to Alberta
Video Alberta http://www.youtube.com/user/ImmigrateToAlberta
The City of Grande Prairie developed a best practices video which illustrates how it is partnering with community organizations to attract and support newcomers. The video demonstrates how the efforts of these organizations make Grande Prairie an inviting place to live and work. The video can be helpful for those communities who are interested in increasing their capacity to attract and retain newcomers. The video also provides information on the services to help newcomers integrate into the community.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Immigrate to Alberta
Video Alberta http://www.youtube.com/user/ImmigrateToAlberta
The videos from Grande Prairie and some other communities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Return to Rural, Alberta
Project Alberta http://www.returntorural.ca/
Return to Rural is a rural community economic development project aimed at attracting and retaining early and mid-career families to the rural communities of selected regions in Alberta. The return to rural philosophy is built on the idea that by blending technology and youth, it is possible to create an environment where rural living is a viable choice for youth. It works with youth, government, community and businesses to foster a future oriented dialogue. It provides education and training to civic leaders, community and businesses to inspire change and growth. The project provides best practices for rural communities who wish to work on the attraction and retention of young families for their areas. 

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Summer Company Program, Medicine Hat College Alberta
Program Alberta http://www.mhc.ab.ca/Services/EntrepreneurDevelopmentCentre/SummerCompanyInfo.aspx
Summer Company is an opportunity for enterprising young people who want to start and run their own summer businesses. The program provides hands-on business coaching and mentoring from local community business leaders who will work with youth to make their summer company a reality. The program awards student entrepreneurs with up to $10,000, plus valuable mentorship opportunities. Rural communities can take advantage of business consulting services and resources available through the network of program providers.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The RABC Pilot Program
Program Alberta http://www.rabc.ca/index.php/about-us
The Pilot Program is a partnership between the Government of Alberta and local organizations actively involved with the business community. As part of the three year program, RABCs provide advice and information services to entrepreneurs and small businesses to assist them in making informed business decisions. The centres provide services to entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers at all stages of the business life cycle from the start-up to expansion to succession planning. Each rural business centre will provide one-on-one business advice, seminars, workshops and access to relevant information about small businesses and business opportunities. Communities have been selected for the pilot program. Results from the pilot will be used to determine the future sustainability of the program and potential expansion of rural business centres to other communities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP)
Program Alberta http://humanservices.alberta.ca/working-in-alberta/3158.html
The program helps high school and post-secondary students to develop their skills, knowledge and work experience through temporary employment during the spring and summer months. It provides money to help not-for-profit organizations hire knowledgeable and enthusiastic summer staff. Employers benefit from the work accomplished by the STEP employees, new ideas and perspectives and exposure to potential full-time employees. Rural communities who wish to support their youth can get more information on this program through Alberta Works.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Rural Roots: Communities in Action, Alberta
Program Alberta http://www.changeforchildren.org/ruralroots/ruralroots.html
Rural Roots: Communities in Action is a pro­gram of Change for Children Association that recognizes youth as Alberta's most important resource. Rural Roots provides community leadership training and hands-on workshops with other youth and inspiring youth leaders. It provides resources for teachers and communities to increase youth engagement. The program also organizes events that connect rural youth across the province. The program can help rural communities to boost their efforts for youth engagements.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
ACCA Co-operative Youth Program
Program Alberta http://www.learningcentre.coop/resource/acca-co-operative-youth-program
The ACCA Co-operative Youth Program is a program of Alberta Community and Co-operative Association. It creates awareness and understanding in youth about co-operative ideals, leadership development, and the importance of community and the agriculture industry. The first Co-operative Youth Program was held at Elk Island National Park at Camp Agape in 1961, attracting 91 young people between the ages of 16 and 20 from rural Alberta. It was intended to develop leadership skills and co-operative attitudes in youth, and to encourage their active involvement in the community. The program could be used as a model for Alberta municipalities looking to provide an innovative learning environment that fosters the development of leadership skills and co-operative ideals in youth.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Entrepreneur Development Centre at Medicine Hat College
Centre Alberta http://www.mhc.ab.ca/Services/EntrepreneurDevelopmentCentre.aspx
The Entrepreneur Development Centre at Medicine Hat College offers business coaching and access to resources.  The College organizes seminars and events to encourage young entrepreneurs to enter in to business. The services are available to students and alumni from all disciplines who wish to succeed in business.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Skills Canada Alberta (SCA)
Association Alberta http://skillsalberta.com/about-us
Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) is a not-for-profit provincial association. It serves as a critical link between employers, educators, labour groups and government to reposition trade and technical careers as a first choice career option for youth in Alberta. It works to equip youth with the skills to help Canada compete successfully in a drastically changing world market. This is accomplished through programming targeted at junior high, senior high and post-secondary students.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
CAREERS: The Next Generation
Organization Alberta http://www.nextgen.org
CAREERS: The Next Generation is a non-profit organization raising youth awareness of career options and helping students earn while they learn through internship. It partners with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students to introduce youth to rewarding careers and develop the skilled workers of the future. Communities can get more information and support from the organization.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Trade Secrets - Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Training and Services Alberta http://tradesecrets.alberta.ca/
Trade Secrets provides information on trades and occupations, scholarships, awards and financial assistance. There are 12 field offices located throughout Alberta. Rural communities can get more information through the Apprenticeship and Industry Training office in their area.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Workplace Training
Services Alberta http://humanservices.alberta.ca/working-in-alberta/3215.html
Workplace Training focuses on helping clients acquire the employment skills needed to find and maintain employment and increase their income from employment. This type of job skills training has two parts. First is work exposure which is designed to help clients develop an awareness of a specific occupation and employment opportunities over a period of a few weeks. Second is a workplace training which is tailor-made and structured worksite-based training opportunities of 12 months or less that teach clients specific skills for occupations that are in demand. Rural communities who wish to support their youth can get more information on this program through Alberta Works.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)
Services Alberta http://alis.alberta.ca/index.html
ALIS is an online source for education and training information. This site includes content about secondary education and training institutions. Francophone programs are also highlighted. Rural communities can get detailed information and contacts regarding career, learning and employment from that website.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp (AYEC)
Camp Alberta http://ayec.ca/
AYEC is a week-long camp for youth age, 13 to15. It is held for youth who are interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship. The main focus of this camp is to educate youth about teamwork, marketing, advertising, preparing a cash-flow statement and writing a business plan. Campers set up their own businesses and use real money, which they borrow from actual bankers. The last day is 'Business bay' at the camp, where campers have the opportunity to open and operate their businesses. The youth also participate in many fun recreational activities throughout their week at camp.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Time to Choose a post-secondary education program
Booklet Alberta http://alis.alberta.ca/ep/careershop/showproduct.html?DisplayCode=PRODUCT&EntityKey=6255 or
This book is for the person looking for information on Alberta post-secondary education programs. It can assist their learning and work exploration and the ability to make life and work decisions. The booklet can be used to get more information on post-secondary education programs that are available for rural communities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Multiple Choices - Planning Your Career for the 21st Century
Booklet Alberta http://alis.alberta.ca/pdf/cshop/LabourMarketInfo.pdf
This book is written for people who are making career-related decisions. It helps people understand how career development is a continuous process with a series of choices. It explains the difference between jobs, occupations and roles and how to identify positive assets and characteristics (e.g., skills, interests, values, beliefs and knowledge). It also provides further information and resources. The booklet can be used as a resource guide to make career decisions.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Career Planner: Choosing an Occupation
Booklet Alberta http://alis.alberta.ca/ep/careershop/showproduct.html?DisplayCode=PRODUCT&EntityKey=2107
This easy-to-read booklet is written for youth and adults to help them plan their career by increasing their learning and work exploration and by improving their ability to make life and work decisions. It helps them identify and discover how their skills, interests, values and traits are related to their work roles. The booklet can be used by rural communities to develop action plans and problem solving strategies for their youth.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
The Rural Route to Active Aging
Website Alberta http://www.ualberta.ca/~active/older-adults/rural/index.html
The website promotes healthy, active lifestyles for older adults living in rural areas. The information on this website supports practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, and older adults themselves who live and work in rural areas. It also provides success stories, tools and resources to support active aging in rural areas.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Older Adults Plan
Website Alberta http://www.strathcona.ca/departments/family-and-community-services/social-plans-social-information-and-surveys/older-adults-plan/
Strathcona County's Older Adults Plan emphasizes the strengths of older people in building an age-friendly and caring community. The plan promotes aging well with independence, by providing the right programs, services and supports to meet the needs of older adults.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Workability Handbook
Booklet Alberta http://alis.alberta.ca/ep/careershop/showproduct.html?DisplayCode=PRODUCT&EntityKey=6394
This booklet is a starting point for people who are looking for work. It will improve their ability to make life/work decisions. It will help them to explore the personal qualities, skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary to get and keep work.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Chinook Village, Alberta
Community Alberta http://www.chinookvillage.com/
Chinook Village, located in Medicine Hat, implemented the 'aging in place' concept. It is a retirement community that provides progressive lifestyle options for seniors, 50 years of age and over. Chinook Village is close to shopping centres, restaurants, medical offices, a golf course, bowling alley, travel agent, gas stations, banks and much more. Rural communities who wish to attract retirees can use it as a best practise and can implement the 'aging in place' concept.

Rural communities interested in attracting Professionals
Alberta Municipal Internship Program, Alberta Municipal Affairs
Project Alberta http://www.municipalaffairs.gov.ab.ca/ms/internship/
The program is designed to attract recent post-secondary graduates to the field of municipal administration. The program provides funding and training to selected Alberta municipalities to hire and train interns over a one-year period. The objectives of the program are to assist Alberta municipalities in their succession planning efforts to recruit, train and retain competent municipal employees. The program can help rural communities in retaining interns in the local government field.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan
Program Alberta http://www.rpap.ab.ca/about/home.html
The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan supports Alberta's rural physicians, their families and communities in improving the quality of rural health care by offering comprehensive, integrated initiatives to enhance rural medical services, education, recruitment and retention. It promotes rural medicine as a viable career option for rural high school students, pre-medicine students and medical students. It provides a variety of initiatives, funding and support to raise their awareness, improve their preparedness and increase their exposure to rural medicine. Some of its initiatives include: Recruitment Reimbursement Program, Physician Locum Services, Enrichment Program, Rural Physician Spousal and Family programming, Virtual Library, Rural On-Call Remuneration Program, RPAP's weekend shadowing experiences, RPAP's summer student experience program, the core Family Medicine clerkship rotation, rural and regional electives in the general specialties and Family Medicine, a rural-based Family Medicine residency program, the Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network and High School Outreach Program and Physician Recruitment Website www.RuralPhysicianLink.ab.ca as the "one-stop" provincial recruitment web site for rural physicians to Alberta.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Education Sector Workforce Planning, Framework for Action
Action Plan Alberta http://education.alberta.ca/media/1155749/2010-03-03%20education%20sector%20workforce%20planning%20framework%20for%20action.pdf
The plan is intended to serve as a roadmap for change in the endeavour to provide students with access to high quality education professionals, now and in the future. The development of this document represents the education sector's commitment to attract, develop and retain professional teachers in Alberta's education system. It articulates key challenges facing the education sector workforce and offers strategic recommendations aligned with the vision of having the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right times to meet the needs of learners.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Northern Student Teacher Bursary Program
Program Alberta http://www.benorth.ca/teacher-education.asp
Alberta Education offers the Northern Student Teacher Bursary program in collaboration with the Alberta Scholarships Program and the Northern Alberta Development Council. The program provides bursaries of $8,000 annually to teacher education program students in the last two years of their studies. Upon graduation, the student is obligated to provide return service for an agreed length of time in participating northern Alberta school jurisdictions. It is expected that teacher attraction and retention in northern and rural communities can be enhanced with the implementation of a financial incentive program.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Northern Student Teacher Bursary Program Manual
manual Alberta https://www.benorth.ca/teacher-education.asp
This manual was created to assist in the development and implementation of the Northern Student Teacher Bursary Program. It will be used and updated as required to ensure the effective administration of the Northern Student Teacher Bursary program. The intended target audience of this manual is the staff of Alberta Education, Alberta Scholarship Programs, the Northern Alberta Development Council and superintendents and other staff of participating school divisions.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Breaking Down the Barriers: Rural Field Experiences Initiative
Initiative Alberta http://www.ardn.ca/projects/Breaking%20Down%20the%20Barriers%20-%20Rural%20Field%20Experiences%20Initiative%20-%20Holly%20Huber.pdf
The initiative has been organized by the Department of Field Experiences of the University of Alberta and Alberta Workforce Planning and Development. The initiative aims to promote rural field experiences to the student population and to support the attraction and retention of teachers to rural areas in Alberta.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Alberta Education Teacher Forecasting
Model Alberta http://education.alberta.ca/media/6616763/transformation%20in%20progress%20education%20workforce%20snapshot.pdf
The model is based on a modified 'Cohort Component' Model (the standard demographic forecasting method used by academics and forecasters around the world). The model forecasts the Alberta student population using fertility and migration rates applied to Alberta Health and Wellness population data, forecasts continuing teachers based on historic attrition in Alberta Education data, and determines the shortfall to maintain a consistent student-to-staff ratio. The model's primary function is to serve as a springboard for thoughtful and strategic conversations about the future population growth or decline in schools. It provides planners with a platform for considering future student populations and the impact that these populations will have on budgets, staffing, programs and facilities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Northern Alberta Development Council's Rural and Remote Education Report
Report Alberta http://www.nadc.ca/Docs/rural-remote-education.pdf
The Rural and Remote Education Report identifies challenges facing northern school divisions. The report provides examples of successful programming alternatives and demographic data and planning tools. The report is based on data collected from interviews with 11 northern school division superintendents and staff, community survey responses,a literature review and demographic forecasts derived from Alberta Education's Student Population Projection and Teacher Forecasting Model. Some of the items reviewed are teacher attrition, school capacity and student participation.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
The Spirit of Alberta
Policy Alberta http://www.culture.alberta.ca/about/premiers-council/pdf/SpiritofAlberta.pdf
The Spirit of Alberta provides a framework for decision-making related to the support, growth and development of culture in Alberta. It ensures Albertans have the opportunity to share, express and experience culture in a province that respects the past, celebrates the present and welcomes the future. The approach is to build a culture that will shape the future of the province through access, capacity, excellence and cultural industries.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Rural Artistic Initiative
Initiative Alberta http://www.radf.ca/projects/rural_artistic_initiative/
The initiative supports the Empress Theatre Society to expand the Windy Mountain Music Festival. The Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod is Alberta's oldest theatre. The initiative provides support in training to rural-based classical musicians, tours to other rural Alberta communities and off-season residencies with artistic partners across Alberta. It also allows the society to develop a system for restoring and screening historical films and a world music series, while modernizing its booking, promotional and ticket sales systems. The expected outcomes and benefits of this initiative will be expansion of the arts communities in Southern Alberta. Rural communities who wish to work on arts and heritage in Alberta can take advantage of training and support of this project.

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