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Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Chinook Village, Alberta
Community Alberta http://www.chinookvillage.com/
Chinook Village, located in Medicine Hat, implemented the 'aging in place' concept. It is a retirement community that provides progressive lifestyle options for seniors, 50 years of age and over. Chinook Village is close to shopping centres, restaurants, medical offices, a golf course, bowling alley, travel agent, gas stations, banks and much more. Rural communities who wish to attract retirees can use it as a best practise and can implement the 'aging in place' concept.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Community Canada http://www.retireelliotlake.com/
Elliot Lake is a retirement community of Ontario (population of 11,348). In 1990, the population of Elliot Lake was 16,000 and 4,500 residents were working for the mines. The residents started leaving the community due to the closure of its hydro uranium mining industry in 1990. The community decided to transform itself into a retirement destination. A non-profit organization, Elliot Lake Retirement Living Inc., was created to market the community to seniors. A number of vacant dwellings in the city were rented to seniors who were willing to migrate to Elliot Lake. Various facilities, especially the Renaissance Seniors' Centre, were developed to cater to the needs of seniors. A decade later, Elliot Lake has attracted approximately 4,000 retirees and has stabilized its population and economy.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Community Canada http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/lakeside-condos-a-major-boom-in-lac-du-bonnet-160211285.html
Lac du Bonnet is a retirement and tourism community of southern Manitoba. Due to its proximity to Winnipeg and Lee Rivers, lands adjacent to these waterways have become a haven to full-time and seasonal residents. The census claims the town's population grew 32 per cent in five years, an increase of about 300 people, to 1,328. Retirees move from larger urban centres to make Lac du Bonnet their home. The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet presently ranks 16th out of 200 Manitoba municipalities in terms of overall assessed value.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Pinawa, Manitoba
Community Canada http://www.pinawa.com/
Pinawa, Manitoba is a community of 1,500 people and is located on the border of Whiteshell National Park and River Pinawa is an attractive and diverse community, home to scientists, entrepreneurs and their families. The Pinawa website clearly advertises the needs of the creative class. Newcomers to Pinawa work effectively with internet access, technology and business resources all conveniently located in a recreation paradise. Pinawa's success in retaining and/or attracting young educated people is evident in the fact that in 2001 the percentage of the population aged 20-34 with a university certificate, diploma or degree was 27.3 per cent as compared to the provincial average of 18.7 per cent.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Lanesboro, Minnesota
Community Other http://www.lanesboro.com/
Lanesboro, Minnesota, town of 788 people, formed a Lanesboro Art Council and bought an old theater space in 1980. In 1994, it opened the non-profit Cornucopia Art Center on Main Street, hosting exhibits and gallery sales of local artists. It won funding for a national Artist in Residency Program, bringing four to six artists to town annually to make new work and engage the community. Currently, the community supports a music festival and an art-in-the-parks program and is advertising for visual and performing artists, musicians and writers, and other self-employed people to move to the town. By 2005, sales at the gallery were generating $12,000 a month, and the theater company's revenues were $200,000 a year. Rural communities who wish to attract and retain artist can use it as a best practice.

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