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Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Canada Arts Presentation Fund
Fund Canada http://www.pch.gc.ca/eng/1267553110077/1268404392232
The objective of the fund is to give Canadians access to a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities. It recognizes that arts presenters are key partners in achieving this objective by providing financial assistance to organizations that professionally present arts festivals or performing arts series. Rural and remote communities can access this fund to organize arts festivals and support their arts presenters.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Canada Cultural Spaces Fund
Fund Canada http://www.pch.gc.ca/eng/1267728945673
The fund supports the improvement, renovation and construction of arts and heritage facilities, and the acquisition of specialized equipment and conducting feasibility studies. It aims to improve Canada's cultural infrastructure, with a focus on repairing and upgrading arts and heritage facilities across the country, including those in under-served areas. The fund can help rural communities in performing arts, visual arts, media arts, museum collections and heritage displays.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Canada Cultural Investment Fund (formerly Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program)
Fund Canada http://www.pch.gc.ca/eng/1268609659093
The objective of the fund is to support management and greater financial stability in arts and heritage organizations. This is achieved through support for initiatives intended to diversify revenue streams, strengthen management capacities and ensure that arts and heritage organizations are supported in their communities for the contribution they make. The program has four components that work together in achieving these objectives: Endowment Incentives, Cultural Capitals of Canada, Strategic Initiatives and Limited Support to Endangered Arts Organizations. The fund can strengthen the management capacities of rural cultural organizations.

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