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Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Age - friendly Rural and Remote Communities - A guide
Guide Canada http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/seniors-aines/alt-formats/pdf/publications/public/healthy-sante/age_friendly_rural/AFRRC_en.pdf
The guide provides a summary of the considered thoughts, ideas and suggestions about what constitutes an age-friendly community. It is intended to foster dialogue and action that supports and enables older people to 'age actively' and to participate fully in society. It is also intended to provide communities across Canada with food for thought as they work to ensure that their policies, services and structures take into consideration the needs and desires of seniors. The guide can help municipal governments to develop and implement actions to support their senior population and attract retirees.

This document is intended for guidance and information only. It identifies resources available on the web. However, it is not considered as an all-inclusive listing of resources.