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Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Innisfail Welcoming Communities Pilot Project Innisfail, Alberta
Model Alberta http://centralalberta.ab.ca/investing-here/investor-resources/welcoming-communities/the-innisfail-model
Innisfail, Alberta (population 7,691) has experienced significant increases in the numbers of newcomers each year. Immigrants are attracted by employment opportunities at the meat processing plant. The region also employs between 100 and 200 temporary foreign workers for six-month periods in its agricultural industry. In addition, Olds College hosts 40 Mexican students each year in the college's agriculture program. Issues of integration and welcoming have become increasingly pressing for the town of Innisfail. Therefore, Innisfail initiated 'Welcoming Communities project'. The project provides free access for newcomers to computers, webcams, the library, recreational facilities and translation services. The project also offers services specific to life in Innisfail and Olds College organizes a 'Winter Preparedness Session' for newcomers who have not experienced the Alberta winter.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Alberta Education Teacher Forecasting
Model Alberta http://education.alberta.ca/media/6616763/transformation%20in%20progress%20education%20workforce%20snapshot.pdf
The model is based on a modified 'Cohort Component' Model (the standard demographic forecasting method used by academics and forecasters around the world). The model forecasts the Alberta student population using fertility and migration rates applied to Alberta Health and Wellness population data, forecasts continuing teachers based on historic attrition in Alberta Education data, and determines the shortfall to maintain a consistent student-to-staff ratio. The model's primary function is to serve as a springboard for thoughtful and strategic conversations about the future population growth or decline in schools. It provides planners with a platform for considering future student populations and the impact that these populations will have on budgets, staffing, programs and facilities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Alabama Advantage Model
Model Other http://www.alabamaadvantage.com/
The Alabama model provides assistance to rural communities in all phases of retiree attraction, including planning and technical assistance, literature development, coordinated marketing efforts, financial assistance, and amenity development. The key components of this initiative included the Alabama Reunion, which attracted many former Alabamans back to visit the State, was used as a vehicle to promote retiree attraction; a statewide survey identified communities interested in joining a new program to attract retirees to rural communities and collected infrastructure data in each participating community; the State produced color brochures promoting retirement in Alabama and annual State-level conferences instructed local leaders on techniques for attracting retirees and allowed participants to share success stories.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
South Carolina Planned Retirement Community Model
Model Other http://www.bestguide-retirementcommunities.com/southcarolinaretirementcommunities.html
South Carolina has emphasized planned retirement communities as a vehicle to bring retirees into the state. South Carolina's move in this direction began when a regional economic development agency of the state obtained over 3,000 acres of prime development land to develop a retirement/recreation community for upper- and middle-income retirees. This community was slated for 5,100 home sites and is expected to have a major impact on the surrounding rural county and nearby metropolitan areas.Some States, such as Michigan and Mississippi, have recently eliminated income taxes for retirees in an attempt to attract retirees. The best marketing approach may involve word-of-mouth advertising, which means that places that start early in attracting retirees and succeed in satisfying them may gain an advantage over other places.

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