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Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Summer Company Program, Medicine Hat College Alberta
Program Alberta http://www.mhc.ab.ca/Services/EntrepreneurDevelopmentCentre/SummerCompanyInfo.aspx
Summer Company is an opportunity for enterprising young people who want to start and run their own summer businesses. The program provides hands-on business coaching and mentoring from local community business leaders who will work with youth to make their summer company a reality. The program awards student entrepreneurs with up to $10,000, plus valuable mentorship opportunities. Rural communities can take advantage of business consulting services and resources available through the network of program providers.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The RABC Pilot Program
Program Alberta http://www.rabc.ca/index.php/about-us
The Pilot Program is a partnership between the Government of Alberta and local organizations actively involved with the business community. As part of the three year program, RABCs provide advice and information services to entrepreneurs and small businesses to assist them in making informed business decisions. The centres provide services to entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers at all stages of the business life cycle from the start-up to expansion to succession planning. Each rural business centre will provide one-on-one business advice, seminars, workshops and access to relevant information about small businesses and business opportunities. Communities have been selected for the pilot program. Results from the pilot will be used to determine the future sustainability of the program and potential expansion of rural business centres to other communities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP)
Program Alberta http://humanservices.alberta.ca/working-in-alberta/3158.html
The program helps high school and post-secondary students to develop their skills, knowledge and work experience through temporary employment during the spring and summer months. It provides money to help not-for-profit organizations hire knowledgeable and enthusiastic summer staff. Employers benefit from the work accomplished by the STEP employees, new ideas and perspectives and exposure to potential full-time employees. Rural communities who wish to support their youth can get more information on this program through Alberta Works.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Rural Roots: Communities in Action, Alberta
Program Alberta http://www.changeforchildren.org/ruralroots/ruralroots.html
Rural Roots: Communities in Action is a pro­gram of Change for Children Association that recognizes youth as Alberta's most important resource. Rural Roots provides community leadership training and hands-on workshops with other youth and inspiring youth leaders. It provides resources for teachers and communities to increase youth engagement. The program also organizes events that connect rural youth across the province. The program can help rural communities to boost their efforts for youth engagements.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
ACCA Co-operative Youth Program
Program Alberta http://www.learningcentre.coop/resource/acca-co-operative-youth-program
The ACCA Co-operative Youth Program is a program of Alberta Community and Co-operative Association. It creates awareness and understanding in youth about co-operative ideals, leadership development, and the importance of community and the agriculture industry. The first Co-operative Youth Program was held at Elk Island National Park at Camp Agape in 1961, attracting 91 young people between the ages of 16 and 20 from rural Alberta. It was intended to develop leadership skills and co-operative attitudes in youth, and to encourage their active involvement in the community. The program could be used as a model for Alberta municipalities looking to provide an innovative learning environment that fosters the development of leadership skills and co-operative ideals in youth.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan
Program Alberta http://www.rpap.ab.ca/about/home.html
The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan supports Alberta's rural physicians, their families and communities in improving the quality of rural health care by offering comprehensive, integrated initiatives to enhance rural medical services, education, recruitment and retention. It promotes rural medicine as a viable career option for rural high school students, pre-medicine students and medical students. It provides a variety of initiatives, funding and support to raise their awareness, improve their preparedness and increase their exposure to rural medicine. Some of its initiatives include: Recruitment Reimbursement Program, Physician Locum Services, Enrichment Program, Rural Physician Spousal and Family programming, Virtual Library, Rural On-Call Remuneration Program, RPAP's weekend shadowing experiences, RPAP's summer student experience program, the core Family Medicine clerkship rotation, rural and regional electives in the general specialties and Family Medicine, a rural-based Family Medicine residency program, the Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network and High School Outreach Program and Physician Recruitment Website www.RuralPhysicianLink.ab.ca as the "one-stop" provincial recruitment web site for rural physicians to Alberta.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Northern Student Teacher Bursary Program
Program Alberta http://www.benorth.ca/teacher-education.asp
Alberta Education offers the Northern Student Teacher Bursary program in collaboration with the Alberta Scholarships Program and the Northern Alberta Development Council. The program provides bursaries of $8,000 annually to teacher education program students in the last two years of their studies. Upon graduation, the student is obligated to provide return service for an agreed length of time in participating northern Alberta school jurisdictions. It is expected that teacher attraction and retention in northern and rural communities can be enhanced with the implementation of a financial incentive program.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Community Immigrant Retention in Rural Ontario (CIRRO) Program
Program Canada http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/rural/edr/cirro/index.html
CIRRO is designed to raise awareness, stimulate thinking, and provide practical suggestions on how to put newcomer attraction and retention ideas into action. The initiative supports rural communities to attract and retain skilled newcomers and business investors by building community capacity to utilize best practices and share knowledge with other communities. The communities can use this program as a model to look at all potential sources of newcomers, recognizing that immigration will continue to be the major source of population growth across the province.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Municipal Immigration Information Online (MIIO)
Program Canada http://www.ontarioimmigration.ca/en/guides/OI_MIIO.html
The MIIO program is a partnership between federal, provincial and municipal governments and is a way for communities to coordinate their attraction and integration efforts and also benefit from collaboration with other municipalities involved with the program. The program could be used as a model for Alberta municipalities looking to boost international recruitment efforts.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth internships (YI)
Program Canada http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cap-pac.nsf/eng/home
Youth internships were coordinated by Industry Canada and were closed on March, 2012. The internships were intended to provide employment opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30, primarily students, recent graduates, the underemployed and the unemployed. Youth internships Canada created jobs and other social, educational and economic benefits associated with the expanded use of information and communications technology. Youth interns worked at community access sites across Canada.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth strategy (YS) Program in Quebec
Program Canada http://www.sadc-cae.ca/index.php/en/our-services/youth.html
The YS program aims to encourage the acquisition, implementation, expansion or modernization of a business by one or more young people, and to enhance young people's employability and develop their social, cultural and economic commitment to their community. The success of this business project attracts youth to the region and therefore, counters the migration of young people to large urban centers. It offers financing, advice and support to youth for their business projects.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Young Canada Works
Program Canada https://www.youngcanadaworks.ca/index-eng.cfm
Young Canada Works offers students and recent graduates the chance to use their skills, build their career's equity, earn money for their education or get started on the right career path. Young Canada Works also offers employers an opportunity to benefit from innovative ideas and competitive skills. Wage subsidies are available for eligible employers.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Young Entrepreneurs Program
Program Canada http://www.gov.mb.ca/healthyliving/youth/businesses/youngentrepreneurs.html
The program encourages Manitoba's young people to start their own full-time businesses and pursue self-employment as a career choice. Applications are accepted on a year-round basis from youth aged 18 to 29 years.  Under the Young Entrepreneurs program, approved applicants are eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 to help defray business start-up cost and capital expenditures.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth Ventures Program
Program Canada http://www.youthventuresnl.com/
The program offers business planning, marketing and advertising support to participants throughout the summer. Help in applying for a small business loan is also available.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Career Edge- A National Youth Internship Program
Program Canada https://www.careeredge.ca/en/home
Career Edge internships are open to graduates of university, college, or high school wishing to spend six, nine or twelve months gaining career experience with an established company in Canada. Rural communities can get more information through their website.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Place aux jeunes du Quebec
Program Canada https://www.placeauxjeunes.qc.ca/
The program was started to stop the exodus of young graduates to big cities. The program helps them discover the various facets of their region, allows them to meet participants in the local economy and invites them to imagine themselves and their future in that region. Rural communities can use the program as best practice to stop youth out-migration from rural areas.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Postgraduate Return of Service (ROS) Program, Ontario
Program Canada http://meds.queensu.ca/education/postgraduate/policies/return_of_service
The program enables all communities in Ontario (except the Toronto area and Ottawa) to recruit Canadian graduates and international medical graduates who have to fulfill return of service (ROS) commitments. Under ROS commitments, physicians agree to work for a designated period of time in a particular location in exchange for a postgraduate training opportunity in Ontario. The medical graduates commit to five years of service in a community. After graduating, the new graduates will be able to choose among eligible communities, and the terms of the working arrangements are then negotiated between the community and the physician.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Underserviced Area Program Ontario
Program Canada http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/providers/program/uap/uap_mn.html
The Underserviced Area Program provides help to rural, remote and northern communities in recruiting and retaining health professionals. The program is intended to enhance access to health care services in small rural and northern areas of the province, that have difficulty attracting and retaining health care professionals.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Tuition Support Program for Nurses (TSPN), Ontario
Program Canada http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/providers/program/uap/about/recruit.html
The program offers tuition reimbursement to recent nursing graduates from rural and remote communities. The program is open to nurse practitioner, registered nurse and registered practical nurse graduates who have recently graduated from a Canadian university or college. The program is part of the government's commitment to provide more families with access to primary health care, and to support the recruitment and retention of nurses to rural and remote areas across the province.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
The Manitoba Locums Tenens Program (MLTP)
Program Canada http://www.srpc.ca/resources_regional_central.html
The program is a joint initiative of the Manitoba Government (through the ORNH) and the University of Manitoba's Northern Medical Unit. The program provides rural health-care facilities with a suitably approved physician for requested periods of time.  Locum Tenens coverage is provided in rural communities of four physicians or less. The Northern Medical Unit assists small towns with salaried doctors at $150,000 with no overhead. 

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund, Manitoba
Program Canada http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/nurses/
The Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund was established in 1999 to assist with the recruitment and retention of registered nurses in Manitoba. This program is designed to search for appropriate measures to entice and retain nurses in the province and to enhance the image of nursing as a career. 

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Diversity and Social Cohesion Program
Program Other http://www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/delivering-assistance/government-programs/dscp/
The program addresses cultural, racial and religious intolerance through the funding of community grants. The main objective of the program is to help communities work towards a spirit of inclusiveness and a shared identity as Australians.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Community-based Aquaculture Program
Program Other http://blueventures.org/conservation/aquaculture/
In rural Maine, a high school formed a partnership with regional colleges to create a community-based aquaculture program. Students raise fish, maintain a hydroponic greenhouse, farm mussels, sell bait, and are engaged in a drift study with local fishermen. Case study data suggest that the program has been effective in realizing its goal of increasing school attendance, decreasing dropout rates, and enhancing students' educational and career aspirations.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Nebraska's Hometown Competitiveness Program
Program Other http://htccommunity.whhive.com/about
The program is designed to give young people a reason, an opportunity and the encouragement to come home again to work and raise their families. The program specifically targets entrepreneurial development and training, youth engagement and wealth transfer capture for community investment. The program has experienced early success and several additional communities are pursuing this model.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
The Young Dairy Development Program
Program Other http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/rrc/IFSC/IFSC_Final_Report.pdf
The Young Dairy Development Program is a dairy industry network group aimed at young dairy farmers aged 18 to 40. The Young Dairy Development Program is a good example of industry taking responsibility to develop the networks that young farmers value so highly.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Young Achievement Australia
Program Other http://resources.mhs.vic.edu.au/business/youngachievers.asp
This is a cross-curricular program bringing together groups of students from a school or variety of schools in a local area. The program provides enterprise education for all students, irrespective of their curriculum choices, and is accredited for a Small Business Management Certificate. Students experience typical issues and options confronting commercial operations and develop enterprise skills such as decision-making, negotiations, risk-taking, creativity, communication and teamwork.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth Outreach Program
Program Other http://www.youthoutreach.org.au/home
The program is a not-for-profit program that uses an innovative and holistic mentoring model to provide at risk young people in Western Australia with links, opportunities and supports in education, employment and training, while addressing personal needs such as accommodation, financial security, family mediation and counseling. In collaboration with its young clients, their families and their local community, it tries to address the issues young people face.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
The Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loan and Grant Program (DLT)
Program Other http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/UTP_DLT.html
The Program is designed specifically to meet the educational and health care needs of rural America through loans, grants and loan/grant combinations. The advanced telecommunications technologies provide enhanced learning and health-care opportunities for rural residents.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
The Rural and Remote General Practice Program (RRGPP)
Program Other http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/work-pr-rrgpp
The program offers a diverse range of activities and support services aimed at improving the recruitment and retention of general practitioners (GP) in rural and remote areas. The Program acts as a kind of 'broker' whereby they are able to assist communities in recruiting a GP and locate rural placements for doctors who want to relocate to a rural area. The program also has the capacity to assist with the payment of relocation costs, can offer support to the doctor's family in their new community and help doctors access the necessary infrastructure, support and training.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Pathways to Teaching Careers
Program Other http://www.wallacefoundation.org/learn-about-wallace/GrantsPrograms/our-initiatives/Past-Initiatives/Pages/Pathways-to-Teaching-Careers.aspx
The program is an innovative approach that seeks to address the teacher shortage in hard-to-staff schools and subject areas, as well as to attract teacher candidates from non-traditional candidate pools. One initiative of this program focuses on identifying and recruiting para-professionals and non-certified teachers currently working in public schools. This initiative offers these individuals scholarships and other support services so that they can obtain a bachelor's or master's degree as well as meet requirements for full state certification. Another Pathways initiative targets returning Peace Corps volunteers; the qualified candidates are placed in full-time salaried positions in urban and rural school districts and are given a two-year graduate level program leading to a teaching certificate and a master's degree. Evaluations of the program reveal that it has been successful. More than 2,200 individuals have been recruited, and a significant proportion of these were ethnic minorities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
The Student Teacher Rural Experience Program (STREP)
Program Other http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/153068801?versionId=166820161
The program was commenced to support the Western Australian Department of Education and Training's (DET) efforts to attract and retain teachers in rural schools. The DET specifies the particular districts to which the STREP will apply. Applicants need to satisfy a number of selection criteria. Between 1999 and 2005, 511 pre-service teachers received scholarships to participate in the program.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Bachelor Conversion to Teaching, Western Australia
Program Other http://courses.curtin.edu.au/course_overview/undergraduate/education-conversion
The course targets rural and remote teaching aides working at primary and pre-primary levels. The course is delivered in a block release of four weeks each semester, over two years (4 semesters), with the remaining training taking place on-the-job, using distance education tools such as on-line learning and local school resources. Students have prescribed learning tasks and then apply them in a practical setting.

Rural communities interested in attracting Lawyers
Regional Solicitor Program
Program Other http://www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/5652/Guidelines-RSP.pdf
Legal Aid Queensland introduced a 'Regional Solicitors Program' in 2004. The program provides employment for a solicitor in a selected regional location for up to 2 years. The objectives of the program are to maintain and improve the level of legal aid services available to people living in regional, rural and remote areas by providing employment opportunities for young solicitors in regional and rural communities. Economically and socially disadvantaged people benefit with improved access to legal advice and representation.

Rural communities interested in attracting Lawyers
The Co-operative Legal Services Delivery Program
Program Other http://www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/what-we-do/community-partnerships/cooperative-legal-services-delivery-clsd-program
The program was introduced as an attempt to maximize legal service delivery to people living in disadvantaged communities, particularly those in rural, regional and remote areas. The delivery of legal services is achieved through a partnership of government, community and private sector providers. The program is based on the theory that better coordination and cooperation in the planning and delivery of legal services will enhance the efficient and effective use of scarce resources and improve access to justice for disadvantaged people.

Rural communities interested in attracting Lawyers
New Lawyers Program
Program Other http://rrrlaw.com.au/development-opportunities/programs/
The New Lawyers Program is a two-year course offered by Victoria Legal Aid to first and second year lawyers. In this program, the participants have to spend at least one, six-month placement practising in some regional areas to experience life in regional Victoria and the different range of legal issues.

Rural communities interested in attracting Lawyers
Country Lawyers Graduate Program
Program Other http://www.legalaid.wa.gov.au/LegalAidServices/employment/Pages/CountryLawyers.aspx
The Country Lawyers Program is aimed at improving the recruitment and retention of lawyers in regional and remote areas by recruiting, developing and rotating junior solicitors throughout regional Western Australia. The program provides an opportunity to create a broad and solid foundation to legal career. It provides a diverse range of work and life experience to junior solicitors.

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