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Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Return to Rural, Alberta
Project Alberta http://www.returntorural.ca/
Return to Rural is a rural community economic development project aimed at attracting and retaining early and mid-career families to the rural communities of selected regions in Alberta. The return to rural philosophy is built on the idea that by blending technology and youth, it is possible to create an environment where rural living is a viable choice for youth. It works with youth, government, community and businesses to foster a future oriented dialogue. It provides education and training to civic leaders, community and businesses to inspire change and growth. The project provides best practices for rural communities who wish to work on the attraction and retention of young families for their areas. 

Rural communities interested in attracting Professionals
Alberta Municipal Internship Program, Alberta Municipal Affairs
Project Alberta http://www.municipalaffairs.gov.ab.ca/ms/internship/
The program is designed to attract recent post-secondary graduates to the field of municipal administration. The program provides funding and training to selected Alberta municipalities to hire and train interns over a one-year period. The objectives of the program are to assist Alberta municipalities in their succession planning efforts to recruit, train and retain competent municipal employees. The program can help rural communities in retaining interns in the local government field.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Make Way for Youth- Nova Scotia
Project Canada http://www.acoa-apeca.gc.ca/eng/Agency/mediaroom/NewsReleases/Pages/1887.aspx
The Nova Scotia Government ran a brief pilot project that allowed young people from across Canada to visit the province and to be matched with opportunities in Halifax Regional Municipality and Colchester County of the province. The project assessed personal suitability and arranged exploratory visits to match youth with entrepreneurship, local industry, culture, heritage, and tourism and employment opportunities. The project also worked to counter out-migration by reaching out to current resident youth between the ages of 14 and 17 and educated them on their impact in the future of their communities. The project could be a best practice for rural communities who wish to attract and retain their youth.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
The Arts, Health and Seniors, British Columbia
Project Canada http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/arts-and-health-project.aspx
The project explores how involvement in the arts can improve the health and well-being of seniors. The project facilitates seniors' creative contributions to their communities, while improving their health and strengthening their sense of well-being. The program also builds expertise among workers and artists working with seniors. Artists from a variety of disciplines are currently working with seniors in the development of work in the visual arts, the written word, multidisciplinary performance and digital storytelling.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Building Public Engagement with the Arts in New Brunswick
Project Canada http://www.canadacouncil.ca/NR/rdonlyres/8E772277-7270-4EE3-915E-CCEF958A34FE/0/NB_Study_Building_Public_Engagement_Final.pdf
This study is part of a two-year pilot project entitled 'Building Public Engagement in the Arts'. The overall objective of this study is to provide information about the level of engagement in the arts and behaviour and attitudinal changes of the general public towards the arts, in New Brunswick.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
The Arts and Heritage in Canada: Access and Availability
Project Canada http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/200/301/pwgsc-tpsgc/por-ef/canadian_heritage/2007/448-06-e/report.pdf
The Department of Canadian Heritage commissioned a research project related to the arts and heritage in Canada. The main objective was to gather information on Canadians' attitudes towards an array of issues relating to behaviours and values associated with arts and heritage.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
Developing and revitalizing rural communities through arts and culture 2009
Project Canada http://www.creativecity.ca/database/files/library/rural_communities_arts_2009.pdf
This comprehensive review of research on cultural and creative business development in rural communities includes information from Canada, Australia, the United States and Europe. A summary overview highlights the common themes emerging around cultural development in rural areas across the four project areas, and recurring critical ingredients to foster vibrant arts activity in rural and small communities. It is intended to assist rural communities to take advantage of their creative capacity.

Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Marketing Rural Communities to attract and retain workers
Project Other http://www.reeis.usda.gov/web/crisprojectpages/0214707-marketing-rural-communities-to-attract-and-retain-workers.html
The project helps to build a diversified workforce to meet present and future needs in rural areas by enhancing the ability of rural communities to attract and retain new workforce members. The project focused on the design and evaluation of recruitment and retention strategies and the use of the internet as a marketing tool for residential recruitment and retention. The aggregate results obtained from the evaluation of specific recruitment strategies are available to policy makers and local development interests in the form of best practice recommendations for rural locales.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Rural Enterprise Assistance Project
Project Other http://www.cfra.org/reap/home
In Nebraska, the Center for Rural Affairs' Rural Enterprise Assistance Project works to engage youth in local business associations, encourages youth to invest in their local communities and provides entrepreneurship training to high school students. By providing these early opportunities that provide a sense of pride towards their home communities, youth may be more inclined to remain or return in their home communities to start businesses and improve the local economy.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Communities in Schools (CIS)
Project Other http://www.communitiesinschools.org/
CIS is a not-for-profit organization that sets out to keep youths in school through connecting schools and communities. Local CIS programs are independent, non-profit, community, city or countywide public/private-partnership organizations. Each CIS operation surrounds young people with a community of tutors, mentors, health care providers and career counselors. CIS's 18 sites offer, by giving the start-up dollars, youth entrepreneurship or youth enterprise as part of their programming. CIS operations currently serve 1,100 schools across the country.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE)
Project Other http://sydney.edu.au/business/study/opportunities/rare
RARE creates two-way learning and development exchanges between graduate students and enterprises in remote and rural Australia.  Through action-research projects and community placements, students are required to adapt their business skills to specific community needs and new socio-cultural contexts. The engagement with real business challenges and communities is intended to increase students' entrepreneurial capability as well as social and cultural empathy and respect.

Rural communities interested in attracting Professionals
Next Generation Project-Nova Scotia
Project Canada http://www.amans.ca/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=22&Itemid=76
The project is a strategy to attract the next generation of municipal government managers in municipalities across Nova Scotia. The project developed a report for Nova Scotia Association of Municipal Administrators entitled 'Reality Check: Do You Know Where Your People Are? Attracting the Next Generation of Municipal Government Managers.'

Rural communities interested in attracting Professionals
Small Community Economic Development Capacity Building Program-British Columbia
Project Canada http://www.cprn.org/documents/49496_EN.pdf
This program provides an enhanced capacity for small communities to hire post-secondary co-op students or contract staff to write grant proposals to the Northern Trust, other foundations, endowments and other funding programs. The project can be a best practice for rural communities who have a challenge in recruiting and retaining administrative staff that can focus on economic development and grant/loan proposal writing.

Rural communities interested in attracting Professionals
Community Government Human Resource Development System-Northwest Territories
Project Canada http://www.maca.gov.nt.ca/?page_id=552
The School of Community Government has developed the Community Government Human Resource Development System to assist community governments in building their human resource capacity needs. The system focuses on the planning, hiring, training and development of quality local staff. Through the implementation of this system, communities have a better chance of finding, hiring and training local residents. The project is a good example of planning, hiring and training of local staff.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Recruit and Retain
Project Other http://www.recruitandretain.eu/general-information/about-us
Recruit and Retain is a strategic project to find solutions to the persistent problem of difficulties in recruiting and retaining health-care providers for the remote rural areas of Northern Europe. The project brings together remote and rural expertise to design and deliver the education and professional support solutions required to improve recruitment and retention of health and public sector staff in remote areas and to develop transferable education solutions from the outcomes of the project. It coordinates research from Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Canada and Ireland to identify the social and professional factors that impact remote and rural recruitment and retention of health-care staff. The project involves a large scale survey of 1000 remote and rural relevant people in each of the participating countries providing a rich source of data upon which to build and share solutions. By bringing together people with similar issues from different geographical areas the project will share experiences and solutions with the expectation of innovative initiatives.

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Project on the Next Generation of Teachers
Project Other http://www.gse.harvard.edu/~ngt/
The research project addresses critical questions about the future of America's teaching force by studying how best to attract, support and retain quality teachers in public schools. The project's ongoing work focuses on hiring practices in schools, teachers' careers and career decisions, professional culture, principal leadership, curriculum and alternative routes to teaching. Multistate case studies of alternative certification programs, a four-state survey of new teachers' experiences and attitudes, and comparative case studies of new teachers' experiences with math curriculum are underway.

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