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Rural communities interested in attracting Immigrants
Immigrating to Alberta
Website Alberta http://www.albertacanada.com/immigration.aspx
The website contains information about Alberta and immigrating, living and working in the province. The website also contains interactive maps and online tools. The online tool on working in Alberta helps newcomers find jobs and helps Alberta employers find the labour they need to manage their businesses. It includes important information for employers. Site visitor can get detailed information on events, seasons and services through video, animation, images and texts from the website.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
The Rural Route to Active Aging
Website Alberta http://www.ualberta.ca/~active/older-adults/rural/index.html
The website promotes healthy, active lifestyles for older adults living in rural areas. The information on this website supports practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, and older adults themselves who live and work in rural areas. It also provides success stories, tools and resources to support active aging in rural areas.

Rural communities interested in attracting Retirees
Older Adults Plan
Website Alberta http://www.strathcona.ca/departments/family-and-community-services/social-plans-social-information-and-surveys/older-adults-plan/
Strathcona County's Older Adults Plan emphasizes the strengths of older people in building an age-friendly and caring community. The plan promotes aging well with independence, by providing the right programs, services and supports to meet the needs of older adults.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth Employment Information
Website Canada http://www.youth.gc.ca/eng/home.shtml
The website provides information on employment and learning opportunities including the Youth Employment Strategy (YES) which the Government of Canada created to help young Canadians, aged 15to 30 obtain education, career and employment information. The general inquiry line can assist with employment and career resources, student loans, bursaries, Aboriginal specific services and services for people with disabilities.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
IPS Ontario - Inventory of Programs and Services
Website Canada http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/
This bilingual site provides improved access to a comprehensive searchable database of local, provincial and federal employment programs and services. It provides tools to assist job seekers, employment service providers, community agencies and the public. The IPS is a free online database of programs and services that lead to employment. The IPS database is a comprehensive inventory with a primary focus on local programs and services. Rural communities can get information on programs and services that are available throughout the country or province.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Youth Link
Website Canada http://www.youthlink.ca/
Youth Link includes more than 250 programs, services and resources for young people between 15 and 30. It is also a valuable resource for career counsellors, parents, educators, employers and community groups.

Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Interprofessional Rural Program, British Columbia
Website Canada http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13561820500498154?journalCode=jic
This website is a resource for communities and students who are interested in rural inter-professional learning and collaborative practice in British Columbia.  The website shares examples of how BC rural communities and inter-professional champions in those communities are integrating the concepts of inter-professional learning and collaboration into rural practice. The website also provides links to resources for rural communities and practitioners.

Rural communities interested in attracting Artists
The Value of Presenting: A Study of Arts Presentation in Canada
Website Canada http://www.diffusionartspresenting.ca/
The website is a space for people who present live performing arts in Canada in any venue or outdoor space and everyone they work with. Communities can use this site to preview findings, examine emerging ideas and participate in dialogues to raise awareness of the role of the live arts presenter in the creative chain, in communities and in society.

Rural communities interested in attracting Youth
Flyingstart Online
Website Other http://flyingstartonline.com/
FlyingStart is an Internet platform where students and graduates get information and access to services. It also facilitates the establishment of Enterprise Societies at UK universities. Members have access to a database of all available funding and grants in the UK. They can network with over 10,000 graduate entrepreneurs, and can ask hundreds of experts in accounting, tax, law, sales, marketing, PR, business support and planning. The system allows to create own websites and offers a system to recruit and network with members and create blogs and forums, and upload events and documents to keep members/ supporters informed.

This document is intended for guidance and information only. It identifies resources available on the web. However, it is not considered as an all-inclusive listing of resources.