Location : Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Technology Centre
Mixed-use Prince Edward Island
The Centre provides educational and corporate training programs to applied research and development operations. It is equipped with the latest conveniences and technology necessary for full connectivity and prosperous businesses. The facility provides an ideal setting for growing IT and Media companies to expand their businesses, foster new partnerships, and exist in an atmosphere that promotes and sustains business achievement.

Food processing Prince Edward Island
It provides services to companies and entrepreneurs in both the food and bioprocessing sectors. The professional team is made up of food and bioprocessing scientists, microbiologists, technologists and support staff. 

Innovation PEI
Mixed-use Prince Edward Island
Innovation PEI is focused on accelerating economic development in Prince Edward Island by investing in people, innovation, and infrastructure. It targets key sectors including aerospace, bioscience (including agriculture and fisheries), information technology, financial services and renewable energy to drive economy of the province. It helps businesses create sustainable employment opportunities.

PEI BioAlliance
Bio-sciences Prince Edward Island
The PEI BioAlliance is a cluster of academic research institutes and government partners dedicated to building the bioscience industry with an emphasis on collaborative initiatives in research, business, education, and supporting infrastructure. It is a resource for start-up companies and local programs and services.

The Holman Centre
Mixed-use Prince Edward Island
The Holman Centre has 100,000 square feet of open space, ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 square feet, are configured for each business and aligned in clusters to foster collaborative and creative energy.