Location : Quebec

Mixed-use Quebec
Bolidea helps and mentors entrepreneurs that wished to create a startup.

Technology Quebec
Centech helps students and graduates to launch technology companies. More than 60 active companies from all over Québec have benefited from these services, including more than 30 start-up companies housed within Centech’s premises.

Centre de développement d’entreprises technologiques (CDET)
Mixed-use Quebec
It has a network of experts which provides expertise wherever required (Canada, USA, and Europe). In addition to experts, it uses the services of experienced professionals (lawyers, accountants, tax experts industrial) that shed light on additional dimensions to the business.

Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal
Technology Quebec
The centre offers customized management support and related services for the start-up of companies in information technology, new media and clean and industrial technologies and life sciences.

Centre de productique intégrée du Québec
Manufacturing Quebec
The Centre de productique intégrée du Québec (CPIQ) provides services to manufacturing companies. It offers technical support adapted to company needs and in implementing their manufacturing technologies.

Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Montréal (CRIM)
Technology Quebec
CRIM is an IT applied research centre that develops innovative technologies and know-how in collaboration with its clients and partners. CRIM transfers these technologies to Québec’s leading businesses and organizations, helping to increase their productivity and competitiveness, both locally and globally.

Drummondville Economic Development Authority
Manufacturing Quebec
The Drummondville Economic Development aims to promote economic development in Drummondville. It covers all aspects of economic development- industry, tourism, young business developers, social economic businesses, rural environment development, commercial development, etc. and has become a driving force of the economy. The Drummondville office serves three warehouses.

Entrepreneuriat Laval Inc
Mixed-use Quebec
Entrepreneuriat Laval helps to start new companies and projects while providing support services to entrepreneurs.

Mixed-use Quebec
FounderFuel is an intensive 12-week mentor-driven startup accelerator that helps early stage web, mobile and SaaS startups raise seed capital. It provides seed funding and access to a network of investors (VCs and Angels), experienced entrepreneurs, and top executives to accelerate the success of businesses.

Mixed-use Quebec
Inno-centre supports advanced technology entrepreneurs. It supports a new company in making business plans, financing, business engineering, marketing studies and strategies.

Innovation Maritime
Marine technology Quebec
Innovation Maritime is a technology transfer and an applied research center. It provides R&D services, technical support, SME development support, and technology watch services to companies and organizations involved in the marine industry. Innovation Maritime’s projects are organized around five main research areas: marine safety and security, port management and marine transport, underwater and hyperbaric interventions, electronic navigation and, environmental technologies related to marine transport.

J.-Armand-Bombardier Incubator
Technology Quebec
The J.-Armand-Bombardier Incubator supports the pre-start-up of technology-based businesses. It also contributes to the implementation of projects for high value-added businesses. The J.-Armand-Bombardier Incubator aims at positioning itself as a player in the development and enhancement of technologies produced by our institutions.

Technology Quebec
MONETS assists companies to access the appropriate growth partner at various stages of a company's life cycle. It focuses on clean tech, industrial innovations, cleanweb and financial software applications, as well as exploration and mining technology. 

Nanotechnology Quebec
NanoQuébec strengthens nanotechnology innovation with the aim of maximizing economic impacts in Quebec. It supports and manages the Quebec Nanotechnology Infrastructure in the province. It also promotes Quebec’s know-how and competencies to industry and the international community.

Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre CQIB
Healthcare Quebec
The Centre is a business incubator specializing in life sciences and health technology start-ups. It receives support from many public and private partners. Business incubation is an intensive mentoring process for entrepreneurs in the first few years of creating and starting a business.

Mixed-use Quebec
SOVAR responds to the needs of businesses in search of innovation. Its team of seasoned experts works in close collaboration with researchers helping them through the complex process that transforms innovative concepts into concrete and marketable applications. At the same time, it develops partnerships with key players in the innovation system of both Quebec and Canada as well as with potential investors.

Technoparc Bromont
Technology Quebec
Technoparc focuses on microelectronic, nanotechnology, mems, renewable energies, and new materials.

Biotechnology Quebec
TransBIOTech is a center for research and transfer of biotechnology for companies working in life sciences and biotechnology. The center provides services primarily for research but also technical assistance services to small and medium-size enterprises. The activities of TransBIOTech primarily involve the development of proof of concept and innovation projects aimed at improving health in functional food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals (drugs), cosmetics and cosmeceuticals and natural health products.

Technology Quebec
TechBA is a program with an objective to strengthen the entrepreneurial, technological, and innovative capacity of small and medium sized technology-based companies and to facilitate the process of internationalization through consulting services customized to companies’ needs.

Technoparc Montréal
Mixed-use Quebec
Technoparc Montréal is a science park which was established in 1987. It offers research companies the latest and most innovative solutions and helps companies explore new business development opportunities.

Technopole Maritime
Marine technology Quebec
The Technopole Maritime network, commonly known as the “Marine Resource, Science and Technology Cluster”, is made up of stakeholders from the institutional, research, business and governmental sectors. The main objective is to accelerate the development of marine science, technology and biotechnology sectors in Quebec by ensuring its national and international exposure and to provide value-added services to its members and supporting for long-term priority projects.

The Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E)
Environmental Quebec
The Center is a not-for-profit organization which was established to promote the commercialization and accessibility of technological innovations. Its main objective is to create economic growth in the energy-efficiency and renewable-energy sectors. C3E offers a unique funding tool suited to high-risk business ventures: an unsecured convertible debenture that can be paid back in various forms, including carbon-credit certificates. C3E's sources of funding and the various economic-development stakeholders provide a creative platform that leverages commercialization.

Mixed-use Quebec
Univalor is a university technology transfer organization which aims to optimize research outcomes by commercializing the technological innovations of researchers and professors from the Université de Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal, as well as affiliated health centres. These researchers work in the fields of pure and applied sciences, life sciences and human health, social sciences, animal health, engineering, information technology.

Year One Labs
Mixed-use Quebec
Year One Labs is a startup accelerator.