Business Incubators in Alberta and Canada

  Type : Food processing

Ag Food Processing Development Centre
Food processing Alberta$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/fpdc10937
The Agri-value Processing Business Incubator is a multi-tenant facility. It provides the infrastructure and services to support and enhance the growth of new food businesses in Alberta. It provides facilities and programs to help manage the transition from new product development, through commercialization, market launch and growth in sales, resulting in graduation and the establishment of their own facilities.
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Toronto Food Business Incubator
Food processing Ontario
The Toronto Food Business Incubator assists entrepreneurs in establishing and growing food processing companies. It assists new and emerging food processing business with the goal of supporting entrepreneurship and job creation in the food manufacturing industry. The incubator encourages clients to select a variety of small business to be viable and meet the varied needs of the community, including technology, service, manufacturing, empowerment, specialized and mixed uses, etc.
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Food processing Prince Edward Island
It provides services to companies and entrepreneurs in both the food and bioprocessing sectors. The professional team is made up of food and bioprocessing scientists, microbiologists, technologists and support staff. 
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