Field Operations Listings

1218719 AB LTD ( Black Toad Contracting) Rocky View, Alberta   Phone:  403-836-0708 
Contact: Len  Hooton
Cell:  403-836-0717    Website:
Products Available:   Land Clearing
3 Fecon FTX 148 Mulchers For Hire Fully Insured WCB SECOR Safety Program GPS

1477834 alberta ltd Coronation, Alberta   Phone:  403-821-0502 
Contact: Dan  Leblanc
Products Available:   Land Clearing
We offer fast efficient land services across Alberta and Saskatchewan Owner operator family business offering -Land clearing -Tree and brush removal - mulching -Custom fencing and repair.- dirt work. -Mowing

Abel Farms Lacombe, Alberta   Phone:  403-782-1009 
Contact: Murray  Abel
Cell:  403-872-0612   
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
We provide precision corn planting with advance precision technology that controls seed depth, singulation, and even spacing for optimal seed emergent and optimal yield. We have 2 John Deer 1770 corn planters (16 rows and 12 rows) with liquid starter fertilizer applicators. Our planters have individual depth control for each opener (delta downforce) to control optimal seed depth and electric drives to prevent seeding overlaps. Not all planters are the same. Be sure to ask.

B Do Services Hanna, Alberta   Phone:  403-854-5884 
Contact: Brandon  Bauman
Cell:  780-231-4502    Fax:  403-854-5884   
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
Custom Fencing in central Alberta. 15 years experience specializing in quality braces and proper spacing. The cost of materials and labour let alone equipment seems to be getting carried away. $2,600 a mile, labour and equipment is my going rate. However I keep things simple. If rancher's supply equipment, labour is negotiated as well as purchase of materials. 16 foot spacing, 8 foot braced with a 6 foot treated spinner. I am willing to take on corrals as well.

Bavaria Earthworks LTD Edmonton, Alberta   Phone:  780-996-4736 
Contact: Carson  Golly
Products Available:   Land Clearing,  Land Breaking
We are a full service Land clearing company. We have units from 175HP all the way up to Cat D6 dozers with iron wolf mulching units capable of clearing 10 acres a day. Pricing is on a per job basis. Please call or text to discuss any questions you may have. We have all safety tickets including SECOR.

Black Toad Contracting Rocky View, Alberta   Phone:  403-836-0717 
Contact: Len  Hooton
Cell:  403-836-0708    Website:
Products Available:   Land Clearing

Bouius Custom Work Onoway, Alberta   Phone:  780-967-5298 
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
Custom spraying herbicides and liquid fertilizer. Licensed operators.

C4 CUSTOM SPRAYING INC. CAYLEY, Alberta   Phone:  403-601-5020 
Contact: Jon  Carlson
Fax:  403-601-7113   
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
-Full service, pesticide and foliar nutrient application. -Fully licensed and insured. -Trained agronomist. -Chemical picked up at vendor of your choosing. -Serving the greater High River area (Able to travel as far south as Claresholm and as far north as Okotoks/DeWinton, provided there's enough acreage to allow for it.)

Camrose Floater Service Camrose, Alberta   Phone:  780-878-1405 
Contact: Phil  Hall
Products Available:   Crop Seeding,  Fertilizer Application
Agchem Terra Gator with 70' boom. Airmax 2000 granular system, 3 bins. 2 granular 1 Granny Bin for forage or canola seed.

Compost Kings Eckville, Alberta   Phone:  403-357-9062 
Contact: Ken  Liivam
Cell:  403-357-9062   
Toll Free:  403-357-9062
Products Available:   Tillage
We come to your location with our Frontier Compost Machine and turn your windrow. We can assist in pad design and windrow making. We have 11 years of manure processing into compost experience.

CODE Custom Farming ltd Ponoka, Alberta   Phone:  403-872-9147 
Contact: Cor  Koelman
Products Available:   Crop Seeding,  Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
We offer Corn planting, 40' on 15 or 30" row spacing, liquid fertilizer. Herbicide spraying 2 case ih 4440 sp sprayers 120'boom. willing to travel.

Dekok Forages ltd. Fort Macleod, Alberta   Phone:  403-553-3571 
Contact: Dekok  Dekok
Cell:  403-331-8487    Fax:  403-553-3154   
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
Custom fert. Application with boomed case floater. Can also do seeding and granular herbicide. From Fort Macleod area but will travel for enough acres or if I am in the area. Do a lot of work from Nanton south.

GFI works Hay Lakes, Alberta   Phone:  780-679-4066 
Contact: Neil  Kinderwater
Fax:  780-672-2235    Website:
Products Available:   Land Clearing
When it comes to land clearing, the professional team at GFI works can handle up to large 14 inch material, mulching as finely as 2 inches in diameter for quick decomposition. Our environmentally low-impact service has been only growing in popularity from Alberta Oil Sands to Central Alberta due to its effective, and versatile application. Having your land clearing needs met is only a short phone call away!

High Country Mulching Ltd. Smoky Lake, Alberta   Phone:  780-656-5585 
Contact: Kyle / Jesse 
Cell:  780-656-0185   
Products Available:   Land Clearing
For all your Forestry, Agriculture, Construction, Recreation and Oilfield mulching needs. - Fully Insured - WCB Coverage - Fully Ticketed Operators - GPS Equipped Machines

Contact: Brad  Hines Vermilion, Alberta   Phone:  780-787-0924 
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
Will do custom seeding in the Vermilion Clandonald and Manville area. Call for rates and more info.

Ironback Controls Ltd. Mulching Services Drayton Valley, Alberta   Phone:  780-514-9737 
Contact: Cory  Hines
Products Available:   Land Clearing
Mulching, seismic land cutting, slashing & specialized hazardous tree removal services are available. Equipment is operated by a certified Utility Tree Trimmer with a Level Two Ground Disturbance ticket.

JFK Excavating Red Deer, Alberta   Phone:  403.872.2568 
Contact: Jon-Frederik  van Kuilenburg
Cell:  403.872.2568   
Toll Free:  1.403.872.2568
Products Available:   Land Clearing,  Land Breaking,  Tillage
Brush clearing and burning, land breaking, seed preparation and reclamation. Farm yard building site development.

Kobi Land and Cattle Coronation, Alberta   Phone:  403-578-8356 
Contact: Shawn  Kobi
Cell:  403-578-.8356    Fax:  403.578.3715   
Products Available:   Crop Seeding,  Land Clearing,  Land Breaking,  Tillage
KLCC is a family owned operation, and offers a variety of services from crop seeding, land clearing and breaking and tillage. Located in the heart of central Alberta our services are provided with in that area. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Kramers Custom Agri Services Ltd Fairview, Alberta   Phone:  780-835-8658 
Contact: Dave  Kramer
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
Fully mobile family owned and operated custom fertilizer and spraying business. 100 percent custom, no farming interference. 20 years experience. Variable rate equipped. As applied data and weather maps supplied. Full soil sampling service. Fields applied Pre/post inspected.

Contact: Jessie  MacEachern Bonnyville, Alberta   Phone:  780-573-8139 
Products Available:   Land Clearing,  Land Breaking,  Tillage
We have have a large variety of equipment able to take your land from forest to field. We can log, brush and pile. Depends on your timber, and we have all the proper land breaking equipment. Call for rates as every job has different challenges. Call or Text 780-573-8139

McColm Farms Bluffton, Alberta   Phone:  403-704-4333 
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
Seeding with John Deere 1895 disk drill, mid row, 5 compartment tender to fill seeder. Will travel for acres.

McColm Farms Bluffton, Alberta   Phone:  403-704-4333 
Contact: Angus 
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
Custom Farming Sprayer with 1200 gal tank will spray all chemicals and fertilizer, will do cropland, hayland, and pasture.

Meerevo Farms Ponoka, Alberta   Phone:  403-783-1270 
Contact: Hank  Overeem
Cell:  403-704-0843   
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
Corn Planting with JD 16 row 30" equipped with "Precision Planting" technology for precise metering and seed placement with individual row control which means no overlapping or unplanted areas controlled with up to date GPS and radar. We are in business for 12 years. We also offer Seeding, Swathing, Silage Chopping, Trucking, Packing n Bagging. All our equipment is up to date and reliable. Please call: Meerevo Farms Hank 403-783-1270 Darren 403-704-0843

MW Farms McRae, Alberta   Phone:  780-645-8199 
Contact: Peter  Mikolajczyk
Products Available:   Tillage,  Land Breaking
Heavy Rome breaking disc and heavy Ezee-On workdown disc. Per acre or hourly

Nichols Fencing New Norway, Alberta   Phone:  780-855-2590 
Contact: Norman or Jason  Nichols
Cell:  NORM-780-608-8079   
Products Available:   Tillage,  Land Breaking
We are covered by WCB and insured. Supplying and installing all manner of livestock fencing, barb, page, hi-tensile, elector-braid, corral systems. Decorative plank and rail fencing for your yard and high visibility locations. Offering mowing, slashing and seeding services. Call us for a free estimate. JASON 780 387 6396 cell.

Contact: Steele  Perrett Evansburg, Alberta   Phone:  17807793139 
Products Available:   Crop Seeding
We have two drills to suit your needs. First is a john deere 1830 set on 10" spacing with 3" Dutch paired row openers and 3" rubber packing wheels. It has a 3 compartment double shoot 1910 cart. This drill is $25/acre. The second drill is a Morris C2 set on 12" spacing with a 3/4" knife opener with a side band. The cart is a 9300s double shoot cart with 3 compartments. This drill is setup for direct seeding including seeding into sod. Seeding into stubble is $30/acre seeding into sod $35/acre.

Precision Spraying Solutions Inc. Two Hills, Alberta   Phone:  780-937-6683 
Contact: Terry  Dulaba
Products Available:   Herbicide Application
- Over 15 years of in-field experience - Fully licensed & insured for custom application - Highly mobile unit & competitive rates - Servicing counties & surrounding areas of Two Hills, St. Paul, Minburn & Lamont Willing to travel outside of the service area pending discussion.

R&B Gibb Custom Spraying Hillspring, Alberta   Phone:  403-308-6793 
Contact: brandon  gibb
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
we do all herbicide, insecticide, fungicide as well as liquid fertilizer, we are fully licensed and insured. we have a very mobile unit and able to travel with ease to locations.

Shadow Lines Transportation Group Edmonton, Alberta   Phone:  780.969.1097 
Contact: Matthew  Halstead
Cell:  780.264.3434    Fax:  780-264-3434    Website:
Toll Free:  780-264-3434
Products Available:   Herbicide Application,  Fertilizer Application
Bulk transportation and logistics. Grain Trailers and Side Dump operations.

SK Custom Forage Services Andrew, Alberta   Phone:  780-365-2259 
Contact: Stan  Zabrick
Cell:  780-940-5086    Website:
Products Available:   Land Breaking
Land Breaking at $120.00/hour with 16 foot heavy disk. Available within Lamont, Smoky Lake, Beaver, Two Hills, Strathcona counties.
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