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Berts Lagoon Service (2011) Ltd Picture Butte, Alberta   Posted:  2015-02-03
Contact:  John  Van Hierden  
Services Available:   Other
We have two tandem trucks and one tri-drive with 4500 gal tanks and we service all of southern Alberta. We do injecting and broadcasting also have pumps, mixers, and all equipment necessary to move all your liquid waste. Our trucks are also equipped with vacuum pumps and hoses so we can pump hard to reach area. For more info or quote pleas cal.l
Phone:  403-892-5513 
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Meinema Custom Farming Ltd Lacombe, Alberta   Posted:  2011-04-29
Contact:  Joute  Meinema  
Cell:  403-588-4685    Fax:  403-782-7841    [email]   
Services Available:   Other
We provide custom farm services in all of Alberta for the past 15 years. Dry manure application with vertical beaters, 8000 gallon tankers for liquid manure, draghose equipment. Seeding, spraying with high clearance sprayer. Combining, silaging. We have 4 SP claas silage cutters available with all the support equipment.
Phone:  403-782-7841 
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Refuel Excavating Lethbridge, Alberta   Posted:  2011-02-26
Services Available:   Other
Phone:  403-317-0855 
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