Location : Alberta

Turning Strategies into Action - Economic Development Planning Guide for Communities
Guide book Alberta
The guide provides information, tips and suggestions on how communities can move their strategic plans and other documents into community economic development initiatives.

The Self Help Guide for Economic Development and Non-Profit Organizations
Guide book Alberta
This resource provides guidance in establishing and operationalizing non-profit organizations and community economic development organizations. It includes information on how to incorporate as a non-profit organization; how to develop strategic and operational plans, and how to hire, monitor and evaluate staff amongst other useful information.

Business Vitality Alberta Handbook
Handbook Alberta
The handbook provides an easy-to-use tool and process for helping small communities measure and improve business health.

Business Vitality Alberta (BVA) Instructional Video
Video Alberta
The video provides an easy-to-use tool and process for helping small communities measure and improve business health.

Economic Developers Best Practices Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Economic Developers Toolkit fosters greater awareness, understanding, and use of best (leading) practices in economic development amongst economic development practioners based on their self-identified day to day needs in several key functions of economic development.

Best Practice Governance and Leadership Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Toolkit fosters greater awareness, understanding and use of best practices related to the governance and development of leadership for economic development organizations. It is useful for both Board members and management.

Community Economic Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit is an easy-to-use resource that provides relevant information to municipalities and organizations interested in bringing economic development to their community.

Business Incubation Works in Alberta (BIWA) Resource Kit
Toolkit Alberta
The BIWA Resource Kit is a self-assessment and how-to guide for rural Alberta's communities considering business incubation. The Kit also highlights key steps for planning a business incubation initiative.

Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit helps communities to build their capacity by providing them tools for long-term and sustainable planning.

Rural Community Leadership/CED Project Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Rural Community Leadership project enhances the sustainability of rural communities in Alberta by developing and implementing a leadership program and developing and implementing a community economic development program.

First Nations Community Economic Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
This toolkit is designed to help First Nations staff and leaders work on community economic development.

Tourism Business Planning Guide
Guide book Alberta
The document provides information on assessing a tourism development opportunity and outlines the steps to be undertaken in order to prepare a successful business plan. This guide outlines twelve tasks to address as part of business planning efforts.

Renewable Energy Toolkit for Economic Development
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit is designed as a self-assessment aid. It provides a basic explanation of renewable energy and guidance to assist community leaders when assessing and screening possible projects.

Western Innovation Initiative
Initiative Alberta
It is a $100 million five-year federal Initiative that offers repayable contributions for small- and medium-sized enterprises with operations in Western Canada to move their new and innovative technologies from the later stages of research and development to the marketplace. Eligible western Canadian SMEs can apply for funding to support a wide range of commercialization activities.

Western Diversification Program
Program Alberta
The objective of the program is to create a stronger West and a stronger Canada. The Program invests in projects that support Western Diversifications activities of innovation, business development, community economic development and policy, advocacy and coordination.

Western Canada Business Service Network
Network Alberta
The network is a group of several independent organizations that receive funding from Western Diversification to provide a range of services to help create and build small businesses across the West. It consists of several integrated organizations that provide entrepreneurs with services and resources to help Western Canadians start, grow and expand their businesses. This network of more than 100 offices across the west includes organizations such as Canada Business, Community Futures, Women's Enterprise Initiative offices, and Francophone Economic Development Organization.

Rural Alberta's Development Fund (RADF)
Organization Alberta
Rural Alberta's Development Fund was created as a key outcome in the Government of Alberta's Rural Development Strategy, A Place to Grow, to help rural communities, regional alliances, and organizations kick-start projects that would contribute to the betterment of rural Alberta.

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA)
Network Alberta
The EDA is a network of economic development practitioners in the province of Alberta. It acts as an advocate for those in the economic development profession, and a forum for information exchange among economic developers.

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