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Economic Development Issues for Rural Communities in the Four Western Provinces
Report Canada
The report identifies the economic development issues for the rural areas of the four provinces of Western Canada: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with projections from 2010 - 2015, and as feasible to 2020. This report concentrates on medium to long-term realities in the West and in the global economy.

TOURISM 360°The Essential Guide for Assessing Your Community's Tourism Potential
Guide book Canada
The guidebook helps communities to diagnose what they are doing well and not so well, in six critical areas: web-site, social media, branding, creating tourism experiences, sustainable tourism and community vitality. It also comes with a 50-question survey.

Starting Strong Rural Community Economic Development Planning & Assessment Guide
Guide book Canada
The guidebook contains information on community economic development and resources which are important to move forward. It provides a step-by-step approach to help communities identify strategies and tools that are tailored to their unique needs and to help them use their resources to the best of their abilities.

The Smart Growth Tool Kit
Toolkit Canada
This reference manual provides information about smart growth principles and practices and showcases a number of innovative developments and citizen initiatives. It also provides a framework for increasing the effectiveness of citizen participation in local community planning processes.

Tools & Techniques for Community Recovery & Renewal
Toolkit Canada
This catalogue provides a resource for citizens that are trying to strengthen or revitalize the economies of their towns, neighborhoods or regions. Over 60 specific methods that communities have used to enhance their economic and social well-being are highlighted in this catalogue.

Business Retention and Expansion
Program Canada
Business Retention and Expansion is a community-based economic development program with a focus on supporting existing businesses. It provides a systematic approach to assist communities in developing strategies that supports businesses retain and create new jobs and opportunities.

Community Economic Development Activity Matrix Quick Reference Guide
Guide book Canada
This guide has been developed to support individuals/groups in using the Community Economic Development Activity Matrix as an economic development planning and assessment tool. The Activity Matrix is a list of economic development activities which organizations might pursue. It can be applied in essentially two fundamental ways. The first involves the user considering activities of a single organization, while the second involves the user considering.

Economic Development Analysis Resources
Tools Canada
Analyst is a web-based tool that provides data on regional economies and work forces. It was developed to help economic development professionals better understand their region so they can make informed decisions about how to build strong regional economies.

Downtown Revitalization
Program Canada
Downtown Revitalization program provides training and support to implement comprehensive revitalization initiatives. Downtown Revitalization program focuses on four main areas; economic development, leadership and management, marketing and promotion and physical improvements.

You Can Make Smart Growth Happen in Your Community: Or, How to Start a Citizen Organization In Your Neighbourhood or Town
Guide book Canada
This guide introduces the key steps to start a local citizen organization, including learning about smart growth. The key steps include finding fellow members, creating a vision, deciding on activities, forming the organization, obtaining funding, etc.

The Business Vitality Initiative (BVI)
Initiative Canada
The Business Vitality Initiative (BVI) is a facilitated assessment and action process that measures the business friendliness of a community. The BVI gauges the perceptions of citizens and community leaders on 100 key indicators that are known to affect business. The findings are presented in an easy-to-understand graphic report. Communities then identify prioritize and focus on selected actions that build economic vitality and develop community entrepreneurship.

The Communities Matrix
Guide Canada
The Communities Matrix is a quick first-step assessment for communities. It allows for an eye-opening realistic measure of a community's leadership, strategic capacity, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and community connections (social glue) through ten stages of development. The Matrix assists in linking the community to the best resources and tools, whether the community is considering a comprehensive community plan or struggling with entrenched conflict.

Starting Strong: Rural Community Economic Development Planning & Assessment Guide
Guide book Canada
This guide provides a step-by-step approach to help communities identify strategies and tools that are tailored to their unique needs and to help communities use their resources to the best of their abilities. Although the focus is on small communities, the guide can be useful for larger communities that want to be economically resilient.

Reality Check
Tools Canada
This tool helps to measure commitment, resources, leadership and whether the timing is right to undertake action for community development.

Community Check-up
Fee-based service Canada
The Community Check-up is a fee-based service that uses an online questionnaire to collect perceptions of community members about their communities. The results are analyzed and the community is placed in one of the four Communities Matrix developmental phases.The Check-up reveals community strengths and weaknesses in seven key areas (e.g. leadership, community connections, vitality, sustainability, community values, community entrepreneurship and community?s infrastructure capacity). Facilitated discussions enable the community to identify future directions.

Beyond Economic Survival: 97 ways Small Communities can thrive- A Guide to Community Vitality
Report Canada
The report identifies important quality of life factors that can help communities improve in areas that really matter. The Community Vitality Initiative (CVI) measures a community's quality of life using a system of online surveys, questionnaires, live meetings, focus groups and statistics.

The Community Development Handbook- A tool to build community capacity
Handbook Canada
This handbook is an introductory guide that supports the understanding and effective application of community development and capacity building.

The CED ToolKit :A Step-by-step Manual on Community Development
Toolkit Canada
The toolkit provides guidance on all stages, from mobilizing community assets to writing a business plan.

Planning Samples e-binder
Document Canada
The Planning Samples e-binder is a compilation of planning documents from communities to be used as a starting point for a community to learn from and to inform the community planning process.

First Impressions Community Exchange (Ontario)
Program/Process Canada
First Impressions Community Exchange (FICE) is a structured and cost-effective process. The purpose of the process is to facilitate a low cost assessment exercise by first time visitors, thus enabling valuable and objective information about local appearances, infrastructure, services, facilities and attitudes. The process involves two communities agreeing to exchange; visiting volunteer teams who undertake unannounced, incognito one day visits to the other community. These teams record and photograph their observations and provide constructive feedback to their exchange community.

The Canadian CED Network Emerging Leaders: Youth in Community Economic Development
Document Canada
This document profiles youth community economic development initiatives from across Canada. Besides providing an analysis of effective and instructive practice by theme, it offers some examples and effective strategies.

Community Futures British Columbia Aboriginal Engagement Toolkit
Toolkit Canada
This toolkit supports relationship and partnership development between Community Futures and supports local and regional economic development. It also includes community economic development projects and best practices.

Green your Business: Toolkit for Tourism Operators
Guide book Canada
This best practices guide provides tourism operators with practical, user-friendly tips and guidance on greening their businesses. The suggestions in the toolkit are tangible and easy to implement, and targeted towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

Clean Energy for a Green Economy
Guide book Canada
This guide provides an introduction to a wide range of clean energy strategies and green economy opportunities for rural communities in BC. Rural communities can realize substantial benefits by developing clean energy and energy efficiency, and transitioning the community to a green economy, resulting in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, which support local, provincial and global climate objectives.

Community Economic Development Program (CEDP)
Program Canada
The Program provides financial support for First Nation and Inuit communities for public services in economic development. The financial support is intended for community economic development planning and capacity development initiatives, development of proposals and leveraging financial resources, and carrying out economic development activities. Communities can get funding for different activities related to community economic planning and capacity development.

Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)
Program Canada
The Program provides project-based support to those First Nation and Inuit communities that have the best opportunities for public services in economic development. Communities can get funding for different activities related to employment and business development.

A Guide to Rural Community Economic Development: Best Practices for Your Community
Guide book Canada
The guide represents the findings and best advice from practitioners and community members who provide leadership in their own communities. It is intended to help rural communities deal with the effects of a stable or declining population.

Triage at the Periphery: Place-Based Policy in Resource-Dependent Rural Communities
Report Canada
The report assesses the potential for successful targeted intervention by examining actual performance relative to group means, the effectiveness of local job growth, and the presence of unexplained factors as represented by the residuals in population growth and poverty models. It also contains a brief overview of selected literature, followed by the presentation of the theoretical framework for empirical estimation. The data and empirical implementation are described, along with a classification of rural communities based on actual performance in terms of population change and poverty levels.

Best Practices in Rural & Small Town Economic Development (Municipal Economic Development Readiness Initiative)
Report Canada
The document reviews the best practices and lessons learned from the successes of others. The report is undertaken primarily through a literature review and serves as one guide in the process of formulating an Economic Development Action Plan.

Resource Materials for Community Economic Development: Prospering with a Stable or Declining Population
Resource Material Canada
The report identifies innovative practices to help communities prosper even where there is a stable or declining population. It focuses on municipal planning and economic development as a means for communities to influence their future. The research uses a case study methodology to identify innovative practices and apply and test these at a municipal level. The case studies focus on leading practices and explore their application.

The Impact of Academic Knowledge Mobilization in Rural Economic Development
Report Canada
The report measures the impact of academic knowledge mobilization on key gaps and barriers to rural Southern Ontario?s economic development and growth.

Economic Development Initiative
Initiative Canada
The initiative supports business and economic development that encourages sustainable growth in Western Canada's Francophone communities.

Economic Development Framework of Small Communities in Canada
Report Canada
This report developed as a framework that enables analysts to assess the stage of economic development of relatively isolated rural and small town places. It also developed an understanding of the conditions under which communities move through a period of economic decline and into one or more alternative futures.

Canada Rural Economy Research Lab
Research Lab Canada
The research facility is designed to study Canada's rural economy, quality of life, and environment utilizing the latest GIS software and statistical packages. It examines all issues that affect the vitality of rural Canada from a diversified economy, healthcare, environment, amenities, transportation, to a productive and sustainable agricultural sector.

Community Economic Development - A Model for Effective Community Planning
Report Canada
This knowledge synthesis is part of The Monieson Centre's Knowledge Impact in Society Project which was developed to highlight the importance of community economic development for local stakeholders and to provide them with basic concepts and principles they can use to guide the effective planning of their communities.

Harvesting the Rural Creative Economy
Research Paper Canada
This paper explores the developing theory behind the creative economy as an economic driver, and its implications for rural communities.

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