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Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities
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This report explores how the Partnership can contribute to more resilient economies, healthy environments, and quality of life in rural America. It also sets out a framework for the future work with rural communities.

Rural Micro entrepreneur Assistance Program
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The Program was created for empowering rural entrepreneurs to establish new businesses or continue existing rural microenterprises. The program also help microenterprise development organizations that offer training, technical assistance or small loans to new and existing rural small businesses.

Rural Business Initiative
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The Women's Business Center's Rural Business Initiative represents a network of counselors and mentors designed to assist women with starting and growing small businesses. The initiative assists female entrepreneurs, who continue to face unique obstacles in the world of business.

The Fens Adventurers-Rural Development Programme (FARDP)
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The Fens Adventurers-Rural Development Programme (FARDP) is part of the Rural Development Programme for England. The program funds three main areas: Rural Business Development; Sustainable Rural Tourism and Enterprising Communities.

Business Networks and Economic Development in Rural Communities in the US
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The article provides information on the social and economic factors that could give rise to business networks that contribute to economic development. It also identifies the primary opportunities that such networks can exploit and provides directions for research that can contribute to better public policy decisions.

Regional Approaches to Sustainable Development: Linking Economic, Transportation, and Environmental Infrastructure in Rural and Small Metropolitan America
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The report explores regional sustainable development initiatives in rural and small metropolitan America. Regional development organizations across the country are designing and implementing strategies to create stronger and more resilient regional economies that are based on quality of place. The report highlights the opportunities available to regional development organizations to undertake sustainable development initiatives using a systems-based approach. These opportunities include data analysis and tools, public engagement, transportation and infrastructure programs, asset-based economic development, cultural heritage and Inter-governmental coordination.

Visioning for Community and Economic Development: Keys to Managing Public Dialogue
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This guide references the tools and unique examples that how to effectively engage stakeholders in the community.

Strategic Visioning for Community and Economic Development: Keys to Engaging Stakeholders
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The guide is intended to provide local and regional leaders with tips and resources regarding effective public engagement and dialogue.

Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities
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The document is designed to provide rural decision-makers with resources to create more vibrant and sustainable communities. It is intended to show how smart growth approaches can be adapted and applied in the rural context. The document is framed around three key goals, which can help a community pursue its vision for accommodating and attracting sensible growth in the future, while maintaining and enhancing its rural character and quality of life.

Smart Growth and Economic Success
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The report is designed to inform developers, businesses, local government, and other groups about the benefits of smart growth development. The strategies outlined in this report can play a key role in creating profitable real estate development, productive economic development, and economically resilient communities.

Strengthening Community Education: The Basis for Sustainable Renewal Mapping Community Assets Workbook
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This workbook draws a map of what is valuable in a community. It provides a process for determining assets in the individual and in the community. It shows all the interconnections among assets and how the communities can get and use those assets.

A Guide to Mapping Local Business Assets and Mobilizing Local Business Capacities
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This workbook outlines a plan for understanding what businesses exist in a community, what kinds of resources they possess, and to what extent they are, or could be, mobilized toward community development efforts.

Rural Economic Development Resource Directory
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This directory provides descriptions and contact information for a number of organizations and web sites that can provide resources to national banks and federal savings associations interested in lending, investing, or providing retail financial services in rural communities.

Shifting focus: alternative pathways for communities and economies (Australia)
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This Resource Kit is an example of a growing approach to regional development in which the community is recognised as what regional development is all about. The kit includes documented examples of how positives can be found in negative situations, and will assist communities to establish micro-economic communities in their local area using people as their major resource. The ideas found in this document can assist communities to establish microeconomic communities in their local area using people as their major resource.

Community Capacity Building Toolkit for Rural and Regional communities
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This toolkit provides practical, easy to read information and resources that can be useful for community development. The toolkit includes many suggestions for effective ways to work with communities, links to extra resources, funding sources, tips on helpful contacts, and stories from people who have worked together to improve their community in both large and small ways. Most of the material has been drawn from Australian research and experiences, although there are also links to particularly useful international resources.

Unlocking Rural Competitiveness: The Role of Regional Clusters
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The study provides strong analytics and data combined with a case study approach that has yielded significant insights into future rural economic development. This report addresses competitiveness and innovation in rural America, analyzing rural industry clusters and their critical links to metropolitan regions.

Measures and Methods: Four Tenets for Rural Economic Development in the New Economy
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The document presents four methods and measures for promoting effective economic development through examples from North Dakota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia, and Arkansas. The strategies include innovation, capital investments, environmental development, and generating networks of personal contacts.

Community and Economic Development Toolbox
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This toolbox provides accessible tools to local community and economic development practitioners about basic community and economic development issues. By using these tools, communities can be empowered to improve residents' economic opportunity and quality of life.

Economic Research Service
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The Economic Research Service is a primary source of economic information and research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It conducts a research program to inform public and private decision making on economic and policy issues involving food, farming, natural resources, and rural development.

Community Economic Development Preparedness Index
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The index helps communities in analyzing strengths and weaknesses before developing a plan to improve economic development opportunities in the community. The index is based on individual perceptions of activities and conditions in the community; over which they may or may not have some level of control. It provides a reflection of community's readiness to retain existing businesses and income, attract new businesses, residents, and income, and expand small businesses and income within community.

Smart Communities Network
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This site offers useful information to help understand the concept of sustainable development.

Laboratory for Community and Economic Development Toolbox
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It is a website which provides online tools on community benchmarking, community planning, and community surveys.

Regional and Remote Area Economic Development Training Program Australia
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The Regional and Remote Area Economic Development Training Program provides a series of case studies, a local community economic development workshop and also includes an economic development toolbox outlining the role that economic development practitioners can undertake.

Transitioning Towns Toolbox
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Transitioning Towns Toolbox provides a practical guide for community planning groups, local government authorities and other stakeholders to assist them for the positive transition of small towns into the future. The toolbox also guides the readers through the decision-making and planning process towards realising their aims, through understanding their community, its role in the region, what influences the future of small towns, and how to respond effectively.

Thinking Regional and Rural Workbook
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The workbook was designed as a tool to assist public sector staff to systematically assess the regional and rural impacts of major policy, legislative, budget and service delivery decisions. It has been designed to enable staff to apply the guidelines to real life examples that they are working on in order to familiarise themselves with the major steps and considerations in the guidelines. The workbook can be used as an ongoing reference and resource for applying Thinking Regional and Rural to future proposals.

Thinking Regional and Rural: Guidelines for assessing regional and rural impacts of government policy and legislation
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This guide aims to assist policy makers to identify, monitor and assess potential impacts of major Victorian Government decisions on regional and rural Victoria. It comprises five high-level considerations: economy, accessibility, social and community and environment˙and equity.

Reinventing the Regions: Victoria's changing regional economies
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This report provides an overview of the changes taking place in five of Victoria's regional economies, key policy and economic themes that emerged from discussions throughout the series of events, case studies from regional businesses and five individual event summaries. The event series provided an opportunity to engage stakeholders in a discussion of key economic drivers and prospects for growth and challenges faced by businesses across five regions.

Innovation in American regions
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This website provides latest research on innovation and rural development to economic developers and other local decision makers in an easy-to-use format. Data may be used in both rural and urban regions. It also provides tools to facilitate relevant insights and help answer the fundamental questions underlying regional development in today's changing economy. The purpose of these tools is to help a region guide strategic discussions about where to invest scarce resources to build prosperity for the next generation.

A Practitioner's Guide to Economic Development Tools for Regional Competitiveness in a Knowledge-Based Economy
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This guide is designed for economic development professionals, regional planners and community leaders, to introduce them new ways so that they can understand and strengthen their regional economy. The guide covers four tools that are important in understanding and planning for a local knowledge economy. The four tools are: industry cluster analysis, regional innovation index, occupational cluster analysis, guidelines for regional organization and investment decisions.

Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures
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This report presents a conceptual framework for rural wealth creation in the rural development process. It also discusses that how wealth can be created in rural communities, and how its accumulation and effects can be measured.

Guide to Rural Economic and Enterprise Development
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This document presents a framework for fostering rural economic and enterprise development. The framework is based on the analysis of successes and experiences of programs and projects by an international group of practitioners from different professional backgrounds.

Local Government Economic Development Toolbox
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This toolbox assists local governments in planning for quality job creation, better integrating economic development and quality growth. It also helps local governments to incorporate economic development planning into local comprehensive plans.

Rural Economies: Incubators and catalysts for sustainable growth (UK)
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The document explores the contribution of rural economies and provides a commentary on the policy context and models for growth.

Economic Opportunities in Rural America and Elsewhere: How have three small communities turned opportunity into reality?
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This publication explores that how three small communities of America turned concepts of high technology and e-business, value-added business, and entrepreneurship into reality. The report also explains successful efforts and ways to create economic opportunities in communities of all sizes and types in all kinds of places.

The Effect of Local Economic Development Policy on Employment Growth in Rural Counties in the Mid- Atlantic Region
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The research paper analyzes the role of local economic development strategies on employment. The data which was collected in 146 non metro counties shows that counties that increased economic development emphasis had higher employment growth.

Community and Economic Development Plan Guidebook
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The Guidebook is a reference document which provides a simple, practical and effective approach to communities to identify values, define goals, set priorities, and develop and implement an action plan.

First Impressions Community Exchange - Resource Kit for Volunteer Visiting Team Members (Australia)
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This resource kit provides copies of the two important feedback reporting tools; the survey questionnaire and the photo log form. The survey questionnaire contains eight sections which need to be completed; impressions prior to your visit, the first five minutes (initial impressions), drive about impressions, a walking tour/ main street impressions, impressions through role-playing sensory impressions, information source impressions and overall impressions.

First Impressions Community Exchange - Coordinator's Guide (Australia)
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The First Impressions Community Exchange Coordinator's Guide has been developed as a community and economic development tool by the Municipal Association of Victoria. It provides useful information to assist communities in strategic planning and economic analysis.

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