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Turning Strategies into Action - Economic Development Planning Guide for Communities
Guide book Alberta
The guide provides information, tips and suggestions on how communities can move their strategic plans and other documents into community economic development initiatives.

The Self Help Guide for Economic Development and Non-Profit Organizations
Guide book Alberta
This resource provides guidance in establishing and operationalizing non-profit organizations and community economic development organizations. It includes information on how to incorporate as a non-profit organization; how to develop strategic and operational plans, and how to hire, monitor and evaluate staff amongst other useful information.

Tourism Business Planning Guide
Guide book Alberta
The document provides information on assessing a tourism development opportunity and outlines the steps to be undertaken in order to prepare a successful business plan. This guide outlines twelve tasks to address as part of business planning efforts.

TOURISM 360°The Essential Guide for Assessing Your Community's Tourism Potential
Guide book Canada
The guidebook helps communities to diagnose what they are doing well and not so well, in six critical areas: web-site, social media, branding, creating tourism experiences, sustainable tourism and community vitality. It also comes with a 50-question survey.

Starting Strong Rural Community Economic Development Planning & Assessment Guide
Guide book Canada
The guidebook contains information on community economic development and resources which are important to move forward. It provides a step-by-step approach to help communities identify strategies and tools that are tailored to their unique needs and to help them use their resources to the best of their abilities.

Community Economic Development Activity Matrix Quick Reference Guide
Guide book Canada
This guide has been developed to support individuals/groups in using the Community Economic Development Activity Matrix as an economic development planning and assessment tool. The Activity Matrix is a list of economic development activities which organizations might pursue. It can be applied in essentially two fundamental ways. The first involves the user considering activities of a single organization, while the second involves the user considering.

You Can Make Smart Growth Happen in Your Community: Or, How to Start a Citizen Organization In Your Neighbourhood or Town
Guide book Canada
This guide introduces the key steps to start a local citizen organization, including learning about smart growth. The key steps include finding fellow members, creating a vision, deciding on activities, forming the organization, obtaining funding, etc.

Starting Strong: Rural Community Economic Development Planning & Assessment Guide
Guide book Canada
This guide provides a step-by-step approach to help communities identify strategies and tools that are tailored to their unique needs and to help communities use their resources to the best of their abilities. Although the focus is on small communities, the guide can be useful for larger communities that want to be economically resilient.

Green your Business: Toolkit for Tourism Operators
Guide book Canada
This best practices guide provides tourism operators with practical, user-friendly tips and guidance on greening their businesses. The suggestions in the toolkit are tangible and easy to implement, and targeted towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

Clean Energy for a Green Economy
Guide book Canada
This guide provides an introduction to a wide range of clean energy strategies and green economy opportunities for rural communities in BC. Rural communities can realize substantial benefits by developing clean energy and energy efficiency, and transitioning the community to a green economy, resulting in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, which support local, provincial and global climate objectives.

A Guide to Rural Community Economic Development: Best Practices for Your Community
Guide book Canada
The guide represents the findings and best advice from practitioners and community members who provide leadership in their own communities. It is intended to help rural communities deal with the effects of a stable or declining population.

Visioning for Community and Economic Development: Keys to Managing Public Dialogue
Guide book Other
This guide references the tools and unique examples that how to effectively engage stakeholders in the community.

Strategic Visioning for Community and Economic Development: Keys to Engaging Stakeholders
Guide book Other
The guide is intended to provide local and regional leaders with tips and resources regarding effective public engagement and dialogue.

A Guide to Mapping Local Business Assets and Mobilizing Local Business Capacities
Guide book Other
This workbook outlines a plan for understanding what businesses exist in a community, what kinds of resources they possess, and to what extent they are, or could be, mobilized toward community development efforts.

Thinking Regional and Rural: Guidelines for assessing regional and rural impacts of government policy and legislation
Guide book Other
This guide aims to assist policy makers to identify, monitor and assess potential impacts of major Victorian Government decisions on regional and rural Victoria. It comprises five high-level considerations: economy, accessibility, social and community and environment˙and equity.

A Practitioner's Guide to Economic Development Tools for Regional Competitiveness in a Knowledge-Based Economy
Guide book Other
This guide is designed for economic development professionals, regional planners and community leaders, to introduce them new ways so that they can understand and strengthen their regional economy. The guide covers four tools that are important in understanding and planning for a local knowledge economy. The four tools are: industry cluster analysis, regional innovation index, occupational cluster analysis, guidelines for regional organization and investment decisions.

Community and Economic Development Plan Guidebook
Guide book Other
The Guidebook is a reference document which provides a simple, practical and effective approach to communities to identify values, define goals, set priorities, and develop and implement an action plan.

First Impressions Community Exchange - Resource Kit for Volunteer Visiting Team Members (Australia)
Guide book Other
This resource kit provides copies of the two important feedback reporting tools; the survey questionnaire and the photo log form. The survey questionnaire contains eight sections which need to be completed; impressions prior to your visit, the first five minutes (initial impressions), drive about impressions, a walking tour/ main street impressions, impressions through role-playing sensory impressions, information source impressions and overall impressions.

First Impressions Community Exchange - Coordinator's Guide (Australia)
Guide book Other
The First Impressions Community Exchange Coordinator's Guide has been developed as a community and economic development tool by the Municipal Association of Victoria. It provides useful information to assist communities in strategic planning and economic analysis.

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