Type : Initiative

Western Innovation Initiative
Initiative Alberta
It is a $100 million five-year federal Initiative that offers repayable contributions for small- and medium-sized enterprises with operations in Western Canada to move their new and innovative technologies from the later stages of research and development to the marketplace. Eligible western Canadian SMEs can apply for funding to support a wide range of commercialization activities.

The Business Vitality Initiative (BVI)
Initiative Canada
The Business Vitality Initiative (BVI) is a facilitated assessment and action process that measures the business friendliness of a community. The BVI gauges the perceptions of citizens and community leaders on 100 key indicators that are known to affect business. The findings are presented in an easy-to-understand graphic report. Communities then identify prioritize and focus on selected actions that build economic vitality and develop community entrepreneurship.

Economic Development Initiative
Initiative Canada
The initiative supports business and economic development that encourages sustainable growth in Western Canada's Francophone communities.

Rural Business Initiative
Initiative Other
The Women's Business Center's Rural Business Initiative represents a network of counselors and mentors designed to assist women with starting and growing small businesses. The initiative assists female entrepreneurs, who continue to face unique obstacles in the world of business.

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