Type : Program

Western Diversification Program
Program Alberta
The objective of the program is to create a stronger West and a stronger Canada. The Program invests in projects that support Western Diversifications activities of innovation, business development, community economic development and policy, advocacy and coordination.

Business Retention and Expansion
Program Canada
Business Retention and Expansion is a community-based economic development program with a focus on supporting existing businesses. It provides a systematic approach to assist communities in developing strategies that supports businesses retain and create new jobs and opportunities.

Downtown Revitalization
Program Canada
Downtown Revitalization program provides training and support to implement comprehensive revitalization initiatives. Downtown Revitalization program focuses on four main areas; economic development, leadership and management, marketing and promotion and physical improvements.

Community Economic Development Program (CEDP)
Program Canada
The Program provides financial support for First Nation and Inuit communities for public services in economic development. The financial support is intended for community economic development planning and capacity development initiatives, development of proposals and leveraging financial resources, and carrying out economic development activities. Communities can get funding for different activities related to community economic planning and capacity development.

Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)
Program Canada
The Program provides project-based support to those First Nation and Inuit communities that have the best opportunities for public services in economic development. Communities can get funding for different activities related to employment and business development.

Rural Micro entrepreneur Assistance Program
Program Other
The Program was created for empowering rural entrepreneurs to establish new businesses or continue existing rural microenterprises. The program also help microenterprise development organizations that offer training, technical assistance or small loans to new and existing rural small businesses.

The Fens Adventurers-Rural Development Programme (FARDP)
Program Other
The Fens Adventurers-Rural Development Programme (FARDP) is part of the Rural Development Programme for England. The program funds three main areas: Rural Business Development; Sustainable Rural Tourism and Enterprising Communities.

Regional and Remote Area Economic Development Training Program Australia
Program Other
The Regional and Remote Area Economic Development Training Program provides a series of case studies, a local community economic development workshop and also includes an economic development toolbox outlining the role that economic development practitioners can undertake.

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