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Economic Development Issues for Rural Communities in the Four Western Provinces
Report Canada
The report identifies the economic development issues for the rural areas of the four provinces of Western Canada: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with projections from 2010 - 2015, and as feasible to 2020. This report concentrates on medium to long-term realities in the West and in the global economy.

Beyond Economic Survival: 97 ways Small Communities can thrive- A Guide to Community Vitality
Report Canada
The report identifies important quality of life factors that can help communities improve in areas that really matter. The Community Vitality Initiative (CVI) measures a community's quality of life using a system of online surveys, questionnaires, live meetings, focus groups and statistics.

Triage at the Periphery: Place-Based Policy in Resource-Dependent Rural Communities
Report Canada
The report assesses the potential for successful targeted intervention by examining actual performance relative to group means, the effectiveness of local job growth, and the presence of unexplained factors as represented by the residuals in population growth and poverty models. It also contains a brief overview of selected literature, followed by the presentation of the theoretical framework for empirical estimation. The data and empirical implementation are described, along with a classification of rural communities based on actual performance in terms of population change and poverty levels.

Best Practices in Rural & Small Town Economic Development (Municipal Economic Development Readiness Initiative)
Report Canada
The document reviews the best practices and lessons learned from the successes of others. The report is undertaken primarily through a literature review and serves as one guide in the process of formulating an Economic Development Action Plan.

Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities
Report Other
This report explores how the Partnership can contribute to more resilient economies, healthy environments, and quality of life in rural America. It also sets out a framework for the future work with rural communities.

The Impact of Academic Knowledge Mobilization in Rural Economic Development
Report Canada
The report measures the impact of academic knowledge mobilization on key gaps and barriers to rural Southern Ontario?s economic development and growth.

Economic Development Framework of Small Communities in Canada
Report Canada
This report developed as a framework that enables analysts to assess the stage of economic development of relatively isolated rural and small town places. It also developed an understanding of the conditions under which communities move through a period of economic decline and into one or more alternative futures.

Community Economic Development - A Model for Effective Community Planning
Report Canada
This knowledge synthesis is part of The Monieson Centre's Knowledge Impact in Society Project which was developed to highlight the importance of community economic development for local stakeholders and to provide them with basic concepts and principles they can use to guide the effective planning of their communities.

Business Networks and Economic Development in Rural Communities in the US
Report Other
The article provides information on the social and economic factors that could give rise to business networks that contribute to economic development. It also identifies the primary opportunities that such networks can exploit and provides directions for research that can contribute to better public policy decisions.

Regional Approaches to Sustainable Development: Linking Economic, Transportation, and Environmental Infrastructure in Rural and Small Metropolitan America
Report Other
The report explores regional sustainable development initiatives in rural and small metropolitan America. Regional development organizations across the country are designing and implementing strategies to create stronger and more resilient regional economies that are based on quality of place. The report highlights the opportunities available to regional development organizations to undertake sustainable development initiatives using a systems-based approach. These opportunities include data analysis and tools, public engagement, transportation and infrastructure programs, asset-based economic development, cultural heritage and Inter-governmental coordination.

Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities
Report Other
The document is designed to provide rural decision-makers with resources to create more vibrant and sustainable communities. It is intended to show how smart growth approaches can be adapted and applied in the rural context. The document is framed around three key goals, which can help a community pursue its vision for accommodating and attracting sensible growth in the future, while maintaining and enhancing its rural character and quality of life.

Smart Growth and Economic Success
Report Other
The report is designed to inform developers, businesses, local government, and other groups about the benefits of smart growth development. The strategies outlined in this report can play a key role in creating profitable real estate development, productive economic development, and economically resilient communities.

Measures and Methods: Four Tenets for Rural Economic Development in the New Economy
Report Other
The document presents four methods and measures for promoting effective economic development through examples from North Dakota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia, and Arkansas. The strategies include innovation, capital investments, environmental development, and generating networks of personal contacts.

Reinventing the Regions: Victoria's changing regional economies
Report Other
This report provides an overview of the changes taking place in five of Victoria's regional economies, key policy and economic themes that emerged from discussions throughout the series of events, case studies from regional businesses and five individual event summaries. The event series provided an opportunity to engage stakeholders in a discussion of key economic drivers and prospects for growth and challenges faced by businesses across five regions.

Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures
Report Other
This report presents a conceptual framework for rural wealth creation in the rural development process. It also discusses that how wealth can be created in rural communities, and how its accumulation and effects can be measured.

Economic Opportunities in Rural America and Elsewhere: How have three small communities turned opportunity into reality?
Report Other
This publication explores that how three small communities of America turned concepts of high technology and e-business, value-added business, and entrepreneurship into reality. The report also explains successful efforts and ways to create economic opportunities in communities of all sizes and types in all kinds of places.

The Effect of Local Economic Development Policy on Employment Growth in Rural Counties in the Mid- Atlantic Region
Report Other
The research paper analyzes the role of local economic development strategies on employment. The data which was collected in 146 non metro counties shows that counties that increased economic development emphasis had higher employment growth.

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