Type : Toolkit

Economic Developers Best Practices Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Economic Developers Toolkit fosters greater awareness, understanding, and use of best (leading) practices in economic development amongst economic development practioners based on their self-identified day to day needs in several key functions of economic development.

Best Practice Governance and Leadership Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Toolkit fosters greater awareness, understanding and use of best practices related to the governance and development of leadership for economic development organizations. It is useful for both Board members and management.

Community Economic Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit is an easy-to-use resource that provides relevant information to municipalities and organizations interested in bringing economic development to their community.

Business Incubation Works in Alberta (BIWA) Resource Kit
Toolkit Alberta
The BIWA Resource Kit is a self-assessment and how-to guide for rural Alberta's communities considering business incubation. The Kit also highlights key steps for planning a business incubation initiative.

Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit helps communities to build their capacity by providing them tools for long-term and sustainable planning.

Rural Community Leadership/CED Project Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
The Rural Community Leadership project enhances the sustainability of rural communities in Alberta by developing and implementing a leadership program and developing and implementing a community economic development program.

First Nations Community Economic Development Toolkit
Toolkit Alberta
This toolkit is designed to help First Nations staff and leaders work on community economic development.

Renewable Energy Toolkit for Economic Development
Toolkit Alberta
The toolkit is designed as a self-assessment aid. It provides a basic explanation of renewable energy and guidance to assist community leaders when assessing and screening possible projects.

The Smart Growth Tool Kit
Toolkit Canada
This reference manual provides information about smart growth principles and practices and showcases a number of innovative developments and citizen initiatives. It also provides a framework for increasing the effectiveness of citizen participation in local community planning processes.

Tools & Techniques for Community Recovery & Renewal
Toolkit Canada
This catalogue provides a resource for citizens that are trying to strengthen or revitalize the economies of their towns, neighborhoods or regions. Over 60 specific methods that communities have used to enhance their economic and social well-being are highlighted in this catalogue.

The CED ToolKit :A Step-by-step Manual on Community Development
Toolkit Canada
The toolkit provides guidance on all stages, from mobilizing community assets to writing a business plan.

Community Futures British Columbia Aboriginal Engagement Toolkit
Toolkit Canada
This toolkit supports relationship and partnership development between Community Futures and supports local and regional economic development. It also includes community economic development projects and best practices.

Community Capacity Building Toolkit for Rural and Regional communities
Toolkit Other
This toolkit provides practical, easy to read information and resources that can be useful for community development. The toolkit includes many suggestions for effective ways to work with communities, links to extra resources, funding sources, tips on helpful contacts, and stories from people who have worked together to improve their community in both large and small ways. Most of the material has been drawn from Australian research and experiences, although there are also links to particularly useful international resources.

The directory is intended for guidance and information only. It identifies resources available on the web, but is not considered an all-inclusive listing.