Family Meats 2011 Ltd.   Ponoka, AB Phone:  403-783-6328 
4207 - 67 St.
Ponoka, AB    T4J 1J8
Offer Public Tours
Phone:  403-783-6328    Fax: 403-783-8392   
Toll Free:  N/A   jent@familymeats.com    www.familymeats.com 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
General Manager: Jent  Hoekstra
Sales Manager/QA: Beau  Raugust
Products:   Fresh & Processed Meats, Red Meat Slaughter, Custom Slaughtering, Sausage Making, Wholesale Meats   
AF Contact:
Jill M Moore   jill.m.moore@gov.ab.ca   
Trevor Prout   trevor.prout@gov.ab.ca   

Hi Pro Feeds, LP   Ponoka, AB Phone:  403-783-6037 
6701 - 44 Ave.
Ponoka, AB    T4J 1J8
Offer Public Tours
Phone:  403-783-6037    Fax: 403-783-3999   
Toll Free:  1-877-783-6020   tyson.flaman@hiprofeeds.com    www.hiprofeeds.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Production Manager: Tyson  Flaman
Products:   Custom Blending, Free Choice & Direct Fed Mineral, Vitamin & Protein Blends (Farm Animals), Natural Ingredient Blend Supplement (Multiple Species)   

Rock Ridge Dairy Ltd.   Ponoka, AB Phone:  403-783-4312 
Box 5, Site 7, RR3
Ponoka, AB    T4S 1R3
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-783-4312    Fax: 403-783-4312   
Toll Free:  N/A   pbos@telus.net    www.rockridgedairy.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Patrick  Bos
General Manager: Cherylynn  Bos
Sales/Marketing/QA: Cherylynn  Bos
Production: Lauraley Ingram/  Brian Blackstone
Products:   Goat Milk, Organic (Cow's Milk, Feta, Cream), Feta Cheese, Chevre   
Brands:   Rock Ridge Dairy, Happy Days, Emma, Western Family   
AF Contact:
Darcy Peters   darcy.peters@gov.ab.ca   
Trevor Prout   trevor.prout@gov.ab.ca