Woodlot/Forestry Services Listings

Forest Consultant Woodlot Listings

Deci-Con Forestry Consultants Ltd. Hinton, Alberta   Phone:  (780) 817-3230 
Contact:  Harry  Ullrich  
Box 6191
Hinton, Alberta    T7V 1X5
Phone:  (780) 817-3230    Fax:  817-3230    [email]   
Further Information:  Forest management and forest engineering consultants specializing in field data collection.
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Silkstone Environmental Ltd. Edson, Alberta   Phone:  (780) 795-2245 
Contact:  Curtis  Brinker  
Box 6703
Edson, Alberta    T7E 1V1
Phone:  (780) 795-2245    Fax:  795-2349   
Further Information:  Consulting & Planning. Forestry and environmental consultation which reflects a full range of sustainable management options for the forest your are responsible for.
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TDS Forestry Manning, Alberta   Phone:  (780) 836-2331 
Contact:  Tharen  Soroka  
Box 815
Manning, Alberta    T0H 2M0
Phone:  (780) 836-2331    Fax:  836-2222    [email]   
Further Information:  Forestry Consulting.
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Terratima Consulting Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta   Phone:  (403) 845-6786 
Contact:  Larry  Kennedy  
Box 1636
Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta    T4T 1B2
Phone:  (403) 845-6786    Fax:  845-2444   
Further Information:  General Forestry/Tourism Consulting. Terratima is a "dirt" forester operation run as a ranch year round resort, owner/silviculturist forest management forester. Specializing in cruising, block and tree selection logging with Tourism connotations.
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Willow Root Environmental Ltd. Banff, Alberta   Phone:  (403) 762-4335 
Contact:  Peter  Duck  
Box 995
Banff, Alberta    T1L 1A9
Phone:  (403) 762-4335   
Further Information:  Environmental consultants to the forestry sector offering services in the areas of wildlife management hydrology environmental audits waste management plans and resource plans.
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