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Beebe, D. Lane Veteran   Posted: 2014-10-12 
Price:  $1.00/day per head   Quantity and Type:  100
Excellent fall pasture soon available. Three quarters of wheat stubble, and 1 quarter of tame hay that has been hayed. Lots of good water, and a spring that stays open all winter. Cows only. There is no loading or unloading facilities, rentor has to supply. Fences will be checked by owner before cows go in, after that fencing and cow supervision is responsiblity of cattle owner. Lots of small bush patches to provide shelter for cows and excellent slough bottom grazing. Thanks
Phone:  403-664-0561    
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Devey, Shannon Hardisty   Posted: 2014-09-30 
320 acres of canola pasture for rent located near Hardisty, available immediately.
Phone:  780-888-7152    
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