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Hoff, Denver Wildwood   Posted: 2017-05-19 
Price:  per day  
Pasture for rent. 2 separate pastures, 200 pair and 160 pair, for summer grazing. Good water and access.
Phone:  780-621-2509 Cell:  780-621-2509  
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Lorell Ranch Nanton   Posted: 2017-05-17 
Brian  Laycraft
Price:  Please contact  
Pasture available for custom grazing in SW Foothills on Ranch. Prefer steers but might accept other for summer months. Room for approximately 250 steers.
Phone:  403-652-0981 Cell:  403-652-0981  
[email]    Laycraft.ca 
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Heritage Farms Ltd. Athabasca   Posted: 2017-05-16 
Two full quarters of fenced pasture. Good water and perimeter fencing. Some cross fencing. Close to town of Athabasca.
Phone:  780-777-4056    
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Sun Creek Ranches Buck Lake   Posted: 2017-05-10 
Cliff  Begg
Quantity and Type:  30 head
Quarter section pasture for horses. Mainly fescue pasture with lots of water. Should hold 30 head. 1.50 per head per day. One owner only. Phone Cliff for any information.
Phone:  780-388-3324    
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Ashby, Brad Yellow Head County   Posted: 2017-05-01 
Pasture for rent, land is located along Range Road 150, East of Edson Alberta. Contact via phone or e mail for details.
Phone:  780-591-5550    
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Hunt's Coulee Ranch Airdrie   Posted: 2017-04-24 
Pasture for rent. Steers only. Room for 125 head starting June 1 for 100 days. West of Airdrie.
Phone:  403-860-8551    
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Snyder, Glen Stony Plain   Posted: 2017-04-19 
Price:  Cash or Shares  
35 acres of fenced cultivated land for rent. Six mile northwest of Stony Plain. Previously in hay, but broke up and sowed to oats last year. Could be sowed again to grain or put back into hay.
Phone:  780-999-5750    
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