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Howden, Mick Priddis   Posted: 2014-07-10 
Price:  $30 per cow/calf pair per month  
Abundant grass and water, estimated 40 acres available immediately and until at least October 15th. Fenced for cattle, loading chutes available as well as doctoring facilities.
Phone:  403-931-2530 Cell:  403-519-6625  
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Top of the Hill Gang Farm Lacombe   Posted: 2014-07-10 
Mick/Candace  Allarie
Price:  negotiable   Quantity and Type:  10 acres
We have complete page wire fencing suitable for sheep, auto drinkers, paddocks, shelters. 10 acres is broken into small fields all of which are easy to herd a mob from one to another. Always someone at our farm as we provide post surgery/trauma care for equines.
Phone:  403-304-6677 Cell:  403-304-6677  
[email]    www.facebook.com/topofthehillgang 
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Saith, Dean Lumbreck   Posted: 2014-07-05 
Price:  $2000.00   Quantity and Type:  300 acres
Two quarters. Good water. Corrals and handling facilities. 25 pairs
Phone:  403-949-3832 Cell:  403-949-2199  
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Evans, Nora Water Valley   Posted: 2014-07-03 
Price:  $25/cow calf pairs or $15 for heifers   Quantity and Type:  20
Treed quarter with lots of natural creek and spring water. Located beside Water Valley rodeo grounds.
Phone:  403-932-3939    
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Evans, Nora Cochrane   Posted: 2014-07-03 
Price:  FREE   Quantity and Type:  5
20 acres FREE pasture for horses. Fencing needs to be checked. Looking to keep pasture grazed down for the summer/fall.
Phone:  403-932-3939    
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Woodruff, Bruce Olds   Posted: 2014-07-02 
Price:  $35/pair  
80 acres pasture available immediately. Good water and loading facilities. Good for 15 to 20 pairs. Cross fenced.
Phone:  403-390-7929    
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Bow View Farms Rocky View   Posted: 2014-06-26 
Price:  $35 per pair  
Roughly 50 acres of pasture for about 15 cow/calf pairs. We usually run pairs on it from June 1st to October 31st. Dugout, waterer, wind fence and shed. Located near Indus. Available now.
Phone:  403-936-2497    
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Reirson, Ed Leduc   Posted: 2014-06-26 
Price:  $30/pr  
40 pair or equivalent. Lowland, hills, bush, good water. Cross fenced. Some handling facilities. Available immediately
Phone:  780-986-1105    
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Shideler, Alan Rimbey   Posted: 2014-06-20 
Price:  $30.00 per pair  
Space for 20 cow/calf pairs or equivalent 30 steers or heifers.
Phone:  403-704-0779    
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Davidson, Rob Millarville   Posted: 2014-06-17 
Price:  $1 per day per pair  
Excellent pasture SW of Calgary in the foothills, for aprox 20 pairs. Pipe handling facilities and load out chute and squeeze for doctoring.
Phone:  403-933-5448 Cell:  403-608-1116  
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Waldowski, Waslow Onoway   Posted: 2014-06-14 
Price:  75 cents a day per head  
Pasture for rent, enough for 15 cow /calf pairs. Good fences, good water supply, and corrals. Phone 780-967-5603.
Phone:  780-967-5603 Cell:  780-719-0749  
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Daryl Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2014-06-11 
Quantity and Type:  50hec
Horse pasture available. New fence
Phone:  780-779-6489    
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Kroeger, Peter Carbon   Posted: 2014-06-10 
Price:  $1.00/day per cow/calf pair  
About 200 acres of pasture for rent. Will handle about 16 cow/calf pairs. Creek water.
Phone:  403-251-5316    
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Klause, Harold Onoway   Posted: 2014-06-09 
Pasture enough for 15 cow/calf pairs. Good fences, good water supply, and corrals.
Phone:  780--967--5869    
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Jackson, Shirley Saddle Lake   Posted: 2014-06-06 
Price:  to be negotiated  
780 acres, call for more details
Phone:  780-726-2831    
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Boulding, Gary Red Deer   Posted: 2014-06-03 
Price:  $1.30 per cow/calf pair up to 360 pairs   Quantity and Type:  1280
Natural grass and seeded pasture land for rent (approx 1280 acres). Please contact at the above number and leave a message. Located 13 miles east of Penhold Airport.
Phone:  403-346-3743    
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Hartley, Daniel Drayton Valley   Posted: 2014-06-02 
Price:  Rent $1/day per cow calf pair  
2 pasture areas for rent: West pasture is cross fenced with cement artesian fed waterers on either side. Perimeter and cross fenced with 5' page wire. Loading/unloading area and lower holding pen. 121 acres on one side and 67 acres on the other. East pasture area is cross fenced with a shared cement artisan fed waterer. Perimeter and cross fenced with 5' page wire. Loading/unloading area. 16 acres on one side and 44 acres on the other. Pasture is located SW of Drayton Valley.
Phone:  780-542-0853    
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Bazin, Doug Chipman   Posted: 2014-06-01 
Pasture for 20 cow/calf pairs
Phone:  780-363-0008 Cell:  780-913-7496  
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