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Steinke, Terry Millet   Posted: 2018-10-14 
Price:  $95.00   Quantity and Type:  Oat Greenfeed
200+ round oat greenfeed bales.
Phone:  780-387-4961    
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Harbidge, Ben Cochrane   Posted: 2018-10-13 
Price:  $12 (11 if taking over 200)   Quantity and Type:  1000 bales Alfalfa/Timothy
Alfalfa/Timothy square bales. Baled with no rain. Stored in hay/shed
Phone:  403-818-4947    
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Lang, Deral Stettler   Posted: 2018-10-05 
Price:  $190   Quantity and Type:  30
Good 2nd cut alfalfa hay bales. Baled with a JD 468. Weight approx 1400 lbs. No rain.
Phone:  403-883-2401    
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S B Ranch Red Deer county   Posted: 2018-10-05 
Price:  Negotiable. varies   Quantity and Type:  Round bales. About 350 bales
Oat hay, underseeded. greenfeed oats. silage bales of oats underseeded. Dry bales and silage bales. Call for delivered price. Nice feed. Trucking available. JD balers. Crops were seeded for greenfeed.
Phone:  403-352-2747    
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2085107 Alberta Inc. Innisfail   Posted: 2018-09-27 
Price:  $325.00 / T delivered Red Deer area   Quantity and Type:  180 Rounds bales premium 2nd cut Alfalfa
180 premium 2nd cut alfalfa round bales, all the leaves are still in the bale, fine stemmed and bright green. 19.1% protein, RFV 167, Moisture 13.1%, NCS 6.8, 1650 lbs per bale, net wrapped. The only moisture on these bales right now is if it rains or snows when we move them. Cut end of July 2018.
Phone:  403-392-1927    
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JWG Farms Ltd Airdrie   Posted: 2018-09-26 
Price:  $175/bale  
150 round alfalfa bales for sale. Approx 1350 lbs. No rain, baled first week of July.
Phone:  403-874-9699    
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R, Dave Red Deer   Posted: 2018-09-21 
Price:  160.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  300 Alfalfa
300 Alfalfa Mix Hay 50% Alfalfa. 1200lbs bales. Delivery available at extra cost. 34 bales per load or 12 bales per load. I also have approximately 150 of last year crops @ $75.00 bale.
Phone:  403-348-6445    
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Benedict, Curtis Hanna   Posted: 2018-09-20 
Price:  $175/bale obo   Quantity and Type:  90 alfalfa meadow brome mix
Put up dry with no rain alfalfa meadow brome mix. Bales are gathered and will load or offer a better rate if you load.
Phone:  403-854-1576    
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H5 Pine lake   Posted: 2018-09-18 
Norris  Hogg
Price:  110   Quantity and Type:  1000+ wrapped silage bales
We have 1000+ wrapped bly silage bales. Baled with Kuhn and McHale silage balers with knifes baled at 30% moisture Delivery is available. 1100 lb average bale weight. Feed test results available on request.
Phone:  403-373-6543    
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Leussink, Mike Sundre   Posted: 2018-09-18 
Price:  big square bales   Quantity and Type:  mix grass hay
Large square bale. Mix hay. 38 bales. Average 1500lb. No rain. 180 per bale.
Phone:  403-638-3251    
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U8 Farming ltd Beiseker   Posted: 2018-09-17 
Price:  $160 per ton  
1200 large round yellowfeed bales 17-1800 lbs. About 20 bushels of barley in each bale. Baled dry net wrapped can arrange delivery Have analysis 403-888-2007
Phone:  403-888-2007    
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M&R Cattle Co. Wimborne   Posted: 2018-09-16 
Erin  Chambers
Price:  100.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  375 Silage Green Feed Bales
Oats, rye, Timothy, alfalfa silage green feed bales. Approximately 50% moisture and bales weighing 1575lbs. No hail. Call Logan High at 403-350-1263 if interested.
Phone:  403-586-2205 Cell:  403-350-1263  
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East Coulee Trading Post Drumheller   Posted: 2018-09-15 
Price:  .12 cents a pound   Quantity and Type:  Big squares and rounds, Alfalfa
We only have about 100 big squares and about 300 big round net wrapped 100% Alfalfa left for sale. We also have some Prairie Wool and some Crested Wheat net wrapped big rounds. These are all, non certified organic. We can only haul 6 bales and 14 bales ourselves this year, because our semi is down. Have a trucker lined up that can haul 42 bales, $4:10 per loaded kilometer. This is the 5th year this hay has been seeded, so it's also good for horses. We are looking for straw too!
Phone:  403-823-6053 Cell:  403-334-6969  
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Williams Hanna   Posted: 2018-09-12 
Price:  $140   Quantity and Type:  150
Barley Greenfeed Bales 66" Bales. JD Baler Can load but not deliver $140/bale
Phone:  403-854-0172    
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Gagyi farms Huxley   Posted: 2018-09-11 
Randy  Gagyi
Price:  $145.00/ bale   Quantity and Type:  300 bales
Wheat greenfeed, very good quality. Feed test being done. Loading available. Twine wrapped with old school JD 530 round baler. Located east of Huxley. Bought as a standing crop and put up as feed. Not hailed or burnt out. Area actually received some rain. Average weight of 1350 lbs.
Phone:  403-360-4683    
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1922644 Alberta Ltd Maendel   Posted: 2018-09-08 
Price:  Please contact  
500 + Bales of grass mix Timothy, brome with a bit of canary grass baled dry no rain. 150 bales grass mix baled dry with no rain. 150 bales grass mix got a bit of rain. Price depends on distance for delivery bales are 13-1500 lbs average
Phone:  587-437-1869    
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