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Klys Farms Carstairs   Posted: 2018-05-22 
Jim  Klys
Price:  $7.50   Quantity and Type:  Grass hay/1100 bales
Grass hay, no rain, shedded
Phone:  403-701-7551    
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Quesseth Farms Red Deer County   Posted: 2018-05-16 
Aaron  Quesseth
Price:  $100   Quantity and Type:  90 3x4
Big square timothy bales. 1150 to 1200 lbs. No rain. First year timothy. Located east of Innisfail. Delivery available. Feed tests upon request.
Phone:  403-598-5365 Cell:  403-588-0244  
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Knopp, Dean Warburg   Posted: 2018-05-14 
Price:  70   Quantity and Type:  20
Alfalfa/grass round hay bales for sale. Saving it for after calving but I have enough. Cows ate it well.
Phone:  780-904-2414    
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Ruskowsky, Lorne Wetaskiwin   Posted: 2018-05-10 
Price:  25.00   Quantity and Type:  60 bales reed canary
60 bales of reed canary and low land hay. Near Falun Alberta
Phone:  780-352-2908    
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7R farms Wildwood   Posted: 2018-05-09 
Caroline  Russell
Price:  $30.00  
Big round bales, mixture hay.
Phone:  780-325-2389    
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Jfk Farms & Hay Sales & JFK Excavting Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2018-05-09 
Jon  Van Kuilenburg
Price:  $160 per ton   Quantity and Type:  68 round bales 1350lb a bale
1st cut round bales 5x6 for sale 50%grass 50% alfalfa. 2 loads available trucking is charged separately. For more information call Jon van kuilenburg 403.872.2568
Phone:  403-872-2568    
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Stilet, Marvin Sunnybrook   Posted: 2018-05-08 
Price:  160.00 per ton   Quantity and Type:  First cut alfalfa
91 square bales 4x4x8, 60 round first cut alfalfa 160.00 per ton
Phone:  780-940-6731    
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U8 Farming Beiseker   Posted: 2018-05-07 
Price:  $200 ton   Quantity and Type:  200 ton Alfalfa
170 round alfalfa bales second cut, weed free, weighing approx 1800 lbs. 70 3x4x8 alfalfa bales first cut have analysis for both.
Phone:  403-888-2007    
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Ball, Rod Blackfalds   Posted: 2018-05-06 
Price:  $100   Quantity and Type:  15 round bales
1200 lb mixed hay put up dry 2017. Excellent horse or cattle feed.
Phone:  403-506-2299    
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., Kurt Sturgeon County   Posted: 2018-05-01 
Price:  $150   Quantity and Type:  40 round bales
40 Round bales left for sale. All natural, no chemicals, sprays, or fertilizers used. $150 ea. or 11.0 cents/lb. Approximately 70% Alfalfa and 30% Brome grass, first cut made in June, no rain. Approximately 1400 pound bales. Stored in a hay shed.
Phone:  780-886-8034 Cell:  780-886-8034  
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Bright's Seed New Norway   Posted: 2018-05-01 
Price:  $80   Quantity and Type:  11 bales dry grass
Hay bales, grass
Phone:  1-780-855-2240 Cell:  1-780-678-6329  
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Westlane Farms Ltd. Didsbury   Posted: 2018-05-01 
Ryan  Konschuh
Price:  $85.00   Quantity and Type:  100 Haylage
I have 100 bales of alfalfa/timothy/orchard haylage bales for sale. They weigh approximately 2000lbs, and are approximately 40% moisture. I have fed quite a few myself, and the cows really like the feed. Loading is included in the price of the bales.
Phone:  403-335-8669 Cell:  403-994-0550  
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Richardson, Ron Olds   Posted: 2018-04-30 
Price:  6.50/bale  
Small square bales of grass mix for sale. Good horse hay.
Phone:  403-994-0666 Cell:  403-994-0666  
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Leighton, Allen Ponoka   Posted: 2018-04-29 
Price:  75  
Alfalfa, Orchardgrass, brome 1st cut round bales. No rain, good enough for horses
Phone:  403-783-6902 Cell:  403-963-6902  
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Olstad Farms Inc. Millet   Posted: 2018-04-29 
Price:  $55.00 per bale  
Green feed barley round bales. Barley weighs about 40lb/bushel. Bales weigh 1200 lb. 500 bales available Really good feed. Baled at 14% moisture. Delivery can be arranged
Phone:  780-360-3784    
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Schmitt, Taylor Olds   Posted: 2018-04-27 
Price:  200/ST   Quantity and Type:  Green feed timothy mix
We have round bales 50/50 mix of green feed with timothy. Either Barley green feed, oat green feed or barley oat mix green feed. Delivery is available if taking a full 53' load.
Phone:  403-994-0580    
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S, Stan Rimbey   Posted: 2018-04-25 
Price:  $70.00  
14 -1st cut alfalfa grass round bales. 20- 2nd cut alfalfa grass round bales
Phone:  403-357-6744    
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L., Scott Airdrie   Posted: 2018-04-16 
Price:  48/bale   Quantity and Type:  80
Oat greenfeed/swath grazed/straw bales - from baled off unused swath grazing. Partially green and oat grain within bales. Cows eat/pick through and use remainder as bedding. Large round bales ~66inch. Includes loading. Located 15mins NE of Airdrie
Phone:  403-680-4149    
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U8 Farming ltd Beiseker   Posted: 2018-04-14 
Vaughn  Uffelman
Price:  11 cents/lb   Quantity and Type:  400 Alfalfa round bales
400 large round second cut alfalfa bales for sale net wrapped weighing approximately 1800-1900 lbs. Baled dry, no rain, weed free second year field can arrange delivery.4038882007
Phone:  403-888-2007 Cell:  403-888-2007  
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Dalziel Forage Group Innisfail   Posted: 2018-04-12 
Price:  $5-$8/ bale   Quantity and Type:  mixed small squares 1000
55-60lb. small square bales, minimum order of 25. Mixed grasses and alfalfa both first and second cut.
Phone:  403-337-3264    
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Dalziel Forage Group Innisfail   Posted: 2018-04-12 
Price:  $8/ 80lb compressed bale   Quantity and Type:  timothy compressed
Straight timothy compressed bales, shedded. 80-90lbs. per bale, asking $8/bale 600 available.
Phone:  403-337-3264    
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