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Wohland, Roy Thorhild   Posted: 2018-03-17 
Price:  $45.00  
Approx 145 Alfalfa mix hay bales for sale. Baled with no rain July 2016. Baled by New Holland 664 baler. Approx. 1200 pounds Stacked in yard. Will load.
Phone:  780-307-4431    
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Machura, Bill Vilna   Posted: 2018-03-16 
Price:  $35.00/Bale   Quantity and Type:  300
Alfalfa/Timothy Net wrapped hay bales, some rain, 1100 to 1200 lbs., some dusty. Have truck and trailer and can deliver 40 bale loads.
Phone:  780-210-0800    
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Chapa Farms Boyle   Posted: 2018-03-14 
Peter  Chapa
Price:  60.00 -70.00   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa/timothy 440 1st cut - 96 2nd cut
2017 certified organic hay, 1300 - 1350 lbs alfalfa timothy round bales made with JD 530 baler. All bales very good quality, not raked, baled dry with no rain.
Phone:  780-689-2460    
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Circle W Quarter Horses Athabasca   Posted: 2018-03-14 
Price:  $65.00   Quantity and Type:  90
Large round bales (5x6) JD 535 baler. Timothy alfalfa mix. No rain. Farm gate at pavement. Twine. Loading in yard.
Phone:  780-213-4301    
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Rauser, Leonard Andrew   Posted: 2018-03-05 
Price:  $70.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  60 round 2nd cut
Excellent (dairy quality) 2nd cut grass/alfalfa mix hay. No rain. Dry. Sixty bales left.
Phone:  780-896-3823    
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Geiger Enterprises Tawatinaw   Posted: 2018-03-03 
Richard  Geiger
Price:  $.055/lb $80/bale   Quantity and Type:  200
Second cut alfalfa twine 5x6
Phone:  780-307-4501   Fax:  780-698-2377
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Bruchal, Bob Thorhild   Posted: 2018-03-02 
Price:  45  
Approx 1300 to 1350 lbs round bales. Alfalfa/grass mix or straight grass. This hay is chemical free. Some from 2017 and have a few left from 2016 with no rain as well. Please call or text him to discuss prices which start at $45 per bale. Can load for you. Delivery also an option at additional price. Call or text Bob 780-349-9448 Located about an hour north of Edmonton, near Thorhild.
Phone:  780-349-9448    
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FLM Farms Ltd. Glendon   Posted: 2018-02-26 
Brian  Makaruk
Price:  $50 - $75 / bale   Quantity and Type:  600 Round Bales
1250-1450 lbs second cut alfalfa, alfalfa grass mixed and alfalfa timothy mixed.
Phone:  780-635-2385 Cell:  780-623-8910 Fax:  780-623-8910
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Homeniuk, Ken Grassland   Posted: 2018-02-16 
Price:  75 per bale   Quantity and Type:  Pure Alfalfa
500 6x5 pure Alfalfa bales made with 688 baler one shower on it will load hauling available for extra cost.
Phone:  780-689-8381 Cell:  780-689-8381  
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Matwychuk, Fred Spedden   Posted: 2018-02-09 
Price:  50.00 per bale or .045/lb   Quantity and Type:  1100
Large first cut round hay bales, seeded seven varieties (alfalfa, timothy, brome, orchard grass, etc). Weighed 6 random bales, average 1234 lbs. Baled with Massey 1560 baler, orange twine, little or no rain. Stacked alongside Highway 28.
Phone:  780-636-3761 Cell:  780-614-1649  
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