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Brodersen, Sheldon Barrhead   Posted: 2016-12-02 
Price:  5 1/4 cents per pound   Quantity and Type:  330 Large round
Excellent quality 2nd cut alfalfa hay bales for sale dry and no rain 100% alfalfa net wrapped with 2.5 wraps price negotiable on larger amounts taken.
Phone:  780-674-0973    
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Colbourne Lone Pine   Posted: 2016-12-01 
Price:  $50 each   Quantity and Type:  110
Round bales(535 JD) 4.5 x 5 foot bales. 1st cut baled early August - no rain. Hay is still in the field, price includes loading.
Phone:  780-584-3902    
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Kublik, Marvin Barrhead   Posted: 2016-11-30 
Price:  3 cents per lb.   Quantity and Type:  1st cut alfalfa/grass hay
1st cut alfalfa/grass hay for sale. 1500 pound round bales.
Phone:  780-674-4374    
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Schaupmeyer, Rocky Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-11-28 
Mixed hay bales for sale approx. weight 1200lbs
Phone:  780-786-4423    
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Pritchard, Daniel Blue Ridge   Posted: 2016-11-27 
Price:  $.05/lb. 1500 lb bales   Quantity and Type:  Grass/legume...some good some rained on once.
Deals on volume buys can be worked out. About 1000-1500 bales available right now and some year old hay here also. Bales are in bale yard and loading is available. Dan
Phone:  780-648-2149 Cell:  780-396-9460  
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Hood, Tim Jarvie   Posted: 2016-11-18 
Price:  $35.00 - $65 hay/ $20.00 straw  
500 bales of hay averaging 1500lbs of various qualities, first and second cut. Hay is primarily grass and baled with a 567 JD net wrap baler. 50 bales of rye straw baled with the same baler.
Phone:  780-954-2538    
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Govenlock, Tom Whitecourt   Posted: 2016-11-16 
Price:  $25/Bale In the field   Quantity and Type:  150 RND Mixed hay
150 Round bales mixed Hay of Alfalfa/Timothy /Grass in varying ratios for sale in the field. A limited amount of rain showers. Not great for Horse feed but good for Cattle.
Phone:  780-778-3368    
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Prairie Wind Farm Wembley   Posted: 2016-11-16 
Price:  Open to offers   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa mixed
400/500 large rounds John Deere 567 plastic twine.
Phone:  780-518-3382    
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Blum, Dieter Barrhead   Posted: 2016-11-14 
Large round Bales of hay wrapped haylage in white plastic. Alfalfa mixed and Timothy.
Phone:  780-674-4175 Cell:  780-674-7897  
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Kuelken, Peter Ft. Assiniboine   Posted: 2016-11-14 
Price:  45.00   Quantity and Type:  500 big round Alfalfa grass
Good quality and color aproximatley 1200 to 1300 lbs. Most had no rain some had a little rain. Also some fescue hay available 150 bales.
Phone:  780-584-2376    
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Whitford, Errol Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-11-09 
150 Round mixed hay bales, no rain about 1300 TO 1350 lbs. 855 NH baler. Also approx 200 90% alfalfa rest orchard grass, some rain. ound
Phone:  780-786-2916 Cell:  780-674-1081  
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Hall, Rick Cherhill   Posted: 2016-11-05 
Price:  5 Cents per lb  
21 Round Bales of second cut hay for sale alfalfa timothy brome mix no rain.
Phone:  780-785-4003    
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Nickolson, Duane Cherhill   Posted: 2016-11-05 
Price:  $45.00   Quantity and Type:  200
9-1000lb mixed hay bales
Phone:  780-706-4524    
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Hall, Rick Cherhill   Posted: 2016-11-04 
Price:  5 cents per lb   Quantity and Type:  21
21 second cut bales alfalfa timothy brome mix, no rain.
Phone:  780-785-4003    
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Wood, Ron Wembley   Posted: 2016-11-03 
Price:  40  
Alfalfa mix big bales baled with 567JD baler some got rained on a bit but large amount no rain.
Phone:  780-766-3447    
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Mattson, Glenn Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-11-01 
Price:  $55 per bale   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa grass mix
100 Good first cut 1200lb. round bales with no rain. 50% alfalfa 50% brome, timothy grass mix. Organically grown. Can load in field.
Phone:  780-786-4327 Cell:  780-785-9534  
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Barry, Don Evansburg   Posted: 2016-10-28 
Quantity and Type:  1200 - 1300 lb. bales
47 grass hay $50/bale. 18 alfalfa orchard grass bales $55/bale JD 530 baler Baled in July - no rain - great shape Can arrange delivery
Phone:  780-727-2233 Cell:  780-515-0140  
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DTS Hay Farms Edmonton   Posted: 2016-10-25 
Price:  $50.00 per bale obo   Quantity and Type:  300 4X4X8 Large Sqs
300 4X4X8 Large square bales. Approx. 1600lbs. Call for details. Delivery can be arranged. If no answer, please leave a message, all calls returned promptly.
Phone:  780-962-2021    
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Schultz, Clarence Westlock   Posted: 2016-10-25 
Price:  call for delivered price  
Very green grass hay no rain and some with a little rain good horse hay and for young cattle.
Phone:  780-297-4343 Cell:  780-297-4343  
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Hall, Richard Cherhill   Posted: 2016-10-23 
Price:  5.5 cents a pound   Quantity and Type:  21 alfalfa timothy brome mixture bales
2nd cut bales with no rain.
Phone:  780-785-4003    
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Horne, Roger Lake Isle   Posted: 2016-10-19 
Price:  65.00   Quantity and Type:  120 round alfalfa /tim
120 round bales alfalfa/tim, cut Aug 6, no rain. 100 round bales yellow feed put up dry 45.00
Phone:  780-892-3590 Cell:  780-686-8691 Fax:  780-892-3590
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