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Hall, Richard Cherhill   Posted: 2016-10-23 
Price:  5.5 cents a pound   Quantity and Type:  21 alfalfa timothy brome mixture bales
2nd cut bales with no rain.
Phone:  780-785-4003    
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Horne, Roger Lake Isle   Posted: 2016-10-19 
Price:  65.00   Quantity and Type:  120 round alfalfa /tim
120 round bales alfalfa/tim, cut Aug 6, no rain. 100 round bales yellow feed put up dry 45.00
Phone:  780-892-3590 Cell:  780-686-8691 Fax:  780-892-3590
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1972 County of Grande Prairie No. 1   Posted: 2016-10-15 
Doug  Curtiss
Price:  $40/$50   Quantity and Type:  500 big round bales - Alfalfa, timothy, brome
500 big round bales - Alfalfa, Timothy, Brome mix. $40/bale for approx. 100-some rain, rolled and baled dry. $50/bale for remaining bales-put up dry, no rain, no roll. Currently sitting scattered in field - tractor available for loading.
Phone:  587-298-8179 Cell:  587-298-8179 Fax:  587-298-8179
Toll Free: 587-298-8179
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Edge hill farm Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-10-15 
Round bales of good quality cattle feed alfalfa mix,1400 lbs./$50-$60 each...We also have excellent quality for horses $70 each. Square bales Alfalfa/Orchard grass, two types $5.00/$6.00 each depending on type...all about sixty pounds.
Phone:  780-305-8703    
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Tonsi, Bert Onoway   Posted: 2016-10-14 
Price:  $50.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  44
Horse hay consisting of Timothy, Brome,5% Alfalfa and small amounts of other grasses. 1000-1300 pound round bales. No rain. Organically grown. Easy access in field.
Phone:  780-995-5555    
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Perrett, Steele Evansburg   Posted: 2016-10-13 
Price:  50-60 a bale   Quantity and Type:  1500
1500 bales of a large variety of types. 50 a bale for cow hay and 60 a bale for horse hay. Bales weigh 1400lbs to 1600lbs depending on variety of hay. Baled with 568 baler and most are tied with twine. Delivery available in loads of 5 or loads of 38. Please call for details.
Phone:  780-779-3139    
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Whitford, Errol Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-10-12 
150 Round mixed hay bales, no rain about 1300 TO 1350 lbs. 855 NH baler. Also approx 200 90% alfalfa rest orchard grass, some rain. ound
Phone:  780-786-2916 Cell:  780-674-1081  
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Petersen, Mike Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-10-06 
Price:  $45/bale   Quantity and Type:  150 round hay or greenfeed
150 bales of hay or Oats Greenfeed your choice. Hay had approx. 1.5" of rain just after it was cut tested 15% to 16% when baled, mid July, bales weigh approx. 1100lbs Green feed had approx. 0.5" of rain just after it was cut, tested 14% to 15% when baled mid August bales weigh approx. 1300lbs. All bales were baled with JD 568 baler and have 64" Net Wrap on them, Bales are approx. 62"to 65"in diameter will load possible discount on all 150.
Phone:  780-786-4277 Cell:  780-706-5467  
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Keyes, Lyle Carrot creek   Posted: 2016-10-05 
Price:  50   Quantity and Type:  140 round bales
Six foot Timothy clover bales
Phone:  780-723-0832    
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Meinczinger Enterprises Ltd. Breton   Posted: 2016-10-05 
John  Meinczinger
Price:  $.04 to $.06/ lb depending on hay   Quantity and Type:  250 large round bales
1st cut alfalfa timothy hay. Some rain, cut early. baled dry. 2nd cut alfalfa timothy hay. Some rain, baled dry !st & 2nd cut mixed hay, baled dry, some rain, nice fine hay.
Phone:  780-202-0725 Cell:  782-020-725  
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Mattson, Glenn Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-10-03 
Price:  $65 per bail   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa grass mix
100 Good first cut 1400lb. round bales with no rain. 50% alfalfa 50% brome, timothy grass mix. Organically grown. Can load in field.
Phone:  780-786-4327 Cell:  780-785-9534  
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Govenlock, Tom Whitecourt   Posted: 2016-09-28 
155 round bales 35 bales in the field. First cut Alfalfa Timothy Grass mixed (cut late July) some with one shower some two to three good for cattle feed. Have 75 2nd cut Alfalfa round bales for sale 45 bales in the field.
Phone:  780-778-3368    
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Seely, Randi Little Smoky   Posted: 2016-09-27 
Price:  Call or txt for pricing   Quantity and Type:  500+ Timothy, Fescue
500+ Timothy, fescue 1200 lbs bales for sale
Phone:  780-524-9740    
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Drostan livestock Edson   Posted: 2016-09-26 
Craig  Fossheim
Price:  60.00  
We have 300+ bales of grass hay for sale please contact for more info.
Phone:  780-712-2578    
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Podgorniak, Marian Evansburg   Posted: 2016-09-26 
Price:  $40.00 / bale   Quantity and Type:  280 round bales
Baled with John Deere 530 baler. Alfalfa/Timothy/Clover hard core 5'3/4" size bales.
Phone:  780-727-2584    
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Tucker, Paul Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-09-26 
Quantity and Type:  300 round bales, mix hay
300 round net wrapped mixed hay bales for sale. No rain, approximately 1200 lbs. Located near Mayerthorpe,AB.
Phone:  780-305-3878    
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Muldoon, Chad Sangudo   Posted: 2016-09-22 
Price:  $45 - $70   Quantity and Type:  300 round bales
Alfalfa Timothy Brome mix. Some earlier fist cut, some late first cut. Approx 1300 lb bales, baled with JD 535, poly twine 100 round bales, some rain (cow feed), $45/bale 100 round bales, outside rounds, light early rain but dried and baled good, would still make good horse feed, $65/bale 100 round bales, late first cut, no rain, $70/bale
Phone:  780-554-7106    
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Vanhill, Lester Flatbush   Posted: 2016-09-21 
Price:  $36   Quantity and Type:  35
Grass hay with clover located in Cross Lake area. Pasture-hay baled with NH 853 round baler set at 25 lbs airbag pressure. Rock trap closed on end-gate for full leaf retention. Approx. 850 lb bales. Loading available.
Phone:  780-910-7059    
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Green, Wilf Sangudo   Posted: 2016-09-20 
Price:  $55 per bale   Quantity and Type:  160 alfalfa, mixed grass
1100 lb JD round bales, no rain, baled dry, high quality green hay.
Phone:  780-785-2123    
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Pukalo, Jesse Spruce Grove   Posted: 2016-09-19 
Price:  45.00   Quantity and Type:  alfalfa/grass bales
Round bales with John Deere 569 baler. Hay was done and had about two inches of rain, but was baled dry.
Phone:  780-242-7442    
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Alfa Tec Legal   Posted: 2016-09-15 
Quality affordable hay replacement available with Alfa Tec products. Distributors throughout Western Canada carry our high quality Alfalfa and Timothy Alfalfa Hay Cubes and Dehy Alfalfa Pellets. Please go to our website or contact us toll free at 1 877 253 2832 to find your nearest distributor!
Phone:  1-877-253-2832    
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Szybunka Jr, Donald Sangudo   Posted: 2016-08-16 
Price:  70  
Hay & Greenfeed. No rain. Alfalfa Timothy Brome. Bales are 1400lbs. Selling for $70/bale Also have Greenfeed bales available, please contact for price. Delivery available. Call 780-294-8383 Located near Sangudo, AB
Phone:  780-294-8383    
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