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SFL Sangudo   Posted: 2017-03-27 
Gary  Szybunka
Price:  $.04/lb   Quantity and Type:  400 -600 2nd cut round bales
Very good quality 2nd cut hay weighing approximately 1500 lb. Can be scaled. I also have ~150 oat silage bales. $40/bale for these.
Phone:  780-785-2418 Cell:  780-785-9389 Fax:  780-785-2418
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Finnebraaten, Randy Manning   Posted: 2017-03-21 
Price:  $45  
5x5 solid core of Timothy, brome, alfalfa, with some red clover.
Phone:  780-836-3150 Cell:  780-836-5005 Fax:  780-836-2354
[email]    Ropin the web 
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Maya Ranch Sangudo   Posted: 2017-03-20 
Francisco  Rodriguez
Price:  $50.00/ Round Bale   Quantity and Type:  150 Round Bales
Excellent quality Alfalfa-Brome-Timothy mixed Hay. Absolutely no rain. 1500 Lb. Net wrapped. Baled with John Deere 568 baler. Located west of Sangudo.
Phone:  780-785-2059    
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Selzler, Byron Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2017-03-20 
Price:  30 Per round bale   Quantity and Type:  Mixed hay
Hay for sale in the Mayerthorpe AB area. Mixed hay for 30.00 per bale. 780 674 0282. Call or text.
Phone:  780-674-0282    
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Vankosky, Lorie Wildwood   Posted: 2017-03-18 
Quantity and Type:  400 Round Bales
1400 - 1600 lbs. Alfalfa Timothy hay John Deere net wrapped. Protein 12 - 13% Moisture 11% Relative feed value 110 - 113%. Analysis available.
Phone:  780-727-2711 Cell:  780-266-3777  
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Kublik, Marvin Barrhead   Posted: 2017-03-16 
Price:  3 cents per lb.   Quantity and Type:  Greenfeed
Round bale oat green feed for sale. Bales weigh approx 1500 lbs.
Phone:  780-674-4374    
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Punko, Henry Westlock   Posted: 2017-03-14 
For sale large round bales of grass hay and 1st cut alfalfa. Made with JD 568 baler with net wrap. Call 780-698-2514
Phone:  780-698-2604    
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Nickolson, Duane Cherhill   Posted: 2017-03-13 
Price:  40.00  
900 lb mixed hay bales.
Phone:  780-706-4524    
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Charlton, Fred Wildwood   Posted: 2017-03-12 
Price:  $50-$60   Quantity and Type:  210 round mixed hay
1st and 2nd cut mixed hay for sale. 150 round bales 1st cut. 60 round bales of 2nd cut.
Phone:  780-325-2439 Cell:  780-621-8722  
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Schultz, Clarence Westlock   Posted: 2017-03-07 
Price:  call for delivered price  
Alfalfa mix round bales large bales
Phone:  780-297-4343    
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Jersch, Ken Westlock   Posted: 2017-02-27 
Extend your feed by feeding oat hulls. Cattle love them.
Phone:  780-307-5227    
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CMW Farms Ltd. Westlock   Posted: 2017-02-26 
Ian  West
Price:  $45/ Bale   Quantity and Type:  170
1st & 2nd cut Large Round Bales Alfalfa / Timothy For Sale. Good Quality---Interested? Call for more information. Please leave message.
Phone:  780-349-8260    
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Kyle Carvel   Posted: 2017-02-26 
Price:  $40 per bale   Quantity and Type:  Wrapped barley silage bales
Wrapped silage barley bales.
Phone:  780-963-6521    
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Greens Hay Sales Sangudo   Posted: 2017-02-24 
Dwight & Wilf  Green
Price:  $30 +   Quantity and Type:  300+ round hay bales
Alfalfa grass mix,no rain.
Phone:  780-785-2123 Cell:  780-965-1163  
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Gibbs, Les Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2017-02-22 
Price:  First cut $40.00, Second cut $60.00  
116 first cut Alfalfa bales, 60 second cut Alfalfa bales, no rain, west of Mayerthorpe.
Phone:  780-786-4717 Cell:  780-674-7877 Fax:  780-786-4717
Toll Free: 780-786-4717
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Schultz, Clarence Westlock   Posted: 2017-02-22 
Large round bales of Alfalfa and Grass Mixed hay. Call for deliver and price.
Phone:  780-297-4343    
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Whitford, Errol Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2017-02-22 
200-95% Alfalfa, 5% Orchard Grass, little rain. 150-Mixed hay 50% Alfalfa, Orchard Grass, Timothy (no rain), 1380-1400 lbs. 855 NH.
Phone:  780-674-1081    
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Kublik, Marvin Barrhead   Posted: 2017-02-17 
Price:  5 cents per pound  
2nd cut round alfalfa/grass hay for sale.Good quality bales that weigh approx 1700 lbs.
Phone:  780-674-4374   Fax:  780-674-4374
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Jager, Ken Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2017-02-16 
Price:  7.00   Quantity and Type:  800 small square
Second cut small square bales for sale. 70% alfalfa, 15% timothy and 15% orchard grass. 50 to 60 lb bales at 36 to 42 inches long. Put up dry with stacker and tarped. 600 first come first pick, 7.00 per. Lower layer of the stack has slight spoilage, price negotiable as they become available. Also some older hay, call for details, sheded.
Phone:  1-780-786-4498 Cell:  1-780-305-8915  
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