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Peace River Hay For Sale Listings

Hnatiuk, Rita & Sheldon Worsley   Posted: 2018-11-15 
Price:  $25-$75   Quantity and Type:  300 plus
Cicer Milkvetch and meadow bloom mix, 2017 bales($40), 2018 bales($75) all dry cut this year. Located in Worsley Alberta. Call 780-915-4944. Phone: 780-460-7942 Cell: 780-926-1874 780-919-0337
Phone:  780-460-7942 Cell:  780-926-1874  
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Peacock, Stan High Prairie   Posted: 2018-11-09 
Price:  $70 - $80 per bale   Quantity and Type:  1000 grass bales
1300 to 1400 lb. bales
Phone:  780-523-2394    
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Deines, Bob Nampa   Posted: 2018-11-05 
Price:  $50   Quantity and Type:  80 round bales
Alfalfa, timothy, clover mix bailed by beginning of July - no rain.
Phone:  780-322-2195 Cell:  780-618-1662  
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Enterprises Macay Inc St Isidore   Posted: 2018-11-01 
Marc  Lavoie
Price:  60-80   Quantity and Type:  300mt
Compressed timothy hay and straw bales and 3-tie timothy hay and straw bales.
Phone:  780-624-2850    
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Calkins Ranches Dixonville   Posted: 2018-10-24 
Price:  $40   Quantity and Type:  200 round bales
Greenfeed oat bales. Est 1300-1500lbs. Baled with 567 JD round baler. No fertilizer or chemicals used.
Phone:  780-518-7113    
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Westfork Farms Hythe   Posted: 2018-10-16 
Sid  Hogg
Price:  65/each   Quantity and Type:  Barley bales
We have 1000 1800 lb barley bales made with a JD 569 baler and netwrap. Located 45 minutes west of Grande Prairie. Will load.
Phone:  780-518-2096    
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