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Thiessen, Travis Strathmore   Posted: 2018-09-17 
Price:  $105 per bale   Quantity and Type:  400
Chopped oat silage bales for sale excellent feed. Baled with mchale fusion vario. Bales weigh 1750 lbs plus $105 per bale can load.
Phone:  403-901-5063    
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North Bend Cattle Corp Scandia   Posted: 2018-09-12 
Danny  Vanhal
Second cut alfalfa for sale. Test available. 250 bales. This is dairy hay feed value over 140
Phone:  403-793-3292    
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Douglass Agro Gem   Posted: 2018-09-03 
Scott  Douglass
Price:  $200/ton   Quantity and Type:  Hay and greenfeed
Big squares 4x4x8. Hay bales $230/ton. Greenfeed bales mix of triticale and rye grass $200/ton Price negotiable if buying 500 or more tons
Phone:  403-501-6075    
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BootHay Farms Ltd Fort Macleod   Posted: 2018-08-30 
Price:  $210/ton   Quantity and Type:  1,600 large square 3x4x8 oat greenfeed bales
Forage variety of oats, 11.5 % Protein, comparable to high quality grass hay. Potassium level at 2.2 so could be used in dairy close up cow cows. No rain. Very green. All in shed. Delivery available to BC,AB and SK.
Phone:  403-635-2787    
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Hubka Farms Ltd Carmanagy   Posted: 2018-08-28 
Chris  Whittle
Price:  Negoitable   Quantity and Type:  Big squares
We have 1st and 2nd cut alfalfa and mixed hay available. All tested. Delivery can be arranged.
Phone:  403-715-0551    
[email]    www.hubkahay.com 
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Vos, Jim Granum   Posted: 2018-08-28 
850 3rd cut alfalfa in small squares. 77 lb bales. Can be delivered in enclosed trailer. Call for delivered price
Phone:  403-330-3871 Cell:  403-330-3871  
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Torkelson, Kent Duchess   Posted: 2018-08-17 
Price:  $170/ton  
650 round bales of hard red spring greenfeed. High yielding wheat under pivot, baled in excellent conditions.
Phone:  1-208-241-4571    
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Pineview Solutions INC Pincher Creek   Posted: 2018-08-14 
Tyler  Zielke
Price:  $9.50/bale   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa / Grass Mix
Premium Horse Hay (20% alfalfa, remainder is a timothy, brome orchard grass mix) 65 lb bales. 2000 bales available ? $9.50 per bale. Stored inside. Pickup east of Pincher Creek. Call or Text Ty @ 403-627-8299
Phone:  403-627-8299    
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