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Hoefels, Kyle Onoway   Posted: 2016-08-09 
90 acre of standing oats for silage greenfeed. Seeded June 3.
Phone:  780-777-8975    
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Robinson, Chad Alder Flats   Posted: 2016-08-07 
Price:  Negotiable   Quantity and Type:  120 acres
120 Acres of oats under seeded to hay. Planted the 18th of May and fertilized. Will sell as greenfeed or to be combined. Please contact if interested. Would prefer to sell by the acre or bale rather than shares.
Phone:  780-898-3860    
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Blanken, Pete Bowden   Posted: 2016-08-06 
Price:  negotiable  
60 acres baler oats for silage 8 miles southwest of bowden
Phone:  403-556-5940 Cell:  403-586-4240  
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Diamantina Ranch West of Barrhead   Posted: 2016-08-05 
Ike & Margaret  Burton
Price:  Negotiable  
50 ac of standing Barley. Ready to cut for silage. We can cut, bale and load round bales or sell by the acre.
Phone:  780-785-3194 Cell:  780-674-7281  
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Szybunka, Gary Sangudo   Posted: 2016-08-05 
Price:  $.04/lb   Quantity and Type:  400-600 round bales
Pre-selling 142 acres of standing oat greenfeed underseeded to hay. The alfalfa is quite tall in the greenfeed. This field of greenfeed can be purchased standing for silage or baling or by the bale once it is baled. The greenfeed should be baled by the 2nd or 3rd week of August.
Phone:  780-785-2418 Cell:  780-785-9389  
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Akkermans, A Sylvan lake   Posted: 2016-08-04 
Price:  $200  
To be taken off for silage. 130 acres of oats under seeded to hay. Nice heavy clean crop. We are between highway 11A and Aspelund road.
Phone:  403-356-0200    
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Edge hill farms Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2016-07-24 
Price:  $20/ton,,,standing or custom feeding rates on cows  
Standing crop of corn for silaging or late season custom grazing. Should yield 14-16 t per acre. $20/ton. If not sold as silage we will custom graze your cows on this corn, and then feed them hayhage etc for a period of time in which would make sense for you to truck them here and back to your ranch.
Phone:  780-305-8703    
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Adams, Lawrence Duchess   Posted: 2016-07-23 
Hailed irrigated wheat. For more information please call.
Phone:  403-378-4979    
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