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Egert Edberg   Posted: 2019-01-15 
Price:  $50   Quantity and Type:  200
200 Round Pea straw bales net wrapped. $50 each. Phone 780-877-2339 or 780-877-2326
Phone:  780-877-2339-or-780-877-2326    
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Malyk, Gary Rocky View County   Posted: 2019-01-15 
Price:  $4.00   Quantity and Type:  2000+
Good tight wheat straw bales. Located west of Airdrie just off pavement.
Phone:  403-660-0958    
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R3 Farms Olds   Posted: 2019-01-14 
Chris  Vammen
Price:  $25   Quantity and Type:  150
150 round barley straw bales, baled with JD 535, twine wrapped 66 inch bales. 27 4x4x8 big square barley straw bales $35. Also have a few small square wheat straw bales left from last year $2.50. Loading available
Phone:  403-994-0556    
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Malda Farms Barrhead   Posted: 2019-01-13 
Jelle  Hesselink
Price:  $5/bale   Quantity and Type:  1000 small squares
Heavy, dense oats straw bales, roughly 75lb each.
Phone:  403-963-5204    
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Matula, Vic High Prairie   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Price:  20.00   Quantity and Type:  125
5 x 6 clean dry wheat straw, net wrapped.
Phone:  780-523-2584 Cell:  780-523-1349 Fax:  780--523
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Stimson Ranching Endiang   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Price:  35 per bale   Quantity and Type:  oat
150 to 200 oat bales.. were raked and baled in spring after swath grazed .made 2 big bales per acre after grazed still has oats in the heads.baled with 605n baler. full size bales mesh still good.will load.have to be moved before they freeze down.
Phone:  403-579-2440 Cell:  403-740-2440  
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Lucky Springs Farms Rocky Mountain House   Posted: 2019-01-09 
Len and Sally  Songer
Price:  Call for Pricing  
Large round oat straw bales for sale. Good solid bales, net wrapped.
Phone:  403-845-1655    
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Osterwoldt, Frank Millet   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Price:  $ 25   Quantity and Type:  20
Wheat straw baled with JD 567.
Phone:  780-499-0066    
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Osterwoldt, Frank Millet   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Price:  $ 35   Quantity and Type:  40
Pea straw baled by JD 567. Have 20 available now and can have another 20 in 6 weeks.
Phone:  780-499-0066    
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Vern Olsen Redwater   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Vern  Olsen
Price:  Starting at $25   Quantity and Type:  1000+
3x4x8 Bales. wheat straw, barley straw, pea straw. All baled dry Very solid bales!
Phone:  780-942-3170 Cell:  780-504-3170  
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Braconnier, Peter Three Hills   Posted: 2019-01-06 
Price:  $4.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  100
Wheat small square bales for sale
Phone:  403-443-5386 Cell:  403-369-3634  
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Sawatzky, Jason Didsbury   Posted: 2019-01-05 
Price:  $25   Quantity and Type:  200
Large square Barley Straw bales for sale.
Phone:  403-507-9065    
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Kendze farms Ltd Didsbury   Posted: 2019-01-04 
Price:  40  
250 pea straw round bales netwrap. 100 3x4x8 pea straw bales
Phone:  403-559-6588    
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Redline Livestock Didbsury   Posted: 2019-01-04 
Price:  $38/bale   Quantity and Type:  300
Barley and wheat straw, bales with 568 with plenty of netwrap. Bales avg 1133 lbs.
Phone:  403-994-1065    
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Jfk Farms & Hay Sales & JFK Excavting Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2019-01-03 
Jon  Van Kuilenburg
Price:  25 a bale   Quantity and Type:  500
500 bales of Canola straw for sale 3x4x8 big square bales. Trucking available 72 bales per load $160 per hour. Custom bale hauling available as well. Call Jon for more information 403.872.2568 thanks Jon van Kuilenburg
Phone:  403-872-2568 Cell:  403.872.2568  
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Hallett's Hay and Seed Carstairs   Posted: 2019-01-01 
Richard  Hallett
Price:  40   Quantity and Type:  100
Barley straw and Oat straw for sale. Net wrapped with new John Deere baler. Good solid bales. 50 bales of each available. Must take at least 10 at a time
Phone:  403-586-3769    
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Boyko Two Hills   Posted: 2018-12-29 
Quantity and Type:  150
Large round Wheat straw bales for sale 64 inch.
Phone:  780-722-8738    
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SDB Farms LTD Bloomsbury   Posted: 2018-12-29 
Sheldon  Brodersen
Price:  $30   Quantity and Type:  200
200 large round pea straw bales for sale approx 11-1200lbs each. Feed analysis available
Phone:  780-674-0973    
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Breitkreitz, Andrew Barrhead   Posted: 2018-12-23 
Price:  30   Quantity and Type:  300
Large round Organic Oat straw baled with John Deere 569, net wrapped, delivery available.
Phone:  780-305-6502    
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Breitkreitz, Andrew Barrhead   Posted: 2018-12-23 
Price:  3   Quantity and Type:  3500
Small square organic Oat straw bales stacked and tarped.
Phone:  780-305-6502    
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Marshman Farms Rockyford   Posted: 2018-12-20 
Lloyd  Marshman
Price:  $30.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  300
Pea Straw baled with JD 568 Twine wrapped. Delivery available.
Phone:  403-533-2315 Cell:  403-934-0639  
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Nafziger, Terry Innisfail   Posted: 2018-12-19 
Price:  $25  
Large round Canola Straw bales good firm bale with good weight 850 plus LBS can deliver loads of 30 to 38
Phone:  403-588-6582    
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Kent Ranch Okotoks   Posted: 2018-12-18 
Ian  Kent
Price:  5.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  400
Small squares Barley straw 5.00/ bale, delivery available for full loads (160)
Phone:  403-816-6348    
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Windy Acre Holdings Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2018-12-18 
Doug  Parcels
Price:  30.00 per bale  
3x4x8.5 straw bales. Can deliver or loaded in field. 403-886-4301
Phone:  403-886-4301 Cell:  403-391-1134  
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Machacek, Doug Crossfield   Posted: 2018-12-17 
Price:  $33.00   Quantity and Type:  600
Round bales of wheat straw for sale, some bales located near Didsbury, some near Crossfield. Bales made with John Deere 567 baler and are twine wrapped. Delivery is available at an extra cost. Bales are full size, 6' bales.
Phone:  403-946-5489 Cell:  403-850-1226  
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Springview Colony Farming Co Ltd Gem   Posted: 2018-12-06 
John  Wurz
Approx. 1000 round wheat pea and canola straw bales for sale, baled behind conventional combines.
Phone:  403-363-0602    
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Boyko Two Hills   Posted: 2018-12-05 
Quantity and Type:  100
Oats straw bales for sale 64"
Phone:  780-722-8738    
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Dusseault Farms Inc Vimy   Posted: 2018-12-05 
George  Dusseault
Price:  $30.00   Quantity and Type:  55 round
For sale 55 rd bales bly straw JD netwrap, 60 rd bales wht straw JD netwrap, trucking available.
Phone:  780-961-2102 Cell:  780-818-6680  
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