Cattle Listings

Ralph  Eggins Olds   Posted:  2018-05-23 
Breed:  Polled Herefords   Quantity:  4   Price:  3300
2 Yearling bulls, 2 Two year olds registered and fully vaccinated and semen tested. Ready to work. One has experience with calves on the ground.
Phone:  403-804-0514  

Adrian  Hykaway Fort Saskatchewan   Posted:  2018-05-23 
Breed:  Dexter   Quantity:  1 to 10 plus   Price:  $1600 +
Registered Dexter cows, cows with calves, heifers, bulls. Polled, horned, and dehorned, reds and blacks. Some are A1 A2 milk and some are A2 A2 plus the other 2 milk traits tested for and more to be tested. All are or will be registered and transferred to the new owner. Call Adrian for more details
Phone:  780-998-7358  

Keith  Jaffray Morrin   Posted:  2018-05-23 
Breed:  Black Angus Yearling Bulls   Quantity:  1   Price:  2300
Yearling black angus heifer bull. Low birth weight. Semen tested. All shots. Ready to go. For more info call/text Keith. 403-861-2648.
Phone:  403-861-2648 Cell:  403-861-2648

J.  Boyer Entwistle   Posted:  2018-05-22 
Breed:  Black Angus X   Quantity:  24   Price:  2750 obo
Ranch raised Black Angus X cow/calf pairs: 18 second-calf pairs & 6 first-calf heifer pairs. March/April calves. $2750 obo/pair (minimum 15 pairs).
Phone:  780-898-4404-or-780-898-4408  

J.  Boyer Entwistle   Posted:  2018-05-22 
Breed:  Black Angus X   Quantity:  5   Price:  $2500 obo
Ranch raised Black Angus X bulls: 1 yearling (18 month-old), 3 three-year-olds, 1 six-year-old
Phone:  780-898-4404-or-780-898-4408  

Spruce View Acres Round Hill   Posted:  2018-05-22 
Breed:  Simmental   Quantity:  1  
Long yearling fullblood Simmental bull. Virgin bull. 83lb birth weight, but is a twin. Red goggle eyed, thick butted, easy to handle. Semen tested good earlier in the year with large testicles. Good footed and should raise females you'll want to keep. He is bored and wants to be put to work! Pictures available.
Phone:  780-679-0713  

Scott  Listoe Castor   Posted:  2018-05-21 
Breed:  Simmental/angus cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  2800
3 yr. old Simmental/Angus cross with steer calf. Email for picture.
Phone:  403-882-3119  

Willow Glen Farm Czar   Posted:  2018-05-20 
Jaylyn  Ettinger
Breed:  Highland   Quantity:  1   Price:  2200.00
Registered yearling, dun Highland bull for sale. Out of lines with excellent feet, udders, movement & temperament. A solid, beefy young bull; forage based growth only. Full health program. Further details on our website:
Phone:  780-842-8285  

Future Farms Innisfail   Posted:  2018-05-17 
Allan  Marshall
Breed:  Charolais   Price:  $3,000 - $5,000
Purebred registered Charolais bulls for sale by Private Treaty. Please contact Future Farms at 403-227-2594 or by email or view our website. at
Phone:  403-227-2594  

D  Hughes Lacombe   Posted:  2018-05-17 
Price:  $1500
7 Red Angus cross open heifers. No implants, no brands, home raised, vacc. & boosters. Nice framed, 700lb range.
Phone:  403-896-7365  

KS Farm Spirit River   Posted:  2018-05-17 
Kirk  Cowell
Breed:  Welsh Black/Angus   Quantity:  10-20  
Replacement heifers, born 2017, Welsh Black sired, and out of Angus/Simmental or Welsh Black cows. Grass genetics from a healthy herd that has been closed for over 5 years. Low maintenance, quiet, trained in rotational grazing system. Most will mature around 1200lbs.
Phone:  780-864-9218  

Ken  Pierson Rocky View   Posted:  2018-05-17 
Breed:  Black & Red Angus Bulls   Price:  Please Contact
For sale or lease: Black and Red Angus bulls. Call or Text: 403-540-0856
Phone:  403-540-0856 Cell:  403-540-0856

Mark  . Sangudo   Posted:  2018-05-14 
Quantity:  30 pairs  
For sale first calf heifer pairs. BWF/Simm/Angus cross. February calves. Pasture and bull available for 2018. Please call for more info.
Phone:  780-990-8412  

Aberlynn Farms Red Deer County   Posted:  2018-05-14 
Gordon  Bradshaw
Breed:  Angus   Price:  3000 to 4500
Purebred yearling and 2yr old black and red angus. Born unassisted, semen tested. Not left over from a sale we only sell out of our yard. Birth weights from 78 to 92 lbs. 35 years selling bulls. Gordon Bradshaw
Phone:  403-227-0354 Cell:  403-357-7850

GSB Simmentals Keoma   Posted:  2018-05-14 
Garry & Linda  Schmid
Breed:  Simmental   Quantity:  5   Price:  3500 - 4000
Yearling Simmental bulls. 2 Polled Reds (one with blaze face) 3 Polled Blacks (2 with blaze face) Semen tested and ready to go to work for you. Birth weights 79 - 105 lbs. Excellent growth. For pictures and more info go to Kijiji Calgary.
Phone:  403-935-4527 Cell:  403-613-3499

Jeff  McNeill Lamont   Posted:  2018-05-13 
Breed:  Red Angus  
We have on offer purebred yearling Red Angus bulls. They have been semen evaluated and are ready to work for you. Great disposition and soundness. They can be used on heifers and cows. Birthweights are 72 to 84 lbs . Delivery available For more information call Jeff @ 780-220-3958
Phone:  780-220-3958  

Cinder Angus Barrhead   Posted:  2018-05-12 
Breed:  Red Angus   Price:  $3500.00
We have a few yearling bulls looking for some females to breed. Low to moderate birthweights with some size to get to those cows. Good footed cattle and super dispositions. Free delivery. These bulls have some pretty solid mothers behind them and they have been semen checked.
Phone:  780-674-5773 Cell:  780-674-1196

Double N Ranch Sundre   Posted:  2018-05-12 
Gerald  Ingeveld
Breed:  Polled Herefords   Quantity:  10   Price:  3500.00
Ranch raised 2 year old Polled Hereford bulls. Easy calving. Fed a light ration, lean and ready to breed. Good feet, semen tested, guaranteed. Delivery available.
Phone:  403-638-2356 Cell:  403-638-6908

Jason  Janzen LaCrete   Posted:  2018-05-12 
Breed:  Gelbvieh   Price:  2800-3200
For sale, yearling registered Gelbvieh bulls. Semen tested and ready to go to work! Free delivery into the Peace Country.
Phone:  780-926-0156  

Jensen Farms Airdrie   Posted:  2018-05-12 
Breed:  Red Simm/Angus Heifers   Quantity:  20   Price:  1575
Home raised replacement heifers: 800-900 lbs. Straight Red and Red Baldy. No impants, extremely quiet, Soderglen sired (Red Simm and Red Max). All heifers really close to 50/50 breed composition. Call or text for more info
Phone:  403-948-3065 Cell:  403-875-1062

Cormilane Angus Olds   Posted:  2018-05-11 
Breed:  Red Angus  
Red Angus yearling bulls for sale. Low birth weights, good dispositions, good feet. Semen tested.
Phone:  403-507-9889  

Serviceberry Angus Rockyford   Posted:  2018-05-10 
Darcy  Koester
Breed:  Red angus   Quantity:  6   Price:  $4000
Red Angus yearling bulls. Sired by Red Diamond T Prime Rib 1401. Developed on an oat and hay ration. Moderate birthweight cow bulls and low birthweight heifer bulls available. Semen tested, delivered and ready to go to work.
Phone:  403-901-3560  

William  Brown Castor   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  45   Price:  1600.00
Fancy Black angus replacement heifers. Full herd health. No brands. All home raised and ready for the grass. 900 lbs. Your going to have to look long and hard to find them any fancier. On silage and mineral package right now. They have been taken off any and all grain. Call for pictures you wont be disappointed.
Phone:  403-740-3425 Cell:  403-740-3425

E & L ranching Bowden   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Eric  Falk
Breed:  Red and Black Angus  
Registered Red and Black Angus yearling bulls for sale. Quiet hand fed moderate frame, light to moderate birth weights. Good for heifers or cows. Bulls will be semen tested and delivery could be arranged. Call Eric at 403 391 2259
Phone:  403-391-2259  

FinJaney Farms Wildwood   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Kipp  Kelley
Price:  1600
3 year old Jersey heifer. Nice quiet cow. Halter broke. We are selling her as open however she has been exposed to our Jersey bull since January
Phone:  780-898-1188  

Steve  Friend Viking   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Breed:  angus   Quantity:  25   Price:  2850.00 O.B.O
Young cow/calf pairs with good healthy calves. Quiet cows with good udders. 12 reds and 13 black/black bronco. Pictures available on request
Phone:  780-679-8935 Cell:  780-679-8935

Steve  Friend Viking   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  28   Price:  2850.00 O.B.O
1st calf heifers with March/April calves at side. These are big heifers with good healthy calves. 11 reds and 17 black and black bronco. Heifers are in really good shape. Pictures available on request.
Phone:  780-679-8935 Cell:  780-679-8935

Gb farms Lacombe   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Breed:  Simmental   Quantity:  10 yearling   Price:  2500 or 3000
Polled red and black Simmental yearling bulls for sale, semen tested and ready to go to work. Quiet pail feed bulls. Sired by AI sire or natural sire
Phone:  403-877-7661  

Eagle Spirit Ranch Millarville   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Breed:  Red Angus   Price:  $5800.
An ET bull, born May 28, 2016. BW 89 lbs. Sire is the legendary Red Towaw Indeed 104H; the dam is Red Crowfoot Shawnee 9124J. Indeed is an elite sire with the Can Angus Ass'n, siring daughters with outstanding udders and milk. He ranks in the top 3% of the breed for milk and top 35% for WW and YW. His semen has sold for over $750./straw. 9124J is the dam and granddam of many top bulls including Ruger and Taurus. A full brother to the bull being offered sold for $21,500. in 2015.
Phone:  403-837-4088  

F5 Highlands Caroline   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Dusty  Fay
Breed:  Highland   Quantity:  3   Price:  Negotiable
I have two yearling registered Highland bulls and one registered two year old Highland bull for sale. Temperament is good on all of them. Would be great heifer bulls or for cross breeding as they have a 50/50 chance they carry the Highland Crop Ear gene. This is a cosmetic defect in Highlands only and affects only the ears.
Phone:  403-722-3733 Cell:  403-638-7958

K6 Farms Leduc   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Breed:  Black & Red Angus  
Purebred registered Black & Red Angus yearling and 2 yr old bulls for sale. These are very quiet bulls, bred to be easy calving with light to moderate birth weights. Bulls semen tested and delivered (within a reasonable radius. Further out can be negotiated). Call for more info.
Phone:  780-986-9088  

MacKillop Highlands High River   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Lloyd  MacKillop
Breed:  Highlands   Quantity:  6   Price:  $1800
Purebred open heifers. Pictures available
Phone:  403-652-7413 Cell:  403-652-0658

Kathy  Millar Lacombe   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Price:  2500
9 yearling red gelbvieh bulls for sale. Quiet and easy to handle. Two purebeds and the rest are off our best commercial cows. More info on rolling ridge ranch site
Phone:  403-341-0595  

Moonlite Farm Fairview   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Breed:  Simmental   Price:  3500
Registered yearling Simmental bulls for sale. Vaccinated semen tested ready to go. Most are solid red and polled with low birth weights, delivery options available. Check us out on facebook at moonlite farm
Phone:  780-835-3165  

Travis  Nicholson Carbon   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Breed:  Black Simmental   Quantity:  2   Price:  $2500
One two year old one yearling need to sell one, call or text for more information
Phone:  403-820-0352  

Westcan Cattle Co. Torrington   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Chance  Folkmann
Breed:  Angus   Price:  3500.00
Yearling Angus bulls for sale. Very quiet very good muscled bulls that have full herd health and hoof rot vaccinated. Bulls out to quality bulls sired by seadstock, brilliance consensus and DMM shine on. These bulls have all passed there semen test and are ready to go to work.
Phone:  403-559-9788  

White Owl Boer Goats Vulcan   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Stacey  Wiebe
Breed:  Highland x Dexter   Quantity:  1   Price:  1000
One heifer for sale. Black. Horned. Good looking girl. Fairly easy going.
Phone:  403-603-8033  

Clifford  Wilkie Byemoor/Endiang   Posted:  2018-05-08 
Breed:  Registered Charolais   Quantity:  8   Price:  2000
8 Registered Charolais yearling heifers, all have a percentage of Full French. Call and come and have a look for your next replacements.
Phone:  403-579-2109 Cell:  403-740-6117

Bar EV Land & Cattle Carstairs   Posted:  2018-05-07 
Keith  Evans
Price:  1450
13 black angus cross heifers, average weight is 850lbs. growth heifers. Can take pick of 10 at $1450
Phone:  403-540-6309  

Diamond M South Devons Wardlow   Posted:  2018-05-07 
Leonard & Elsie  Beddoes
Breed:  South Devon   Quantity:  10   Price:  $2800 to $3500
Have yearlings and 2 year olds, blacks and reds. Are, heifer lines and cow lines. British line, quiet bulls, ease calving. Cows are very maternal, butterfat 4.5. Calves growth good on grass and finish well in feedlots. Will be semen tested, vaccined and invomic. Can email pictures or text. Delivering can be arranged.
Phone:  403-566-2467 Cell:  403-633-0181

May Farms Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2018-05-07 
Steve  May
Breed:  gelbvieh and Angus   Price:  3000.00
5 yearling gelbvieh bulls. 1 yearling Red Angus bull Birth weight 76-90 lbs, approx 1200 lbs, semen tested Call for questions- (403)845-4782 (403)844-0496
Phone:  403-845-4782 Cell:  403-844-0496

Jane  Atkins Sundre   Posted:  2018-05-06 
Breed:  Dexter/Belted Galloway Cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  $1000
Yearling Dexter/Galloway bull for sale. Nice conformation. Full band. Already showing interest in the girls.
Phone:  403-556-6413  

Bannister Farm Craigmyle   Posted:  2018-05-06 
Barrie  Bannister
Breed:  Char cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  500
Heifer calf born March 17, 2017. Excellent condition. $500. Located near Craigmyle.
Phone:  403-665-2489 Cell:  403-820-1174

RL7 Ranch Millarville   Posted:  2018-05-06 
Paul  Unger
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  6   Price:  3000.00-4000.00
RL7 Ranch has 3-2 year old Purebred Black Angus and 3-Yearling papered bulls of high quality with quiet disposition, vaccinated, DNA tested (No Doubt, Element, Innovation, Windchill). Upon final sale bull will be semen tested. Call Richard @ 403-837-4683 for more details and pricing.
Phone:  403-837-4683 Cell:  403-837-4683

Schilling Farm Halkirk   Posted:  2018-05-05 
Ryan  Schilling
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  30 Pairs   Price:  3000
Good, quiet pairs for sale. Processed and ready for pasture. Bulls are banded. Range from 1st to 5th calvers. Cows on full herd health program.
Phone:  403-323-0642  

Shepalta Farm Ohaton   Posted:  2018-05-05 
Norris  Sheppard
Breed:  Shorthorn   Price:  please contact
We have a selection of 2-3 year old and yearling bulls on offer. Horned or polled, reds and roans. Perfect for crossing or to add to your purebred herd. All bulls have been semen tested and delivery is available. We are a small father daughter operation with quiet hard working bulls and cows. Mid 70's to mid 80's birthweights. Contact today for images or to schedule a visit at the farm.
Phone:  780-679-4719  

Tri M Ranching Cochrane   Posted:  2018-05-04 
Breed:  Dexter  
Dexter pure-breed yearling bulls for sale. Grass fed, no hormones, no pesticides standard size, not miniatures, excellent confirmation, black, calm disposition, easy to handle could be registered. Great for smaller holdings. Call or leave a message at 403-277-6155
Phone:  403-277-6155  

David  Crawford Irma   Posted:  2018-05-03 
Breed:  Shorthorn   Quantity:  1   Price:  2800.00
1 Red Roan Shorthorn 2yr old bull for sale. 90% semen test. Tie broke, good disposition. Changing program is the reason for selling. Do have calves from him if you are wanting to see. Good feet and legs. Sire, Creek Side Ruffian. Bought as a yearling from Prospect Hill. Pics available. Call or text for more info.
Phone:  780-336-6378  

Glenrose Polled Herefords & Angus Camrose   Posted:  2018-05-03 
Ken  Prichard
Breed:  Polled Hereford/ Red&Black Angus   Quantity:  20+  
A good selection of Hereford and Angus (Red and Black) bulls for sale at the farm. 1-Hereford 3yr old and 2-Hereford 2yr olds Variety of Hereford and Angus Yearlings available. Contact Ken for more info.
Phone:  780-608-6080  

KC Stock Farm Sangudo   Posted:  2018-05-03 
Dale  Dodgson
Breed:  Angus Cross   Quantity:  10 pairs   Price:  3000/pair
Group of 10 angus cows with March calves at side. UTD vaccinations and ready for pasture.
Phone:  780-785-3205  

Northway Cattle Cleardale   Posted:  2018-05-03 
Breed:  Black Simm   Quantity:  5  
Registered Black Simmental yearling bulls for sale. Quiet, good feet, semen tested, in excellent breeding condition. Call 780-835-8291 for pictures an more info.
Phone:  780-835-8291  

Dane  Quartly Red Deer County   Posted:  2018-05-02 
Breed:  Red Simmental   Quantity:  2   Price:  $4000 OBO
I have on offer three home raised polled, yearling purebred Red Simmental bulls for sale by private treaty. Bull 1 (160E): Dam is NUG Tamale 160C and Sire is MAF Rattler 23C. BW: 85 lbs. Scrotal 39 cm. Bull 2 (541E): Dam is NUG Kristy 541C and Sire is MRL Western Force 251B. BW: 94 lbs. Scrotal 38 cm. Bulls are pail fed everyday. Very quiet boys. Free Delivery. All have passed semen test and are ready to go. Come with transferable purebred papers. Open to reasonable offers.
Phone:  403-391-0272  

Radufarm Bowden   Posted:  2018-05-02 
Philipp  Raduner
Breed:  black Angus   Quantity:  1   Price:  2500.-
2 year old black Angus bull. Home raised, good disposition, good looking bull, easy calving. Will be semen tested. Phone 403 559 8847
Phone:  403-559-8847  

Westcan Cattle Co Torrington   Posted:  2018-05-02 
Breed:  Tarentaise   Price:  2500
Yearling Tarentaise bulls, 1 fullblood and 1 black purebred. Semen tested and ready to go to work.
Phone:  403-631-2345 Cell:  403-559-4052

Fredine Farm Alhambra   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Linda  Fredine
Breed:  Gelveigh/Angus cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  2800.00
4 year old Gelveigh/Angus cross bull for sale. Produces beautiful 80 lb (approx)easy calving calves, they pop out, jump up and go to sucking. He is mild mannered. Born and raised on our farm.
Phone:  403-845-9178  

Radufarm Bowden   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Philipp  Raduner
Breed:  black Angus   Quantity:  15   Price:  1700
Black Angus yearling replacement heifers. Home raised,hand fed. Aprox 850 lb. Can feed till May 1st.
Phone:  403-559-8847  

Redline Livestock Didsbury   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Travis  Page
Price:  $4000
Black Angus two year old bulls for sale, bulls are good footed and quiet dispositions. To view pictures and bulls stats visit our website.
Phone:  403-994-1065  

Glen  Schafer Olds   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Breed:  Simmental/Angus Cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  3500
Two year old black Simmental/Angus Cross bull from purebred stock, 80lb bw; over 700lb ww. Hand raised, very quiet and pleasant to work with. Smooth and deep bodied, good feet, vaccinated for hoof rot and passed semen test in 2017 and 2018. Photos available.
Phone:  403-816-5502  

South Seven Farms Vegreville   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Breed:  Simmental  
Registered Full Fleckvieh yearling simmental bull. 74lb birth weight. Semen tested.
Phone:  780-632-9358  

Tannas Ranches Water valley   Posted:  2018-05-01 
Luke or Mark  Tannas
Breed:  Black Angus Bulls   Quantity:  15   Price:  3500.00
Good selection of purebred black Angus calving ease heifer bulls available. These bulls raised under ranch conditions in the Foothills west of Water Valley. Complete vaccination protocol along with Fusogard to prevent foot rot.
Phone:  403-637-2425/403-637-2198 Cell:  403-863-9560

Benedict Beef Wimborne   Posted:  2018-04-30 
Derek and Lois  Benedict
Breed:  Black Angus/Maine Anjou   Quantity:  10   Price:  1700
Your choice of 10 replacement heifers. We have hand selected our top heifers and have more heifers than we have pasture. You get your choice of 10 and we will keep the remaining for our own herd. Very uniform group, average weight 950lbs, palpated April 23. We hand feed them grain daily to develop quiet temperament for easy handling. Call or text for more info and pictures.
Phone:  403-631-2383 Cell:  403-304-2573

Big Island Edmonton   Posted:  2018-04-30 
Paul  Gotaas
Breed:  Aberdeen (Lowline) Moderator   Price:  $4,000.00 OBO
2017 Canadian Grand Champion Moderator bull. Red Speckled. Add quality, performance and diversity. Also Full blood and percentage bulls, cows, heifers and calves are available. Colors include black, red and solid or speckled. Quantities of each and prices vary.
Phone:  780-434-8059 Cell:  780-984-7288

Integrity Ranch Ltd Youngstown   Posted:  2018-04-30 
John and Kelsey 
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  30   Price:  $2500
One Iron bred heifers start calving May 20. Easy calving quality heifers bred to low bw bulls. Sell as package only.
Phone:  403-857-9236  

Redline Livestock Didsbury   Posted:  2018-04-30 
Travis  Page
Breed:  Red Angus   Price:  $3500-$4500
Red Angus yearling heifer bulls and two year old Red Angus heifer bull. Come semen tested and delivery can be arranged. Bulls info and pictures can be viewed on our website.
Phone:  403-994-1065  

Slade  Rogers Ghost Lake/Cochrane   Posted:  2018-04-30 
Breed:  Dexter - unregistered purebred   Quantity:  18   Price:  $600-$3000
Various Dexter cattle for sale, cow/calf pairs, yearlings heifer and bulls, 2 yr old bull, 4 year old bull, mature cows. All great breeders, grass and hay fed, no antibiotics. Mostly black, but have few dun mature cows. Please email for pricing and photos.
Phone:  403-312-4899  

Hobie  Schmautz Torrington   Posted:  2018-04-29 
Breed:  Red and Black   Quantity:  30   Price:  2950.00
1st to 4th calving pairs for sale. Full herd health. Most cows calved in March. Call for more details.
Phone:  403-507-0799 Cell:  403-507-0799

Zachary  Weich Hanna   Posted:  2018-04-29 
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  1   Price:  500
Red Angus bull calf. Newborn, healthy calf, mom doesnt have any milk. Being bottle fed.
Phone:  403-854-2102 Cell:  403-857-8545

Howard  . Mannville   Posted:  2018-04-28 
Breed:  Simmental   Quantity:  Up to 150 pairs  
Looking for some one to take cows on shares or cash lease.
Phone:  780-787-2275  

Lucky Springs Farms Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2018-04-28 
Len and Sally  Songer
Breed:  Polled Hereford, Shorthorn   Price:  Call for Pricing
Yearling Polled Hereford and Shorthorn bulls for sale by private treaty. Excellent dispositions. Fertility tested and guaranteed. Delivery available. More info and photos available on our website.
Phone:  403/845-5239  

Prospect Hill Shorthorns Meeting Creek   Posted:  2018-04-26 
Les & Shelley  Peterson
Breed:  Shorthorn   Quantity:  Several   Price:  Call
We raise and feed our bulls to go to work and last!! They are semen tested, free deleivery within a 100 miles. They come from great uddered females easy fleshing great feet.
Phone:  780-877-2444 Cell:  780-608-5023

Windrush Hill Salers Ltd Okotoks   Posted:  2018-04-26 
Brian  Jones
For Sale: 6 two year old registered Salers bulls. Purebreds. All black & polled. Birth weights starting @70Lbs. All semen tested and from a closed herd. Quiet and extremely deep bodied. Your choice $3200 each.
Phone:  403-938-6367  

Colin  Creasy Brownfield   Posted:  2018-04-25 
Breed:  Longhorn   Quantity:  1   Price:  $1400
Red & White 3 year old Longhorn bull. Real quiet with excellent horns.
Phone:  403-578-2255  

Hihnalta Farms Ltd Heisler   Posted:  2018-04-25 
Breed:  Red Angus\Simmental   Quantity:  22   Price:  1600
22 RA\SIM cross open heifers, from my own herd, no brands, hay ration, palpated, 850lbs.
Phone:  780-889-2225 Cell:  780-781-4838

Robert  Rustad Minburn   Posted:  2018-04-25 
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  2   Price:  500.00. Or best offer
Two orphaned Angus bull calves looking for a mom. Currently on a bottle.
Phone:  780-593-2116 Cell:  780-853-7939

Richard  Battersby Ponoka   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Breed:  dexter  
Cow calf pairs. Purebred, not registered. $1500.00 per pair. Will include breeding in July.
Phone:  403-704-1217  

Braden  Douglass Gem   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Breed:  Red Angus Cross   Quantity:  200   Price:  1650
200 red angus cross replacement quality heifers available, one hair brand, being fed silage and grain. 850lbs
Phone:  403-793-4524  

Glenrose Polled Herefords & Angus Camrose   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Breed:  Black and Red Angus   Price:  $3500 and up
I have black and red angus yearling bulls suitable for heifers or cows. Birthweights range from 64 to 90 pounds on the reds and 86 to 98 on the blacks. They will be semen tested and ready for delivery when you need them.
Phone:  780-608-6080  

Glenrose Polled Herefords & Angus Camrose   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Breed:  Polled Hereford   Price:  $3000 -$5000
I have 2 and 3 year old polled hereford bulls with birthweights from 90lbs and up. They are semen tested and halter broke. Call me to see if I have a bull to fit your needs.
Phone:  780-608-6080  

Hespero Bank Shorthorns Eckville   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Bill  Darlington
Breed:  Purebred Shorthorns   Quantity:  2 yearling bulls   Price:  please call
Two yearling shorthorn bulls for sale. 1 Roan sired by Shadybrook Jalapeno and has a birthweight of 85 lbs. Growthy and wide with strong feet and legs - he will walk out on the pastures with ease. A paternal sister was class champion at Farmfair this past fall. 1 Red bull sired by HD Swagger and had a birthweight of 80 lbs, he's long and good footed coming from a strong maternal family. A paternal sister bred here was the Grand Champion female at Olds Fall Classic and Farmfair last year.
Phone:  403-746-3588 Cell:  403-302-0919

Janzen Gelbvieh LaCrete   Posted:  2018-04-23 
Jason  Janzen
Breed:  Gelbvieh   Price:  2800-3400
For sale, yearling registered Gelbvieh bulls. Easy Calving Genetics. Will be semen tested and ready for a new Job! Delivery into the Peace Country.
Phone:  780-926-0156  

D. Lane  Beebe Veteran   Posted:  2018-04-22 
Breed:  Red Angus/Simental, Red Angus/Herford   Quantity:  10   Price:  $3000
10 cow/calf pairs. Five of these have their third calf beside them, the other 5 have their first calf beside them. Full herd health program, Scourgaurd,BVD, 8-way and Ivomec. These are not home raised, the 5 cows are from one producer, and the 5 first calvers are from one producer. Calving began Mar. 29/18. Pail fed, tame as kittens. One black calf, the balance are red or rbf. Pictures available upon request. Selling as a group only.
Phone:  403-575-3033  

Arthur  Smith Fort Saskatchewan   Posted:  2018-04-22 
Breed:  Simmental / South Devon   Quantity:  4   Price:  Negotiable
3 yearling commercial bulls. From registered Fleckvieh Simmental sires and registered South Devon dams. Polled, quiet with good bw. One black purebred Simmental 15 month old from great bloodlines, 100 lb bw. Dams and Sires of yearlings are available to see as well.
Phone:  780-919-5850  

Jim  Davies Cochrane   Posted:  2018-04-21 
Breed:  Salers   Quantity:  18   Price:  $3000
Purebred non papered yearling Salers bulls for sale. Low to moderate birth weight bulls. Good for heifers but will work on cows. Will semen test first week of May. Red and blacks available. March/April born bulls. On a Hi-Pro feeds range pellet and free choice hay. The bulls haven?t been pushed and are averaging 1000 lbs plus on Apr 10. Call Jim with any questions or to come view.
Phone:  403-369-0075  

Git-R-Dun Ranch Edson   Posted:  2018-04-19 
Craig  Copeland
Breed:  Angus/Herford cross   Quantity:  1   Price:  $500
I have a angus/herford bull calf born on April 7 for sale. He has had colostrum from his mom until she passed. He has been on the pail since and is healthy.
Phone:  780-712-1667  

Simmeron Ranch Morinville   Posted:  2018-04-19 
Breed:  Simmental  
Simmental yearling bulls, Fullblood Full fleckvieh, horned and polled, streamlined for easy calving, muscled, quiet, AI Bloodlines., 780 913 7963
Phone:  780-939-3248 Cell:  780-913-7963

Wise Maine-Anjou Ranch Irricana   Posted:  2018-04-19 
Deanna  Wise
Breed:  Maine-Anjou and Maine Influence   Price:  Call for price
Black Maine-Anjou and Maine Influence yearling bulls for sale. Ranch raised and out of moderate framed, sound, productive dams. Quiet dispositions. The bulls will be semen tested in April. Please visit our website for photos and ROP test results. Give Deanna a call for more information.
Phone:  403-630-5971  

Bar EV Land & Cattle Carstairs   Posted:  2018-04-18 
Keith  Evans
Breed:  angus cross   Quantity:  70   Price:  1550
Angus cross heifers, 1/3 Reds 2/3 Blacks, chose from 180 head, average weight of the group 890lbs. Price varies depending on how many the person is wanting. Heifers on silage and hay. Good growth heifers.
Phone:  403-540-6309  

True North Limousin Sundre   Posted:  2018-04-18 
Dominic  Sklivas
Breed:  Limousin   Quantity:  4   Price:  3250$ and up
2 year old purebred Limousin herd bulls on offer. Moderate birthweights from the mid 80s to mid 90s. Not pushed and built to last, what you see is what you get. Excellent disposition, from good mothers and high producers. AI sires B Bar Titanium and Wulfs XFactor. Semen tested and ready to go. Delivery options can be discussed. Please contact for prices and more information.
Phone:  403-597-8054  

Bellshill Angus Lougheed   Posted:  2018-04-17 
Darrell and Lorraine  Davidson
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  20   Price:  3500
Red and black Angus cow bulls for sale. Feb born, semen tested and delivered, quiet and ready to work. Will keep until u need them
Phone:  780-386-2150 Cell:  780-888-1087-7808881374

Luke  Boelman Westlock   Posted:  2018-04-17 
Breed:  charolais   Quantity:  4   Price:  3500
Have 2 quality 2 year old Charolais bulls for sale, some french influence, not pushed so they are not as fat. Pictures on request, serious inquirer's only. Not registered. Horned.
Phone:  780-287-8166  

Art  Collins Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2018-04-16 
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  4   Price:  $2200
4 yearling Black Angus bulls. Asking $2,200 for each bull.
Phone:  403-845-5060 Cell:  250-833-6239

DC Angus Daysland   Posted:  2018-04-16 
Dennis  Congdon
Breed:  Red Angus   Quantity:  20   Price:  Please Contact
We are pleased to showcase 20 purebred Red Angus yearling bulls handpicked from a herd of 150 cows. These bulls are the outcome of an intensive breeding program focused on production and longevity. A good selection of heifer and cow bulls available sired by both our herd bulls and AI genetics. Please visit our website for pictures, videos, pedigrees, and EPDs. For more information, email or call 780-374-3924, evenings are best.
Phone:  780-374-3924 Cell:  780-608-5719

NuHaven Cattle Co Red Deer County   Posted:  2018-04-16 
Kelly  Smith-Fraser
Breed:  Black Maine and Maine/Angus   Price:  $3000
Black Maine Anjou and Maine-Angus yearling bulls for sale. These bulls come from a performance driven herd, sired by I-80, Special Edition, Big Jake and a son of Emblazon (Angus). The bulls will be semen tested in April and delivery can be arranged. They have been developed to ensure longevity and soundness with the Country Junction bull ration and good quality hay. Please call Kelly for more information. 403-598-4323
Phone:  403-598-4323  

- JN Angus Innisfail   Posted:  2018-04-15 
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  2   Price:  $1750
Black Angus bulls. Are you looking for a good herd bull but can't pay an arm and a leg? I have 2 ranch raised yearling angus bulls on offer. They are out of a line of fantastic cows that we can't get enough of. Maternal cows are out of a Garth Cutler bull, Circle G Select. Small percentage Simmental influence for some hybrid vigour. Light birthweight, easy calving, good heavy weaning weights and quiet. Mostly hay diet. Will feed til May. Call 403-728-3583 or text 780-740-5761.
Phone:  403-728-3583  

Countryside Shorthorns & Speckle Park Donalda   Posted:  2018-04-13 
Stacie  Dahl
Breed:  Speckle Park or Shorthorn   Quantity:  8   Price:  $3000 and up
We have Purebred and Commercial Speckle Park & Purebred Shorthorn yearling Bulls for sale. They come from a quiet herd, are on a whole herd vaccine program. They have low to moderate birth weights. They will be semen tested, so if you are interested in more information please call or text 403-742-9476
Phone:  403-742-9476  

Handhills Hanna   Posted:  2018-04-13 
John  Wipf
Breed:  Angus/sim cross  
Nice set of replacement heifers weighing around 800-1000lbs
Phone:  4038544323-ext112  

Dave  Hofstra Leduc   Posted:  2018-04-13 
Breed:  Black Angus Bulls   Price:  Please Contact
We have registered Black Angus Bulls for sale. We have a great offering of calving ease bulls with birth weights ranging from 78 lbs and up. All bulls will be semen tested before delivered. We also have 1 two year old Red Angus heifer bull. Please call or text Dave @ 780-699-7477 if you have any questions.
Phone:  780-699-7477 Cell:  780-699-7477

RSLS farm Gwynne   Posted:  2018-04-13 
Ray  Boeve
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  20   Price:  1300
We have 20 black heifers for sale, all vacc no implants, nice framed heifers, average weight 850 lbs, asking $1300.
Phone:  780-387-6375  

Whiskey Creek Cattle Co. Hanna   Posted:  2018-04-12 
Breed:  Simmental Angus   Quantity:  50   Price:  1500
Whiskey Creek Cattle Co. is proud to offer 50 replacement heifers. These are top quality red white face Simmental Angus cross heifers. They are weighing approx. 700-750lbs, and have been fed only hay, no grain. They are developed to make long lasting high performing cows. Come take a look, you will not be disappointed. We will custom feed them until required. $1550 pick $1500 gate run. For more information email or text Clay at 403-854-0172 or check out our website at
Phone:  403-854-0172  

Wunsch Three Hills   Posted:  2018-04-12 
Breed:  Longhorn Corriente Cross   Quantity:  2   Price:  825
Bull calves. Born May 6 and 13 of 2017. Good horn. Have pictures. Father is purebred Longhorn, moms are Longhorn/Corriente. Have not been roped as yet. If no answer on phone lines please leave a message.
Phone:  403-443-5316 Cell:  403-443-8120

Casey and Pattie  Klys Nanton   Posted:  2018-03-13 
Breed:  Simmental   Quantity:  8   Price:  Call for pricing
Have 8 red and black yearling Simmental bulls.
Phone:  403-993-8095  
Fraud Alert: Be aware that you may be contacted by fraud artists posing as buyers who issue you overpayments with cheques, money orders, or certified cheques. Before completing transactions or issuing refunds for overpayments, have your bank verify that the cheques or money orders you have received are valid. Visit the Recol or Phonebusters web sites for more information.

Telephone and on-line fraud
If you believe someone has attempted to defraud you, you can report it on-line to: RECOL - Reporting Economic Crime On-Line. Complaints can be filed on-line ( or by calling toll-free 1-888-495-8501. This service is administered by the National White Collar Crime Centre of Canada and is supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Visit these web sites to find out more about the most common types of fraud that occur on the internet. Protect yourself by learning to recognize fraud. These sites provide useful information, RCMP - Scams ( and Phonebusters (

Read our guidelines about making transactions (buying or selling). Most individuals you do business with are honest and trustworthy, but you should learn to recognize the signs of an individual who is not acting in good faith. Only you can protect yourself from those who are not.

If You are Selling

Be clear on who you are selling to:

  • are they another farmer or are they a broker?
  • if you are selling directly to another farmer then will they be hauling the livestock themselves or will this be done by a third party?
  • where will the livestock be delivered to? What is the amount of time the animals will be in transport? Any special handling requirements or costs associated with transport - who covers the additional costs?
  • Do not make assumptions - ask questions and make sure that you have the information you need.

    Reduce the risk of non-payment:

  • get part payment in advance before the livestock are loaded out of your yard. This should happen when the buyer comes to inspect the livestock and the agreement to purchase is made.
  • do not ship the additional load before the first one is paid for
  • Have everything in writing:

  • detailed product description - number of animals, age, breed, sex, weight, body condition, brand inspection, pregnant/non pregnant, individual ID (CCIA tags), etc.
  • purchaser's name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • the specific address that the livestock are to be delivered to (legal land description)
  • the payment amount
  • terms of payment - paid in advance, cash on delivery
  • Under the Alberta Sale of Goods Act all contracts for goods sold over $50.00 must be in writing.

    Be prepared!

  • have a detailed livestock manifest completed with brands identified and send the completed invoice with the trucker
  • have the purchaser sign for each load (confirmation of delivery)
  • have the trucker bring back the payment (or the balance of the payment) for each load delivered
  • Do not wait

    If a payment is not made on time contact the buyer immediately to get it resolved. At the same time stop any further shipments to the buyer.

    If necessary you can take legal action to recover the outstanding payment. Please note that the maximum amount that you can pursue through small claims court in Alberta is $25,000. To recover an amount greater than this you will need to hire a lawyer and go through the Court of Queen's Bench.

    If You are Buying

    Be clear on who you are buying from

  • are they another farmer or are they a broker?
  • if trucking is included will they be delivering the livestock themselves? Is the shipping rate fair and reasonable?
  • Know what you are buying

  • make the trip to visually appraise the livestock and ensure that they are in good condition
  • make it clear to the seller that any load which is of a lesser quality than that which you agreed to purchase will be returned to them at their expense
  • be prepared to make a down payment at this time but do not put more than 50% down
  • confirm animal identification by video recording of livestock being purchased
  • The agreement to purchase must be in writing

  • detailed livestock description (breed, sex, age, weight)
  • seller's name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • your name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • the specific address that the livestock are to be delivered to (legal land description)
  • the payment amount
  • terms of payment - e.g. part in advance with balance on delivery
  • Under the Alberta Sale of Goods Act all contracts for goods sold over $50.00 must be in writing.
  • Do not wait

    If you have put a down payment on your purchase but do not receive the livestock within the agreed upon timeframe then contact the seller immediately to get it resolved. If you are unable to resolve the problem you will need to put a stop payment on any other cheques to the seller so that you can limit your risk.

    If necessary you can take legal action to recover the outstanding payment. Please note that the maximum amount that you can pursue through small claims court in Alberta is $25,000. To recover an amount greater than this you will need to hire a lawyer and go through the Court of Queen's Bench.