Sheep Listings

Linda  Anderson Olds   Posted:  2018-09-12 
Breed:  Suffolk  
Purebred Suffolk ram lambs and yearlings. Born in Feb/Mar. Good gainers & well muscled. Vaccinations up to date and recently dewormed. Can be registered.
Phone:  403-507-9157  

Tom and Cheryl  Bowles Camrose County   Posted:  2018-09-11 
Breed:  Katahdin Cross   Quantity:  4   Price:  $250 each obo
4 bred ewes for sale. Please call us at home for more information.
Phone:  780-672-1783  

Jacquie  Earl Tomahawk   Posted:  2018-09-11 
Breed:  Tunis Cross   Quantity:  4   Price:  Please contact
Tunis cross breeding rams available for sale. They are 1 - 2 years old, proven breeders. Only selling because we have kept replacement ewes related to them. They are crossed with Rideau Arcott or Suffolk. Very nice, well mannered, respectful - have had no aggression issues so far. Asking $350 each but will consider all reasonable offers. Pictures available.
Phone:  780-339-2218  

Kennedy  Wrubleski New Sarepta   Posted:  2018-09-11 
Breed:  Ile de France x Rideau x Suffolk   Quantity:  6   Price:  $275 obo
6 breeding ewes for sale. In really good shape open as I sold my ram. Ready to breed very prolific and milk really good. Always raise nice big lambs. Contact for more info.
Phone:  780-239-7733  

Roy  Speakman Fallis   Posted:  2018-09-10 
Breed:  Canadian Arcott/ Canadian Arcott, Rideau cross  
Herd being offered at West Lock Auction, October 2nd. Lost 30% breeding stock and 60% lambs to cougars. Good pasture ewes, enough milk to feed 3 lambs. Ewes selling in 4 lots, Lambs in 3 lots. 6 year old Canadian Arcott. 5 year old Canadian Arcott. 3 year old Canadian Arcott/Rideau cross. 1 registered ram 2 rams from registered sires These animals can be viewed Sunday, September 30th Monday, October 1st and the morning of Tuesday, October 2nd at the Westlock Auction site.
Phone:  780-237-1559  

Lone Pine Sheep Didsbury   Posted:  2018-09-08 
Robert and Marjan  Van Noordenburg
Breed:  Suffolk X   Quantity:  25   Price:  250
Nice Suffolk X Ewe lambs born February 2018. All vaccinated and dewormed. Ready for breeding average weight approximately 120lbs, call or email for more info
Phone:  403-586-1593  

Susan  Blue Clarke Beaverlodge   Posted:  2018-09-07 
Breed:  Romney - unregistered   Quantity:  Twenty plus   Price:  225
Downsizing flock. Ewes for sale, white and black - wool/ meat breed. Winter well, ages ewe lambs to six years of age. Would be great to sell as group or groups.
Phone:  780-354-2047  

Willem  van Herk Fort Macloed   Posted:  2018-09-05 
Breed:  Arcott/Suffolk/Finn?East Friesian Cross Ewes   Quantity:  30   Price:  275
Nice Prolific beginners flock. Easy lambers, with twins and triplets being the norm, with the occasional quadruplets. Ages ranging from yearling to 5 year olds. Ewes still open so you can pick your own breeding date and ram. Selling due to herd reduction.
Phone:  403-553-4246  

Robert  Peltzer Rosemary   Posted:  2018-09-04 
Breed:  Purebred Hampshire  
Purebred Hampshire rams for Sale. A selection of rams from a quality flock, producing fast growing and gaining lambs, great dispositions. Half brothers to the 2017 Champion Ewe at the Provincial 4-H sheep show and Calgary Stampede Youth Livestock show. From a flock that has produced many 4H market lamb and breeding stock champions over the years. Small selection of show lambs available each spring from Jan-Feb lambing season. Call Rob at 403-793-0217 for more details
Phone:  403-793-0217  

Shars and Sheep Leslieville   Posted:  2018-09-04 
Jacquie  Turuk
Breed:  Dorset x Charollais   Quantity:  50   Price:  230.00
Dorset x Charollais ewe lambs, approx 50 available. A good medium, docile ewe with excellent maternal ability and longevity. 21 years of breeding Dorset with the last 17 of crossing with the Charollais. A beautiful commercial cross that isn't pushed on grain and will perform on good quality hay. We raise our lambs with their dams on grass until fall weaning. Exceptional carcass with the Charollais influence.
Phone:  403-846-0971  

Heather  Shoup Buck Lake   Posted:  2018-09-04 
Breed:  Romney/Black   Quantity:  1   Price:  $250.
Two year old black Romney cross ram
Phone:  780-388-2338  

Bill  Jeffray Airdrie   Posted:  2018-09-03 
Breed:  Suffolk   Price:  Vrs
One registered virgin yearling Suffolk ram; two registered Suffolk ram lambs; eleven pure Suffolk non registered, ewe lambs from twin and triplet births. This is a closed flock and all animals are healthy and well grown and ready for fall breeding.
Phone:  403.948.5773  

Derek  Waters Leduc   Posted:  2018-09-02 
Breed:  Finnish Landrace   Quantity:  1   Price:  350
One Finn ram for sale. Around 3-4 years old. He is very quiet and prolific. If you wish to increase your lambing percentages, then we highly recommend you use this ram in your crossbreeding program. We are selling because we have kept his ewe lambs. Please call for more information and pictures.
Phone:  780-953-3679  

Derek  Waters Leduc   Posted:  2018-09-02 
Breed:  Charollais   Quantity:  2   Price:  350
Two amazing purebred Charollais rams for sale. 5 and 3 years old, originally from Fieldstone. They would add incredible genetics to anyone's flock. We are selling because we have kept their ewe lambs. Call for more information and pictures.
Phone:  780-953-3679  

Jacob  Harris Alberta Beach   Posted:  2018-08-30 
Breed:  Finn/ Ile de France / East Friesian / Dorset cross   Quantity:  50   Price:  215.00
50 cross ewe lambs for sale. Great mothers, producing high multiples, average of 2.0 on first year of lambing. Pictures available on request.
Phone:  780-919-6127  

Isle of Skye Cheviots Innisfail   Posted:  2018-08-30 
Susan  Neal
Breed:  North Country Cheviot Ram Lambs   Quantity:  Several   Price:  $500 and up
Registered NCC ram lambs from new British Bloodlines. Allenshaw?s ?The Prince.? Also ram lambs from our big beefy Ontario NCC ram. Our rams are often used in cross breeding programs to pass the maternal strengths of the ncc to produce those F1 females. Our focus is to produce a more desirable carcass so you can get your lambs to market weight quickly. Clean closed flock vaccinations UTD. We can provide lambs from different sires. Susan 403-588-3808
Phone:  403-588-3808  

Athenry Innisfail   Posted:  2018-08-29 
Kristen Ritson-Bennett  Ritson-Bennett
Breed:  Black Welsh Mountain Sheep   Quantity:  1-20   Price:  $225/ewe lamb, $500/ram
Purebred Black Welsh Mountain Sheep starter flocks available. A small breed and easy to manage. They are low maintenance, have outstanding maternal instinct, have a natural resilience to disease, flavourful meat and beautiful wool. The breed is an excellent choice for producers looking to bring in maternal and hardiness traits into their flock. There are few breeds that are this low maintenance at lambing time. Email me, I?ll let you in on the best kept secret in the sheep business!
Phone:  403-358-1674  

FieldStone Ovine Millet   Posted:  2018-08-28 
Frank  Osterwoldt
Breed:  Charollais   Quantity:  5   Price:  850
Purebred Charollais yearling rams( born April 2017). Top terminal sire breed. All stock is performance evaluated. Very tough culling. Our breeding program is geared to producing excellent finished lambs for premium value butcher markets. All dewormed, vaccinated and tattooed.
Phone:  780-499-0066  

Big Hill Sheep Farm Cochrane   Posted:  2018-08-27 
Keely  Airth
Breed:  Dorset   Quantity:  2   Price:  $650
Purebred ram lambs. Not registered. Twins DOB March 25, 2018, 8lb birthweight, currently 70 pounds. Twin 1(SOLD). Twin 2 available. Single DOB March 27, 2018, 13lb birthweight, currently 95 pounds. Sire and Dams parents are papered. Raised in 4-H program these rams are halter broke and easy to work with. They are very quiet, respectful, and friendly. All rams are up to date on vaccinations. Located North of Cochrane, delivery can be arranged depending on distance (cost applies) $650 each.
Phone:  403-404-5478  

Dry Lake Ranch Pickardville   Posted:  2018-08-27 
Rod & Bernadette  Nikkel
Breed:  Canadian Arcott   Price:  Please contact
Yearling Canadian Arcott rams for sale. These are 2017 June born rams for sale. Excellent grass genetics. We have been pasture lambing for ten years and have a flock of ewes that perform very well on grass. Rams are selected from ewes that have excellent conformation and milking abilities. Ewes are foot and uddered scored. Rams are semen checked. Call for more information.
Phone:  780-674-6805  

Nelleke  Slingerland Picture Butte   Posted:  2018-08-27 
Breed:  Dorper   Price:  250
We have a nice group of ewe lambs available, marked at birth and selected for mothering, muscling, twinning, udder capacity, and shedding. At the second selection we looked at growth rate and conformation. Firm on price.
Phone:  403-894-5211  

Clarence  Byma Strathmore   Posted:  2018-08-26 
Breed:  Suffolk ewes   Quantity:  10   Price:  300 obo
7 are registered 3 non registered great starter flock or a great addition to any flock. Purchase now and choose your lambing date. Non registered Suffolk ram also available.
Phone:  403-850-0345  

Heather/Rebecca  Hammond Stettler   Posted:  2018-08-24 
Breed:  Pure Charollais Rams   Price:  400
Nice selection of purebred registered yearling rams. Born May/June 2017, dewormed, vaccinated & ready to go to their new breeding homes. Charollais lambs are born strong with excellent weight gain. The adults are calm & not mean. Ideal for crossing with other breeds to produce meat lambs. $400 each. Photos available.
Phone:  403-742-2422  

Whispering Cedars Ranch Strathmore   Posted:  2018-08-23 
Ryan & Janna  Greir
Breed:  Purebred Rideau Arcott Ram Lambs   Quantity:  6   Price:  450
Purebred Rideau Arcott ram lambs. Born February/March. 6 left to choose from. All evaluated with GenOvis and selected for excellent growth and conformation. Our flock lambs out at over 300% and three of our six rams are currently in the top 10% of GenOvis, Improve maternal qualities (heavier lambs at weaning) and/or improve number of lambs born per lambing.
Phone:  403-324-6287 Cell:  403-305-6174

Integrity Ranch Ltd Youngstown   Posted:  2018-08-19 
John and Kelsey  Beasley
Price:  $225 to $300
Source your flock from one place. We have over 500 cheviot, Dorset, and Suffolk x ewelambs available. Pick your breeding date and choose your rams. Can ultrasound for you and provide wintering and flock start-up consulting.
Phone:  403-857-9236  

Kettle Crossing Farm Sundre   Posted:  2018-08-19 
Sandy  Easterbrook
Breed:  East Friesian   Quantity:  1   Price:  $400
East Friesian ram lamb from excellent dairy dam. Small percentage of Lacaune (another dairy breed). Born 7/05/18. Vaccinated and ready to work. $400.
Phone:  403-638-1283 Cell:  403-638-1580

Aspen Hollow Dorsets Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2018-08-17 
Shaelyn  Poteet
Breed:  Dorset   Quantity:  25   Price:  $250 - 600
April born purebred dorset and dorset x Ile de France rams. White and natural coloured 100 lbs+ Put some meat and muscle on with the ile de France crosses, improve milking and mothering or get lower, longer stock with our old style genetics. Sire is from Ontario. Start at $500 breeding sound and guaranteed. April born, 50-75 % Dorset and 25-50%Ile de France cross ewe lambs. Sire is from Saskatchewan, dams are wool-bred, Ile de France and Dorset crosses as well will make package deals.
Phone:  403-418-5425  

Dry Lake Ranch Pickardville   Posted:  2018-08-16 
Bernadette  Nikkel
Breed:  Canadian Arcott X   Quantity:  40   Price:  Please contact
Canadian ArcottX ewes for sale. Ewes are from a June pasture lambing flock and are selected for strong maternal traits. They are expected to lamb and raise their lambs on grass without supplemental grain. This has produced an easy-keeping and productive female. Ewes have sound udder structure, good feet and very good conformation. 2018 mature ewe lambing rate was 212% and 157% for yearling ewes. Age range is from 1-6 years, with 70% being 1-4. Ewe lambs from this group will also be for sale.
Phone:  780-674-6805  

Windpatch Farm Tees   Posted:  2018-08-14 
Lorna and Bill  Gibson
Breed:  Dorset x Friesian Ewe lambs   Quantity:  50   Price:  please contact
Dorset x Friesian ewe lambs born April and May. Selected for the past 20 years for easy handling, strong mothering traits, and the ability to raise their lambs on pasture. Mature ewes 230% and ewe lambs 150% live lamb production. Dewormed and vaccinated. Call to see or book these girls for your flock. Ready to go in October to November. Have unrelated rams available for starter packages.
Phone:  403-352-0394 Cell:  403-352-0393

Roy  Speakman Fallis   Posted:  2018-08-13 
Breed:  Canadian Arcott   Quantity:  Approximately 40   Price:  250.00
2-5year old Canadian arcott ewes for sale.
Phone:  780-920-7437 Cell:  680-238-1559

Roy  Speakman Fallis   Posted:  2018-08-13 
Breed:  Canadian Arcott   Quantity:  3   Price:  400-900
Registered ram $900 Not registered $400
Phone:  780-920-7437 Cell:  780-237-1559

Impact Breeders Group Halkirk   Posted:  2018-08-12 
Third Annual Genetic Impact Ram & Ewe Sale, 2:00 pm Sat. Aug. 25 at the Westlock, AB Ag Barn. Purebred rams and ewes: Suffolk, Canadian Arcott, Dorset, Hampshire, Shropshire, North Country Cheviot; commercial ewe lambs in pens of 5.
Phone:  403-741-8597  

Bergevin Lamb Westbridge   Posted:  2018-08-11 
George  Bergevin
Breed:  Canadian/Rideau Arcott dorset   Quantity:  25   Price:  300
Selected ewe lambs, from great mothers, they we all easy lambing. Twin, trips and quads and one large single. All are very lovable and friendly so easy to handle. Dewormed, vaccinated. 4-8 months old now
Phone:  250-446-2168  

Clarence  Byma Strathmore   Posted:  2018-08-09 
Breed:  Suffolk   Quantity:  1   Price:  $400
Rising 2 yr old purebred ram (no papers). Sired 3 sets triplets and 7 sets twins in 14 days running with 10 ewes.
Phone:  403-850-0345  

Gustafson Three Hills   Posted:  2018-08-07 
Breed:  Suffolk   Quantity:  32  
Suffolk dispersal. Quantity 32 1 4 yr old papered ram. 1 2 yr old unregistered ram. 20 2 and 4 yr old ewes open. 10 2018 ewe lambs Phone for pricing.
Phone:  403-443-6060  

Andrew B.  Campbell Turner Valley   Posted:  2018-07-25 
Breed:  Suffolk Cheviot   Quantity:  40   Price:  negotiable
4H flock dispersal. All quality females available and you can pick. Ages and lambing records available. Kids grown and gone and simply I seek dispersal or a share basis, as these gals are good ones. Many I bought at 4 H on the 'big bucks'. Culled out poor udders and elders. Even rid of fence crawlers. I want them to a good home nearby with possibility to buy back in later years.
Phone:  403-819-1845 Cell:  403-819-1845
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  • your name, full mailing address & phone numbers
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  • Under the Alberta Sale of Goods Act all contracts for goods sold over $50.00 must be in writing.
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    If necessary you can take legal action to recover the outstanding payment. Please note that the maximum amount that you can pursue through small claims court in Alberta is $25,000. To recover an amount greater than this you will need to hire a lawyer and go through the Court of Queen's Bench.