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Niel Didsbury   Posted:  2017-10-17 
Breed:  Dorper   Quantity:  180   Price:  275
Dispersal of young flock of pasture lambing Dorpers. Great growth on grass. 5 rams. 1 bonded livestock guardian dog. Prefer to sell as a package.
Phone:  403-969-2623
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Adam  Richardson Brownfield   Posted:  2017-10-15 
Breed:  North Country Cheviots   Quantity:  35   Price:  $400.00
Former Boz Hill papered/registered purebred North Country Cheviot ram lambs out of a clean OPP blood tested flock.
Phone:  403-578-3878  Cell:  403-575-7664
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Baxter Langdon   Posted:  2017-10-13 
Breed:  Dorset   Quantity:  1   Price:  425.00
Proven, registered purebred Dorset ram for sale. Great lines. Is a twin from Pittman sire (triplet) X Williams dame (twin). He's a good natured boy with a solid frame, great loin and legs. Will improve any flock. Was semen tested this summer. Please text for more information. Photos on kijiji
Phone:  403-862-5748
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Jacquie  Earl Tomahawk   Posted:  2017-10-13 
Price:  Please contact
Breeding rams available Suffolk/Tunis cross born early 2016. Asking $375 each. Not aggressive towards people, and not friendly either. American Blackbelly/Katahdin cross ram available. Asking $375. He is medium brown and has horns, not aggressive towards people. Also have bred ewes and ewe lambs available Rideau Arcott, Tunis, Suffolk, and some hair/wool cross ewes. They could start lambing as early as December or January. Reducing flock. Please contact for more info and pricing.
Phone:  780-339-2218
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Andrew  Campbell Turner Valley   Posted:  2017-10-11 
Breed:  Suffolk   Quantity:  2   Price:  500
Dandy strong quality February/March 2017 born yearling Suffolk rams. Both have lineage directly to Olds College Woolfit flock and Lockwood breeding. Both are well testicular developed and large framed. Lobito is there so you won't be disappointed. They may weigh 220 as I cannot really say. Impressive young guys ready to work. I can send photos. West of Okotoks. $500 each.
Phone:  403-819-1845
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Medicine Ridge Ovine New Norway   Posted:  2017-10-11 
Gerrit  Brinkmann
Breed:  Rideau Arcott   Quantity:  12  
12 purebred Rideau Arcott ewe lambs. Lambs are from March / April 2017, performance records and pedigree available, closed flock with highest health status, flock is certified scrapie free. Can also supply unrelated ram or breed ewe lambs prior to sale.
Phone:  780-855-2477
[email]    www.medicineridgeovine,com 
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Tiresias Reach Farm Denman Island   Posted:  2017-10-11 
Harlene  Holm
Breed:  East Friesian Dairy Sheep   Quantity:  1   Price:  $500
Purebred, registered East Friesian Dairy ewe lamb: Tiresias Eos CLRC [CAN]734396. d.o.b. March 23/17 Eos is tattooed, tagged, vaccinated, and halter trained. Tiresias Reach Farm is a closed, pesticide free and disease free environment.
Phone:  250-335-2691
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Bobbie  Charron Cremona   Posted:  2017-10-09 
Breed:  Katahdin Ram   Price:  300.00
Purebred Katahdin yearling ram. Successfully bred 6 ewe lambs as a ram lamb. He's quiet, stays out of your space but not wild either. He's a good size and shed well. Can't use him anymore as we kept his ewe lambs.
Phone:  403-888-4694
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Old MacMillers Farm Bassano   Posted:  2017-10-09 
Tammy  Miller
Breed:  Dorper   Quantity:  1   Price:  450 obo
Purebred, non registered two and a half year old Dorper ram for sale. Please call 403-793-0709.
Phone:  403-793-0709
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Fair Sun Farm Winfield   Posted:  2017-10-07 
Breed:  Ile de France   Quantity:  5  
Ile de France yearling rams. Performance tested and registered.
Phone:  780-898-1558 
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Al  Hohnstein Tomahawk   Posted:  2017-10-03 
Breed:  Katahdin   Quantity:  30   Price:  $200.00
Nice flock of young Katahdin ewes born in January 2017, now almost 10 months old and bred to start lambing in January.
Phone:  780-339-2615  Cell:  780-222-3488
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Dusty Rose Ranching Rosemary   Posted:  2017-09-28 
Valerie  Watson
Breed:  Dorper   Quantity:  15   Price:  $475/head
I am offering my final 15 head of open ewe lambs to complete my flock dispersal. These are seven months old, full blood, registered, Dorper ewes are the product of eight years of selective breeding on my ranch. They are a premium quality animal from researched genetics. Their sire is from Crane Creek Dorpers, Iowa.
Phone:  403-378-4371  Cell:  403-376-2409
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FieldStone Ovine Millet   Posted:  2017-09-24 
Frank  Osterwoldt
Breed:  Charollais   Quantity:  3   Price:  $800
Charollais and charollais cross lambs are recognized by feedlot operators as quality feeders. Lambs have superior carcass traits and gain weight rapidly. Cross lambs from all breeds of ewes produce exceptionally high quality lambs for the butcher trade. Charollais cross ewelambs make excellent replacement stock with ease of lambing and milkiness as charollais breed characteristics.
Phone:  780-387-5029  Cell:  780-499-0066
[email]    Fieldstonecharollais 
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Christina  McGhghy Charlie Lake   Posted:  2017-09-19 
Breed:  Rideau Arcott   Quantity:  20  
Selling 20 Rideau ewe lambs. Born in April/May 2017 all from dam raised twins and triplets. Delivery into Alberta can be arranged.
Phone:  250-261-9625
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Eberle Enterprises 2015 Fairview   Posted:  2017-09-17 
Breed:  Kahahdin  
2017 Kathahdin Ram lambs
Phone:  780-835-5800
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Kettle Crossing Farm Sundre   Posted:  2017-09-17 
Sandy  Easterbrook
Breed:  East Friesian   Quantity:  2   Price:  $400
Two East Friesian rams for sale. One 3 years old, one born this April. Both ready for breeding, black in colour. Both good-natured, vaccinated, dewormed. Older ram has produced good milkers for our dairy, but we need new genetics.
Phone:  403-638-1283
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Dusty Rose Ranching Rosemary   Posted:  2017-09-15 
Valerie  Watson
Breed:  Fullblood Dorper Ewes   Quantity:  25   Price:  250
Retiring must sell by October if possible, 25 full blood reg, Dorper Ewes and Ram from Crane Creek in Iowa. Flock is in great shape and ready for breeding. Check them out on facebook
Phone:  403-376-2409  Cell:  403-376-2409
facebook: dusty rose ranching 
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Montey  Rasmussen Cardston   Posted:  2017-09-14 
Breed:  Rideau Arcott and Il de France   Quantity:  65  
Flock dispersal I have approximately 25 Purebred but unregistered Rideau Arcott ewes, 25 Rideau x IDF ewes and 16 Registered Il de France ewes which includes 5 ewe lambs. Also 2 Rideau Rams, 1 2 yr. old Il de France Ram and 3 Il de France Ram lambs. All bloodlines originated from Medicine Ridge. Please call for more information and pricing.
Phone:  403-653-7988  Cell:  403-653-7988
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Carl  Sneddon Mayerthorpe   Posted:  2017-09-14 
Breed:  Suffolk  
Suffolk ram lambs for sale with or without papers
Phone:  780-674-1692
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Integrity Ranch Ltd Youngstown   Posted:  2017-09-12 
John  Beasley
Breed:  North country cheviot   Quantity:  500   Price:  $245 to $600
200 May born ncc ewe lambs $245 before Oct.1. 200 Ultrasounded bred ewe lambs $325 picked up Feb. 28. 20% deposit required. Complete flock dispersal of our 100+ registered NCC ewes, rams, and replacement lambs. Call Kelsey for pricing 403-857-9959. Great opportunity to start a registered flock!
Phone:  403-779-2662  Cell:  403-857-9236
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Shaelyn  Poteet Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2017-09-12 
Breed:  Ile de France   Price:  $500
Purebred not registered Ile de France ram lambs for sale. Twins out of triplets. April born and approximately 80#. These are stocky, boxy boys built like tanks. This line is great for early prolificacy, add milking and mothering to your replacement ewe lambs. Great feet and teeth and fleeces. Rams from this line are quiet and easy to handle. $500 each
Phone:  403-418-5425
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Shaelyn  Poteet Rocky Mountain House   Posted:  2017-09-12 
Breed:  Dorset   Price:  $500
One purebred old style Dorset ram lamb. April born, a single out of a twin ewe lamb. This is a long and low boy, built wide and close to the ground. He's a gorgeous ram with everything in the right place. $500 One purebred Dorset ram lamb, he's a good mix of old and new style traits. He's a tall, long lamb with a lot of depth, but not too much leg. April born approximately 100#. He's a single out of a twin. Excellent feet, teeth and udders in this line, with great mothering and growth. $5
Phone:  403-418-5425
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Susan  Neal Innisfail   Posted:  2017-09-09 
Breed:  North Country Cheviot   Quantity:  10   Price:  500 and up
Pedigree breeding North Country Cheviot Rams and Ram lambs. Over the years we have selected and culled our flock in order to come up with some of the very best North Country Cheviots available in Canada today. We have a very strong reputation for providing top yearling Rams, and top Ram lambs to many flocks in Canada. Clean closed flock, vaccinations are UTD. We can ship anywhere in Canada. We also have new to Alberta bloodlines available this year. Susan for information, pricing. 403-58
Phone:  403-588-3808
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Bar 2N Ranch Sylvan Lake   Posted:  2017-09-08 
Isabelle  Nicol
Breed:  Charollais   Quantity:  10   Price:  $275
Charollais cross ewe lambs for sale. Born March/April 2017. Currently weighing 100 to 110lbs. Vaccinated with Tasvax 8 and dewormed with Valbazen. Ready to breed. Nice bunch of lambs. $275 each. Also have 6 registered Charollais ram lambs for sale at $500. Born March/April. Ready to use this fall. Call for more information 403-550-3245.
Phone:  403-728-0033  Cell:  403-550-3245
[email]    www.bar2nranch. com 
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