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Katarina  Sjoquist Valleyview   Posted:  2018-03-19 
Breed:  Suffolk Finn   Quantity:  50+   Price:  please contact
Some very good ewe lambs born in February this year, from a healthy productive flock. Have been raising sheep for about 40 years and selecting for maternal traits, growth, longevity and soundness. We count on our ewes to raise triplets with the right feeding. E mail for pictures and more info. Price will be based on market and how many purchased, email adr
Phone:  780-524-2465
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Integrity Ranch Ltd. Youngstown   Posted:  2018-03-15 
John and Kelsey 
Breed:  NCC/Suffolk/Dorset   Quantity:  Multiples   Price:  $50 to $70
Healthy bottle lambs up to 1 week old. Colostrum administered, volume discounts considered. Can provide milk replacer and coaching.
Phone:  403-857-9236
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Jill  Brodie Rumsey   Posted:  2018-03-14 
Breed:  3/4 Katahdin/1/4 NC Cheviot   Price:  $100.00 each
Ewe died 2 days ago, 2 week old ewe lambs eating hay, drinking well. 20 lbs each
Phone:  403-368-2376  Cell:  403-519-7460
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Maggie  Krasnow Onoway   Posted:  2018-02-27 
Breed:  Rideau Arccot   Price:  100.00 per lamb
Bottle babies
Phone:  780-967-3055
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Jerry  Krause Camrose   Posted:  2018-02-26 
Breed:  Rideau   Quantity:  30-35   Price:  500
22 bred ewe lambs, 8-13 bred ewes (2nd or 3rd lambing). Ultrasounded to confirm bred. Vaccinated and dewormed. Lambing in March. Bred to Rideau Arcott rams or Canadian Arcott rams. Bio secure, closed flock.
Phone:  780-352-8858
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Lakeview Woolies Big Valley   Posted:  2018-02-26 
Brad & Kate  Brenchley
Breed:  Dorset   Quantity:  2   Price:  80.00 ea
Female bottle lambs for sale. Have tails docked and RFID tags. Dams were pre-vaccinated with 8 way. Ready to go to their new home/homes. Contact for more information, if required.
Phone:  403-876-2226
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Volkman Farms Ltd. Leduc County   Posted:  2018-02-14 
Kevin  Volkman
Breed:  Rideau and Rideau/Ile de France x   Quantity:  25/20   Price:  $ 350
Ewe lambs born Jan/Feb 2017. Due to start lambing in the first days of March. They are sheared, vaccinated and dewormed. Some may have a small percentage of Ile de France blood in them. Also have 20 Bred ewes due to lamb starting March. These ewes are 2-8 years old. They are Rideau and Rideau/Ile de France cross. They are sheared, vaccinated and dewormed. Asking $ 350.
Phone:  780-916-9137  Cell:  780-916-9137
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M.  Carlson Two Hills   Posted:  2018-02-09 
Breed:  Rideau   Quantity:  40   Price:  $400
These are Rideau ewelambs, born January/February 2017. They are bred to start lambing on March 13. They have been bred to Rideau and Suffolk rams. They are good, strong ewelambs and will have multiple births.
Phone:  587-986-9183
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Swan Downs Farm Millicent   Posted:  2018-01-30 
Jackie  Kay
Breed:  Suffolk, Suffolk Cross   Price:  $335.00
29 young Suffolk & Suffolk cross ewes for sale. Bred to Suffolk rams for March 10. Rams are 2 & 3 yrs old also for sale. Not related to ewes. Good producers of twins & triplets with fast gaining lambs. Very calm flock.
Phone:  403-793-7345  Cell:  403-793-7345
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