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EnerVal Business Valuation and Advisory Calgary, Alberta Posted:  2013-03-30
Contact: Jason  Jack
Calgary, Alberta    
Phone:  403-620-3183     
Professional services firm providing entrepreneurs and their advising partners with an accurate understanding of business value. Large amount of experience in the agriculture and energy sectors.Chartered Business Valuator.
Specialties:  Business Planning , Estate Planning , Business Structures , Succession/Asset Transfers
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Manager, Business Structures and Financial Policy                                                             Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Livestock and Farm Business Branch
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone:(780) 427-4329


mailto:jackie.majic@gov.ab.ca                                                                                                   Farm Business Analyst                                                                                                    Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Livestock and Farm Business Branch                                                                           Edmonton  Alberta
Phone: 780-422-1834