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Second Nature Compost - City of Edmonton Edmonton   Posted: 2017-06-19 
Leanne  Letourneau
Price:  $6-$23 per tonne  
The City of Edmonton is proud to highlight its organic, nutrient rich compost created by our cities recycled materials at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. We offer pickup options or also delivery at an additional cost. Endure 1/4" Horticultural Compost: $23/tonne Re-Vive 3/8" Absorbent Compost: $7/tonne Re-Vive 1/4" Agricultural Compost: $6/tonne
Nutrient Analysis:  Yes
Other Details:  Endure Horticultural Our ? Horticultural Endure Compost is ideal for use in gardening, topsoil, landscaping, planters etc. and acts as an excellent soil amendment to add nutrients. Re-Vive Absorbent Our 3/8" Absorbent Compost is ideal for cleaning up spills, collect drill cuttings and reclaiming sludge pits. Re-Vive Agricultural Our 1/4" Agricultural Compost is commonly used for erosion control, biocover, land reclamation, cropland and infill purposes.
Type:  Other
Phone:  780-944-0417    
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