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Jens Lehmann Strathmore, AB   Posted: 2010-02-12 
Strathmore, AB    
Phone:  403-934-4044   
Implement Brand Names:  F N PNEUMATIC
Implement Category/Type:  Grain Handling (grain vacs¸ augers¸ conveyors)
Implement Details:  F N PNEUMATIC grain vac

Robin Farm Equipment Westlock, AB   Posted: 2010-02-16 
Westlock, AB    
Phone:  780-349-3598    www.robinequipment.com 
Implement Category/Type:  Hay and Forage (balers¸ rakes¸ bale wagons¸ stack movers¸ forage harvestors)
Implement Details:  FARENDLOSE (TARRUP), KVERNLAND, VICON haying equipment

Caton's Ltd Lacombe, AB   Posted: 2010-02-12 
Lacombe, AB    
Phone:  403-786-9999    www.catons.ca 
Implement Brand Names:  BEATTY, FARMATIC, PATZ, PEDLAR
Implement Category/Type:  Dairy and Beef (barn cleaners¸ manure spreaders¸ stock watering)
Implement Details:  BEATTY barn cleaners and liquid manure spreaders,FARMATIC feed process equipment,PATZ barn cleaner,PEDLAR barn cleaners

Wheatbelt Industries Balzac, AB   Posted: 2010-02-16 
Balzac, AB    
Phone:  403-291-1489    www.wheat-belt.com 
Implement Brand Names:  FIMCO, HYPRO, TEE JET, UDOR
Implement Category/Type:  Crop Care (fertilizer spreaders¸ sprayers)
Implement Details:  FIMCO sprayers, HYPRO pumps, TEE JET sprayer parts, UDOR pumps

Tram Sales Edmonton, AB   Posted: 2010-02-16 
Edmonton, AB    
Phone:  780-484-2231    www.tramsales.com 
Implement Brand Names:  FIORINI, VICON/LELY
Implement Category/Type:  Hay and Forage (balers¸ rakes¸ bale wagons¸ stack movers¸ forage harvestors)
Implement Details:  FIORINI,VICON/LELY haying equipment

Hiniker Co. Mankato, MN   Posted: 2010-02-12 
Mankato, MN    
Phone:  507-625-6621    www.hiniker.com 
Implement Brand Names:  FOX, BRADY
Implement Category/Type:  Feed and Silage (grinders¸ mixers¸ roller mills¸ bunk feeder¸ feed wagons)
Implement Details:  FOX forage harvesters,BRADY grinder/mixer
Implement Brand Names:  BRINLY, FOX-BRADY, HINIKER
Implement Category/Type:  Tillage (plows¸ discs¸ cultivators¸ stone pickers¸ harrows¸ rotovators)
Implement Details:  BRINLY,FOX-BRADY,HINIKER cultivator

Bluestem Foundry Dewey, OK   Posted: 2011-09-13 
PO Box 99
Dewey, OK    74029
Phone:  918-534-1111   
Implement Brand Names:  Five Star (Mark III)
Implement Category/Type:  Fencing (post augers¸ post pounders)
Implement Details:  Post Hole Auger (3 PTH)

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