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General Information : How to Build a Value Chain

Brochure on Saskatchewan Retail and Food Service Initiative
The Saskatchewan Grocery Retail Value Chain Initiative is designed to assist the Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-food industry in developing the capacities and tools needed to capture new value added market opportunities. The introduction of the grocery retail guides was designed to develop a better understanding of what the Canadian grocery retail industry is and how it operates. It focuses on capacity building to provide the innovation that is desired in today’s Grocery Industry

A Pig's Tale: Marketing Stories for New Value Chains
By Frederick Kirschenmann. 2001. Exploring the potential of niche markets and value chains, and determining whether they are sustainable.

A Stepped Approach for Developing and Maintaining a Differentiated Pork Initiative.
Presents a stepped approach to developing a niche pork initiative using value chain management. Value Chain Management Centre. April 2007.

Adding Value to Fresh Pork.
An assessment of a pork value chain, and how it could be improved. M. Gooch, D. Laplain, and A Felfel. Value Chain Management Centre.

Adding Value to Lamb.
An assessment of a lamb value chain, and how it could be improved. M. Gooch, D. Laplain, and A Felfel. Value Chain Management Centre.

Agri-food Alliances Which Work: Cooperating to Compete
Presented to BeefNet Conference Meat & Livestock Australia, Sydney, Australia. Executive Brief. Darrell Toma, Toma & Bouma Management Consultants. June 18, 1999. A summary of ways in which agriculture and food businesses can work together.

Agriwebinar. .
Web based seminar on a variety of value chain topics. Sponsored by Canadian Farm Business Management Council

An Integrated Model of Buyer-Seller Relationships
A technical study of the important values in a buyer-seller relationship. by Wilson, D.T. (1995). Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. 23, 4, 335-345.

Beef Industry Alliances and Vertical Arrangements,
Discussion of the motivations and characteristics of vertical Clement E. Ward, Oklahoma State University.

Branded Beef from a Restaurant Perspective
Presentation on branded beef programs in the food service industry. by Andrew Keen.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/bdv12175/$FILE/restaurant-perspective.pdf

Castell Howell - Developing a £45m business in the foodservice sector.
Case study of a foodservice business which initiates value chains. By theFood Chain Centre.

Characterizing the Ideal Model of Value Chain Management and Barriers to its Implementation.
This paper describes the factors that promote and impede the development and management of agri-food and agri-product value chains. Martin Gooch, Director and Abdel Felfel, Value Chain Management Centre.

Co-operating to Compete in High Velocity Global Markets: The Strategic Role of Flexible Supply Chain Architectures.
A conceptual framework for the development and use of flexible supply chains. By Hamish R. Gow, Lance D. Oliver, and Neil G. Gow. Annual Meeting of the Western Coordinating Committee on Agribusiness, Las Vegas, Nevada

Drivers, Benefits and Critical Success Factors of Developing Closely-Aligned Agri-Food Value Chains.
Important factors in developing an agri-food value chain.November 2005.

Fresh food category management: leveraging strategic options.
Strategic options used by fresh food suppliers and retailers. By Micheal O'Keeffe. Published by Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agp11922/$FILE/RetailPaper2FreshFood.pdf

Global Cooperative linkages? The Challenge To Harmonize local with global economies.
Technical paper on how cooperatives participate in globally integrated value chains. By Markus Hanisch, Humboldt University Berlin, Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences, Division of Cooperative Sciences, Germany.

Global value chains in the agrifood sector - working papers.
Governance, standards, and concentration in global agri-business value chains. By John Humphrey, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom. Commissioned by United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 2006.

How to identify and implement a pricing scheme that works best for my Value Chain.
The process of developing a pricing scheme in a value chain.A practical guide.By Bodo E. Steiner, May 10, 2006. Prepared for the Agriculture & Food Council of Alberta.

Industry Structure/Integration: What are the Options for the Canadian Pork Industry?
Value chains are suggested as the best option for the hog industry in the future. By Jerry Bouma, Toma and Bouma Management Consultants. Advances in Pork Production (2006) Volume 17, pg. 23.

Innovative Models: Small Grower and Retailer Collaborations
Good Natured Family Farms and Balls Food Stores. Part A: Good Natured Family Farms' perspective a case study of a value chain in Kansas, from the producer's perspective.

Innovative Models: Small Grower and Retailer Collaborations (2)
Good Natured Family Farms and Balls Food Stores. Part B: Balls Food Stores' perspective. A case study of a value chain in Kansas, from the buyer's perspective.

Livestock Marketing.
A Welsh case study of a lamb value chain by the Value Chain Management Centre.

Manitoba Forage Finished Beef Potential in Niche Markets
Completed for the Manitoba Forage Council. The market potential of forage fed beef is assessed in this study. Kelwin Management Consulting, 2006.

Mid-scale food value chains case study: Country Natural Beef.
Summarized case study of Country Natural Beef's vaCAIS. 2009. lue chain.

Mid-scale food value chains case study: Organic Valley.
Summarized case study of Organic Valley's value chain. CAIS. 2009.

Product Development and Enhancement Through Value Chains.
Description of value chain development.Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Relationship Diagnosis Checklist.
A diagnostic tool to help evaluate value chain partners. Saskatchewan Agrifood Value Chain Initiative. The Art & Science of Successful Innovation. Module 3 Value Chain Plan Development. An O'Keefe/BCI Program. 2006.

Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI): Business Assessment.
Tool to enable an entrepreneur to develop or strengthen a value chain. Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.,12087,12079,12078,104,81,1,Documents&MediaID=7493&Filename=SAVI-Business-Assessment.pdf

Strategic Partnership Checklist. Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta.
Checklists and diagnostic aids designed to assist firms to better understand and manage strategic relationships with customers and/or suppliers. Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta.

Sysco's Journey from Supply Chain to Value Chain: Results and Lessons Learned
The development of Sysco's value chain. From the 2008 National Good Food Network/Sysco Corporation Pilot Project to source and sell good food.

The Benefits of Agri-Food Value Chains
Report explains how a value chain strategy can benefit all stakeholders. by Michael Devanney, October 2006.

Update on Beef Industry Alliances.
Update of beef industry alliances. By Clement E. Ward and Kellie Curry Raper. Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service AGEC-614.

Value Chain Analysis for the Canadian Lamb Industry:
Summary of value chain analysis for Canadian lamb industry. AgraPoint and George Morris Centre. Alberta Sheep and Wool Commission. External Research ? Support Documentation Part 3 of 3 Part Report. April, 2008. Final Report.,%20Grading%20and%20Governance%20Models.pdf

Value Chain Guidebook, a process for value chain development.
This guidebook provides a process for the development of value chains. Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta. 2004$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agp7974/$FILE/valuechain.pdf

Value Chain Leadership: Balance Five Value Trade-offs.
Highlights the philosopies of a value chain leader. By Micheal O'Keeffe.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agp11922/$FILE/ValueChainarticle.pdf

Value Chain Management Centre Overview
Training tools for value chain partners available for purchase. DVD/CD set. Available for purchase.

Value Chain Workshop.
Presentation for Alberta Agriculture Branded Beef Strategy. Prepared by: Michael O'Keeffe, Laura Lee Billings. September 2007$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/bdv12175/$FILE/working-value-chain.pdf

Value Chain assessment checklist
A practical guide to assess the current status of your Value Chain. by Bodo E. Steiner. April 2006.,%20Grading%20and%20Governance%20Models.pdf

Value Chains as a Long Term Profit Strategy.
Review of value chains throughout Canada and around the world. By Jerry Bouma, Toma and Bouma Management Consultants. 1999.

Value Chains in the Agri-Food Sector.
What are they? How do they work? Are they for me? Includes a case study of an elk velvet antler value chain.By Jill E. Hobbs, Ann Cooney, and Murray Fulton. Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan. September 2000

Values-based food supply chains, Executive summary
Country Natural Beef, CROPP/Organic Valley, Shepherd's Grain and Red Tomato. Four case studies of value chains in the U.S. By Steve Stevenson, CIAS.2009.

Values-based food supply chains: Country Natural Beef
Case study of Country Natural Beef's value chain. by Steve Stevenson, CIAS. 2009

Values-based food supply chains: Organic Valley
Case study of Organic Valley's value chain. by Steve Stevenson, CIAS. 2009

Vertical Linkages in Agri-Food Supply Chain in Canada and the United States
A technical study of vertical coordination in the agricultural industry in North America.Written by Jill Hobbs, University of Saskatchewan, and Linda Young, Montana State University. Commissioned by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. 2001.

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