Module 4 — Water Well Drilling Agreements
Water Well Drilling Agreements
This module outlines a checklist of items that you and your licensed water well
contractor should discuss and agree to before starting any drilling. A clear understanding
between both parties is crucial so there are no misunderstandings or false expectations.
Disagreements can arise between licensed water well contractors and well owners after the
well is drilled because they simply did not take the time to thoroughly discuss all aspects of
the drilling operation ahead of time.
Water wells are far more than a deep wet holes in the ground. They are an important and
significant investment for any household or farm. Well owners should take the time to ensure
they understand what they are purchasing. Money spent on high quality well design and
construction materials is money well invested. A low cost well may not deliver the quality,
quantity or reliability you need.
A Water Well Drilling Agreement covers the topics you should discuss with your licensed
water well contractor before any work begins. A blank copy of an example agreement is
included at the back of this module and in the pocket on the back cover. Many contractors
have their own version of a Water Well Drilling Agreement.
Water Well Drilling Agreement Example
This agreement is designed to prevent misunderstandings between the well owner and
licensed water well contractor. It benefits both parties and can establish costs for materials
and services.
Items 1-4 identify the parties involved in the agreement.
Well owner_ ____________________________________________________________________
Address_ _______________________________________________________________________
Licensed water well contractor ___________________________________________________
Address_ _______________________________________________________________________
Licensed water well contractor approval no.________________________________________
Land location of well
Qtr________ Sec ________ Twp_________ Rge_________ W of_________ Meridian
Lot_____________________ Block_____________________ Plan___________________
Proposed starting date___________________________________________________________
Proposed completion date ________________________________________________________
For more information refer to
the Water Wells That Last video (Part I —
Planning and Construction).
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Anywhere, Alberta
Peters Water Well Services
Anywhere, Alberta
June 21, 2012
June 25, 2012