Module 7 — Troubleshooting Water Well Problems
Troubleshooting Water Well
Water well problems result from many causes including equipment failure, depletion
of the aquifer, corrosive qualities of the water and improper well design and construction.
Correctly identifying the cause enables you to select appropriate treatment or maintenance
to fix the problem rather than abandon the well. This troubleshooting module is designed to
help you recognize the symptoms of the problem, identify the cause and select the appropriate
course of action. Technical assistance from licensed water well contractors or groundwater
consultants may be valuable. See Module 11 "Contacts for More Information".
For more information refer
to the Water Wells That Last video series
Part II — Managing and Maintaining).
Causes of Well Problems
There are several basic causes of well problems.
Improper well design and construction
Incomplete well development
Borehole stability problems
Incrustation build-up
Aquifer problems
The first two causes relate to the expertise and performance of the licensed water well
contractor. Borehole stability problems, incrustation, corrosion and aquifer problems are
related to characteristics of the aquifer. The last cause, overpumping, is caused by well users.
List any problems or symptoms with your well.
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